Are you using and acting on the different levels of empathy? Be a good listener and be proactive Use social media channels, online forums, or feedback directly from sales teams and customers themselves to improve your customer service. who have gone through a major re-prioritisation of their needs. Available from: Business Academy, I dedicated a whole training session on Empathy Marketing and the vital steps needed on how to create an empathetic-based marketing strategy. People who are passionate about the environment will pay attention. To be effective, your personas need to take customer emotions into account. Empathy is an acquired skill. [Viewed This move was more than simply good customer service. ), you’ll stand out and succeed. Berkley. 1. Ultimately, empathy in marketing is an extension of user experience or UX. It is a marketer’s most important trait. In the time of COVID19 and beyond, empathy and creating engagement provide a platform for differentiation by creating connections that go well beyond the pandemic and crisis period. Advanced Marketing Management: Principles, Skills and Tools. These principles do not apply only to profit making companies, other organizations or teams like team GB are using empathy to stay relevant and connected. It presented the Delta brand as one that understands and cares about its passengers, especially when they’re in one of the most stressful situations imaginable. Here are some ways to use empathy to enhance your marketing strategy. You don’t want to think like the customer. It’s just a lot of BS that does not focus on customer empathy. Researchers have found that mirror neurons also make us feel empathy for others. Ana Cruz is a Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College, Greece. Berkley (2020) What is Empathy? To thrive during the pandemic crisis and beyond using empathic content Tina suggested: Thus, it is time to rethink the following: The application of empathy in marketing communications and specially in digital marketing has wide ranging application well beyond COVID19. Empathy isn’t something you do once. This new mindset of the consumers is where the importance of empathy in marketing comes in. In our talk with Ann, we asked her “if the corporations were sitting here watching you, could you maybe preach to them a little bit on the importance of empathy?” Ann’s Answer… “I think empathy gets shortchanged sometimes because we think of it as something that you either have or you don’t. Dimitriadis, N., Jovanovic Dimitriadis, N., &  Ney, J., (2018). One role that mirror neurons play in the human mind is mimicry. You want to BE the customer. Empathy is not only important, it is vital to a company’s success. Empathy-based marketing is a strategy that calls for you to walk in your customer’s shoes for a bit. However, sometimes marketers get it wrong, which can render the entire campaign impotent. Header image CC: The Importance of Empathy in Marketing Published by Maria Marchewka on February 18, 2018 February 18, 2018. This was the focus of our first Digital and Social Media Marketing book launch webinar. Although we’ve got millions of years of evolution behind us and are capable of both critical thinking and abstract thought, emotions still guide a lot of our decisions, including what to buy. The best brand marketing succeeds by making customers the focal point and the brand secondary. That’s why empathy marketing is so important. The Best Way to Make a Customer Feedback Progra... Why Do Most Digital Marketing Strategies Fail? For example, customers who are constantly rushed for time will want a simplified usage guide while those who are buying to indulge themselves value things that make them feel extra-special, like a free gift with purchase. Many studies done recently amid the pandemic has shown that people want brands to be more empathetic and aware of the impact it will have on their lives. Getting marketing communications right through the relevant content, reaching the right audience at the right time is more important than ever and so is the ability to step in your public’s shoes (customers, employees, community, etc.) Many studies done during the pandemic are showing that people want brands to be more empathetic and aware of the long-term impact it will have on their lives. In fact, all marketing begins and ends with empathy. professional lives have placed many people and organizations into a crisis mode for which many were If your customers are busy professionals who rarely have enough time in the day to get everything done, post some tips, and share links to productivity tools that don’t compete with your products. This is the case of many celebrities that were mocked and labelled as irrelevant, annoying and out of touch in the time of the pandemic. Aleksej Heinze is Associate Professor at KEDGE Business School, France. If you are a practitioner and want to learn more about getting content right, reaching the right audience with effective use of digital channels and data see the latest edition of Digital and Social Media Marketing. It engages the heart through emotions, “I feel your pain”. //