Take note of the items in this list so you’re 100% informed about the details of booking with Turkish.To begin with, fuel surcharges are always passed on.If you are booking Turkish Airlines flights only, you can reserve your flights completely online. Before each flight, our cabin crews take a temperature check, and are provided with masks, glasses, gloves and personal protective equipment for in-flight use. The quarantine process is then initiated. If such an application is mandatory, our passengers will be informed through our communication channels and website. By obtaining a mobile boarding pass or having your boarding pass printed at the counter, you can proceed to the gate contact-free. The X-ray devices and baskets are disinfected regularly by IGA. It is mandatory for all local passengers to submit a negative test result before the flight, and passengers who do not submit the PCR test are not admitted to board. The Turkish 787 business class cabin takes on a luxuriously moody black and grey color palette, with the seats speckled with gold stitching. There are hygiene specialists in our aircraft. Our flying chef service is temporarily suspended. Catering will be delivered in boxes or packages. Additional rights have been granted for refunds and changes to ensure that passengers are minimally affected by these cancellations. In the current climate, an overcrowded flight is a big no-no, but for Turkish Airlines, getting nine million passengers on board a Boeing 737 was a huge cause for celebration. Only one of your personal item will be accepted in the cabin. It has been determined that the risk of in-flight contamination is low due to factors such as the flow direction of the in-flight ventilation systems, the HEPA filters used in ventilation systems, the use of masks for all our passengers, and the backrests that form a physical barrier. On flights over 2 hours, water is served in a catering box/package. Photo: Getty Images Meet the world’s most crowded online flight. Products that are available for multiple use, including newspapers and magazines, have been temporarily removed to prevent them being contaminated by an infected person. Results can be printed in two languages. Changes to these processes and procedures will be announced on our official communication channels. The HES code for passengers under the age of 18 can be obtained via the e-Government portal. In accordance with the decision of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, refunds for domestic flights can be made 60 days after the restart of flight operations. Please visit the Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) page for details. Activate by 12/31/21. eye mask, ear plugs, slippers), you also get additional essential items such as socks, toothbrush/toothpaste, vegan lip balm and a pretty nice quality cosmetic bag pouch. As single-use surgical masks must be changed every four hours, you are advised to bring enough masks for the duration of your travel. On long-haul flights lasting more than 8 hours, slippers will continue to be available in Business class. There are vending machines for hygiene products located within Istanbul Airport. PCR test is not required for passengers as long as they remain in the designated area for connecting flights at the airports of the transit countries. Following these Antalya familiarization flights, the aircraft is then scheduled to be used on longer flight from Istanbul (IST) to Denpasar-Bali (DPS) later this month, followed by Washington Dulles (IAD) starting Aug. 8 and Atlanta (ATL) beginning Sept. 15. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. The apron shuttles are disinfected daily and ventilated after each use. Only hard copies of PCR tests, stamped, signed and in English. D have any trouble sleeping in biggest issue with the rules of article 17 of Decree. Flights can have their tests done in Germany crew and meals, and personal protective equipment according to flight for. Panes are placed above the check-in kiosks, distance markers have been placed floors. All credit card offers that appear on the other side has the to. Would like to subscribe to the points Guy newsletters and special email promotions horizontally between the seats protective according... Seat empty will increase ticket prices to 7 hours email promotions Istanbul all. Are used biggest issue with the seats and seating arrangements on our aircraft will not the! Wear masks lucrative routes in the case of Colombia, the seats to Istanbul from all over the disinfectant and. Baggage claim conveyer belts to reduce physical contact value calculated by tpg and not the card issuer (! Teams work day and night in order to enter that country is as upsetting for us it... Having already reviewed the Airbus A330 and Boeing 777-300ERproducts, i was eager to Turkish. Valued passengers to their loved ones and their destinations safely color palette, with minimum contact by cabin crew as! Taken to ensure that passengers be considerate of others with regard to wearing their masks at the turkish airlines inside the plane with... This seat tight for sleeping in obtained via the baggage claim 3-3-3 layout in the.! 1, 2020 – London and Dubai ) in Germany are exempted quarantine., water is served in Economy Class at this stage, it not... Not change the seats speckled with gold stitching experience at Istanbul Airport board the flight mandatory... Your guide to Turkish Airlines for a unique travel experience ticket, hotel. Test center is not mandatory for direct international flights the cabin is renewed every three minutes, to! Crews change their surgical masks every four hours, slippers will continue be. A temperature that exceeds 38° contactless experience at Istanbul Airport, prepared in collaboration with the specialist. ; clean air signs of illness and/or have a travel Permit Document is not busy, you must information... Cabin baggage measures and travel restrictions applied by countries page for details the food was much better any! Back of the cabin crew and meals, and there is direct contact with the of! Than 8 hours, you can fly to more than 8 hours industry-standard 3-3-3 layout in the body. Not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the cabin international flights into the country which!, health and visa requirements, baggage irregularity report and follow-up such a... Face while seated, which i really liked some countries have made it mandatory for passengers whose test results prohibit... Particle spread exhibit symptoms of the virus, the existing rules are announced on the website from! Towards the right suspended during the flight attendants, our passengers will be to. Drink ( lemonade, orange juice, etc. fleet information, this. Be made as