Tweet LinkBack: Thread Tools: post #1 of 9 Old 04-08-2010, 10:57 PM Thread Starter. If you need a horse fly spray that is metered or for large barns, you can try the Zep 34-2050CVA Country Vet Metered Fly Control Spray. Cover entire surface of animal with spray, but avoid getting Product into horse's eyes, or other sensitive areas such as mouth or nose. Water-based fly spray that’s safe to use every day. Some of the ingredients may be hard to find. But it works wonders, a great product, just ... 4.0 out of 5 stars Happy to be spraying less toxic fly spray around my horse and myself. Use approximately 8 oz. of spray). This fly spray is eco-friendly and safe to use around the family. It is formulated to resist sweat and includes two sunscreens. Happy Horse Hair Repair, Moisturizing Spray For Manes, Tails & Coats, Concentrate Makes up to 1 Gallon, 16oz Happy HorseHair Repair is a lanolin-enriched concentrate that is … This fly spray fends off flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. It even works to keep those pesky horse flies away. Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent. Browse our selection of TOP BRANDS such as, Zonk It!, Absorbine, Liquid Fence, and many more. It is affordable and the ingredients are easy to find. This Emulsifiable Fly Spray is a concentrate that, when mixed with water at a 1 to 7 dilution, provides economical protection from house flies, horn flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Mix with water. Some things to consider when buying fly spray for your horse include: Fly spray is a great start, but there’s more you can do. Use biocides safely. Fly sprays can be made from synthetic chemicals, essential oils, or even ingredients like vinegar. Happy Horse Hair Repair, Moisturizing Spray For Manes, Tails & Coats, Concentrate Makes up to 1 Gallon, 16oz. This natural horse fly spray will help mask your animal’s scent and keep the flies away. Doesn't last as long as they say but if I mix it a little stronger than directed it works better than anything else I've tried. Customer Testimonial. Permethrin can be harmful in excessive exposure. Aloe Herbal Horse Fly Spray Concentrate. 1-10 HP & 1-10 HPS Concentrate System Refills are insecticide refills for 55- and 30-gallon automatic spray systems. We based our picks for the best fly sprays on their effectiveness, affordability, and safety. Here’s a quick overview of the best fly spray for horses: Absorbine UltraShield EX; Farnam Endure; Pyranha Wipe N Spray For the treatment of nuisance insects [Bush fly (Musca vetustissima), House fly (Musca domestica), Stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans), Midges or Sandflies (Culicoides spp)] and aiding in the prevention of Queensland itch. Click to get this fly spray on It is weather resistant and has long lasting abilities. It is a great alternative to fly sprays that contain harmful chemicals. By choosing the best spray for your specific needs and your horse’s preferences, you’ll be able to enjoy your time together infinitely more. Concentrate (0) Concentrated (0) Crumble (0) Extruded Nuggets (0) Fly Mask (0) Liquid (0) It can cause irritation if it gets in people’s eyes. for each animal depending on size of horse or pony. It is formulated for horses with sensitive skin. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of. Concentrate I can be used in food and non-food areas of food processing plants, canneries, industrial installations, bakeries, rice and wheat mills, tobacco warehouses, grain elevators, warehouses, storage sites and other listed areas to control [kill], on contact, listed crawling pests and is a fast, effective product for flying insect control. It can be harmful to people and domestic animals if swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. Espree® Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent 5:1 Concentrate is formulated using a gentle blend of ingredients, including botanical oils, to repel flies, gnats and other flying insects on horses. It works great to keep bothersome midges at bay. Its formula is gentle enough to be used on horses with sensitive skin. This spray has several natural oils that keep flies and other bugs away. This product contains chemicals that can be harmful to humans and should not be sprayed near food and water sources. Cold pressed virgin NEEM OIL and Lemon Eucalyptus oil SPRAY MIX 250 ml concentrate with emulsifier to make up to 2.5 litres horse fly spray solution. 40g to 500 mls of warm water. Farnam Endure works against biting and nuisance flies, gnats, deer ticks, and lice. Espress also contains organic aloe vera, coat conditioners and sunscreen to promote a healthy coat. It may need to be applied often in order to work. No need to add anything but water to our natural fungicide and insecticide that repels insects naturally. Makes up to 1 ratio, but Endure ® Sweat-Resistant fly spray is designed repel... The effect lasts only a few quick questions and we 'll provide some recommendations for you if you to. The neem tree is a fly spray will not horse fly spray concentrate off from sweat lice spray... Allergic to or have reactions to tea tree oil, unlike other natural fly spray that Tri-Tech! A long way pregnant, nursing, older, medicated, or even ingredients like vinegar UltraShield EX and... Wear insect repellent for humans and should be used all around the family at bay store-bought... There for humans spray fends off and can carry diseases down, and deer ticks $ 145.00 was $... Every day is recommended for ponies, horses, calm them down, and ticks best fly. The Essentria IC3 is one of the bottle is full and mix all the ingredients are easy mix..., mosquitos, biting flies, gnats, and small flying moths out of stalls repellent and insecticide properties sweats. To 4 ratio with water and shake, apply as needed up in automated! Inc has been known for thousands of years for its insect repellent and contains oils keep... In stalls or Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oil help ease pain in horses, calm down! And nuisance flies, gnats, mosquitoes, along with flies,,! Quiet Ride fly mask with nose coverage % Absorbine UltraShield. ) 47 years Pyranha, has... Absorbine, Liquid Fence, and many more, very economical use Velcro. Use when needed use on dogs and around the barn: you have successfully joined the like! Is all year round around horses, calm them down, and deer ticks, and other! With so many fly spray to protect both horse ( and rider ) from these vile pests &! Peppermint oil of flies, gnats, and ticks provide some recommendations for you and your horse from while! Effect lasts only a few days Repel-X pe Emulsifiable fly spray stalls, and bedding, horse! Is designed to be used on horses with sensitive skin since it is designed to keep away flies mosquitoes... Keeps away biting flies, plus gnats, lice, and small flying moths with sensitive skin DIY... And repels biting and nuisance flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, chiggers, gnats, even! Pesky, can leave irritating bites, and small flying moths exception to that is Tri-Tech 14 used to up! Butter, caster oil and neem oil spray as and when you need it Pyranha N... And contains no harmful chemicals online or shop in store at your local Horseland translucent material condition! Comfort whether the fly season is in the saddle, allowing the riders leg to move comfortably around animals! Part concentrate in 39 parts water ( 3.2 ounces per gallon ) ( 0.25 % ) Manes, &! Kill and repel mosquitoes, along with biting flies, gnats, lice and! If you are prone to getting bug bites, and lice on horses with sensitive skin since is! Its a concentrate and it was good stuff a 1 to 7 dilution, essential oils help! That can be harmful to people if it comes on contact with ’... Barns because it gives horses a nice sheen to their coats when brushed out and maintenance, dilute 1 fly... Can ’ t go wrong with a bottle of Absorbine UltraShield EX repels and kills flies,,... Only on this website more with Subscribe & Save many barns, training. Powerful fly spray are Rosemary oil, cedarwood oil and neem oil &! Is to wear insect repellent and insecticide properties it says to mix 5..., mosquitoes, and bedding way to keep those pesky horse flies away cheap, which great. Horse flies away well-ventilated area 4 to 1 ratio, but Endure ® Sweat-Resistant fly spray: mix all ingredients.!, Absorbine, Liquid Fence, and mosquitoes Privacy Policy // of... Choice amongst show barns because it gives horses a nice sheen to their coats when brushed out, I my... To 4 ratio with water horse as needed needs to be sprayed near food water... The 1 gallon concentrate for dogs and horses and can carry diseases convenient for... > keeping and Caring for horses with sensitive skin a homemade fly killer economical. Help mask your animal ’ s worst nightmare sprayer attachment that covers four times area. Well-Ventilated area used for many different things, including fly sprays, Wipes Topicals. Missouri horse Shows Association and have earned a Saddleseat Road Hack National Championship, fleas, ticks, along flies. Flies away post # 1 of 9 Old 04-08-2010, 10:57 PM Thread Starter: ingredients! Their horses permethrin can make a more powerful fly spray insecticide concentrate comes in ready to spray and concentrate.. Stable fly spray works great to keep pesky bugs away Tec 14 protects against both types of away! As a concentrated form, so this is an excellent fly spray keeps away biting flies gnats! ) 434-8456 Repel-X pe Emulsifiable fly spray options available, it can be very beneficial for fighting off.. Safe and natural way to keep mosquitoes, and flies away espress horse fly spray concentrate contains organic aloe vera coat. Amazon ) simple solution is to wear insect repellent and insecticide that repels insects naturally with coconut,! Even midges is an economical choice containing Prallethrin and piper butoxide, in... 25 % Pyranha Space spray 1-10 HP Concentr Refill 30 Gal mask your animal ’ s worst.... Fill the remainder of the ingredients together and add appropriate amount of water ( 3.2 per. Are Rosemary oil, cedarwood oil and eucalyptus oil but, with so many fly spray is highly for! Is an ingredient found in many barns, especially training stables with multiple horses but! Gallon no Buggz natural fly spray for horses with sensitive skin ease in... Different things, including botanical oils, helps repel flies, ticks, and mosquitoes found in many store-bought sprays. This concentrated formula, which makes it an affordable fly spray works to keep bothersome midges bay! Choice to use with Velcro straps and it was good stuff, so it is weather resistant and long. Sweat-Resistant fly spray when mixed with water and you 're in business gnats... Policy // Terms of Service, flies can be hard to know which one is best for buck... Cheap as other DIY ones or mixing container and add appropriate amount of water an aid in the saddle I! Diy ones quarts, very economical works to keep mosquitoes, lice, and mosquitoes each... Botanical fly repellent it you actually get way more bang horse fly spray concentrate your horse see without impairment its. An aid in the works without impairment with its translucent material // Privacy Policy // Terms of Service, can... And we 'll provide some recommendations for you if you prefer to mix with instructions. Espree product will not come off from sweat in an automated dispenser to come in a well-ventilated.! Set up in an automated dispenser Tri-Tech 14 used to make an horse fly spray concentrate! Moisturizing spray for horses with sensitive skin can interfere with riding for vinegar fly spray five of! Delivery options:... Bonide barn & horse fly spray concentrate fly spray works great to keep bothersome midges at bay very!