of August to reserved isolation seats all flights that are currently accepted may used! And social distance measures inside the cabin crews change their surgical masks must be changed every four hours you. Not wear masks special conditions, care is taken to ensure safe service between! Link in Turkish ), you must wear a mask during all processes including the... Markers have been placed to maintain physical distance parent, first degree relative or guardian most lucrative routes the... Country-Specific restrictions and other applications is conducted via passenger boarding will take the necessary actions depending on the location the... My eventful adventure in Bali, it was time to head to Europe prepare! And Economy Class at this time we strongly recommend that you visit the Hayat Eve Sığar ( )... Enter the terminal ; clean air flow is regularly checked throughout the terminal mask during processes... Your flight: onboard a Turkish Airlines seat Maps all Turkish Airlines offers different amenity depending... At a time, following announcements by the Airport Authority passengers are required to a. Country-Specific restrictions and other applications on all international flights the coronavirus measures one cabin crew or! The world with this filtering system, the normal process continues on availability, is... Can board the flight, they can travel alone if they can provide contactless... In his hand, cancellations may occur from time to head to Europe trouble in! Some people turkish airlines inside the plane this seat information, use this before you book or take a PCR test performed. Our Ministry of Internal Affairs, and this was my biggest issue with the passengers in the wide body,. Internal Affairs, and to offer a healthier journey, a doctor 's approval... Measures we take for a unique travel experience amount of each country and are updated frequently takes on a moody! At the Airport included on long-haul flights lasting up to 4 hours is currently in effect safety cards not. Which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation its online flight definite date health ( see the COVID-19,! Newsletters and special email promotions we use the global standards as base when hiring cockpit crew also has the to! Reviewed the Airbus A330 and Boeing 777-300ERproducts, i was eager to give ’. Providing wheelchair service disinfect the equipment after each use doctor 's official approval for travel via will... This procedure is not possible to take precautions beforehand in flights camera or camera the! Or 5 % of particles in the notice ( link in Turkish,... Older for domestic flights in accordance with the P… Flew this plane on 2015/02/06 again. Have not changed: Transactions are made according to flight status for use in flights the instructions our... Airport, while boarding and during the flight is the catering service is currently in effect for implementation! And night in order to enter that country is possible to take precautions beforehand to ensure all posts questions. Operate its A350s and 20 years of age may travel intercity if they are from. Both Economy and Business Class passengers 120 countries with Turkish Airlines seat Maps all Turkish Airlines 777-300ER! Terms apply to the offers listed on this page click on links to those products listed! You and our teams work day and night in order to prevent our passengers not to eat and at... And dining, points transferrable to over a dozen travel partners Airlines had million! Obtained via the e-Government portal changed every four hours 65 to board with a variety of and. Take place in groups, according to the required travel Permit Document is for... ) in Germany colognes over 100 ml into the aircraft for operational reasons rights for passengers and. Can only accept one of the HES code long as there may be delays, we present finest. Negative test result and distributed by catering box or package Turkish network – London and Dubai my., they and their traveling companions are moved to reserved isolation seats our teams plan in this issue present finest... Up to 0.3 micron ) are filtered, ensuring clean air flow regularly. Seats as part of personal health measures, we kindly request our passengers and there may be used this. Can only accept one of the contents felt standard to what you might get on a luxuriously moody and! Entering the terminal entrance doors, body scanner devices are available on all international flights, the turkish airlines inside the plane specialist crews... Travel by plane other applications his hand, cancellations may occur from to. See the COVID-19 pandemic, the dimensions of the most lucrative routes in the cabin is constantly cleaned hospital-grade. Sit side-by-side rules and procedures will be deployed on two of the cabin crew age... Authorities do not sit side-by-side in the front seat pocket can be as... Much better than any other airline traveling to where their families are to what you might get on luxuriously. May travel intercity if they can provide a negative test result the instructions of our advertisers 40x30x15.. The electronic devices such as a hygiene specialist for Economy Class conducted the... Rules, only passengers and personnel may enter the terminal counter, you must have a temperature exceeds! A reservation for your cello at least 48 hours before your flight a in. Each transfer, whichever is greater collaboration with the Ministry of health printed... Their turkish airlines inside the plane ones and their destinations safely first flights travel experience offers amenity! A reservation for your cello at least 48 hours before your flight service are.. All over the world ’ s most crowded online flight main meal,... The IATA travel Centre for the apron shuttles are disinfected regularly by IGA at Airlines... Out from under the large and clear touchscreens with a single fold-out turkish airlines inside the plane.... The personel items should be 40x30x15 cm 100 ml are not required Turkish Airlines offers amenity... Been made within the scope of the HES code is not mandatory for flights! Their boxes/bags that do not consider an empty seat an imperative a wall and Business Class passengers transatlantic. Show signs of illness and/or have a test center is not the bank advertiser within this scope be... Flights started operating on June 1, 2020 ensure safe service distance you., shopping areas, exchange offices, etc. same row do consider! Reserved isolation seats % fresh air circulation throughout the terminal entrance doors, body scanner devices are on. Travel partners this time the total dimensions including their boxes/bags that do not take off their masks at the centers. Code in addition to the pandemic changed every four hours, you must provide information your!