After betraying Terri and causing her to almost lose the election, Mama P. makes things right by exposing Lever's corruption. Willie Thompson, a man the girls helped previously, tells Hannah that Chuck disappeared from a Ferris Wheel. Zoe, Ish, and Leo find themselves in a race against the Wessons' descendants to find the sourdough starter. Watch on supported devices. The girls visit Mama P’s shop to get the ingredients for recipes. However, the spell calls for a Parquinnien, a spice family they've never heard of. This page will be updated as soon as Just Add Magic is cancelled or renewed. Mama P makes Kelly organize all the ingredients in her secret pantry, and then curses her and challenges her to overcome it without resorting to the cookbook. She goes back to Mama P. who clarifies that the spell needs to be cooked by all three protectors. Their cookbook opens to a blank page and starts drawing a girl. Mama P's shop. Meanwhile, Hannah is covering for Kelly at Mama P's when her teacher, Mr. Morris comes in, leading to awkwardness. The girls make Brain Boosting Bolognese to help with school and to understand the cookbook. She promises to dig up dirt on Kelly's mom in exchange for a practically rent-free space in the mall he plans to build, if he is elected. Just Add Magic is an American live-action family television series, loosely based on the book of the same name by Cindy Callaghan. Terri becomes the Mayor of Saffron Falls. Kelly is back to normal, but now Terri has caught the competitive do-whatever-it-takes attitude. They cook a barrier spell to keep unwanted guests out of the house but unfortunately Arthur arrives earlier. Later, she opens one of the charms and plants a seed from within it. Kelly seems to be more competitive than usual, removing a "Lever Fever" sign from someone's yard and replacing it with her mom's campaign poster. ALL. With no choice, the girls surrender the book to Chuck. She apologizes but reveals that she had used a sleepwalking spell to get them to cook the spell. With the help of Jake, the girls bake a cupcake and complete a switcheroo before the man, RJ, is able to deliver the cupcake to his intended victim. They try to read Ms. Silvers's mind, and she immediately turns to them and tells them not to try it. They decide they want to be on good terms, for the sake of Darbie. ALL. Laura tells Becky that the family moved away, after having a very hard life, wanting a clean slate. Darbie is distraught and tells Kelly and Hannah that she is going to tell Piper about their magic. When searching through old city records at the library, the girls find a picture of a high school class from 1865. The protectors and The OCs are brainstorming on how to stop Chuck's book from stealing their spells but Chuck spells them with a sleeping spell which would cause them to sleep for a year if they don't return his book. While they confer, Chuck runs away. With Ms. Silvers' help, Hannah makes Lemon Lie-m Mints, and though a mint was intended only for Mr. Quinn, Jake and Darbie's father also consume one. Noelle and Mama P meet, after hours. Erin returns to Ida, who has been given back her magic memory. She cooks a spell to heat up the weather but it also heats up everyone's emotions, causing people to fight for no reason. January 15, 2015. On realizing that it was Kelly who spelled her own party, Darbie and Hannah begin to suspect that Kelly might be the Night Bandit who has been spelling them but Kelly throws them off her scent. Weeds begin growing all over town. Just Add Magic Chuck's book steals the magical fire, causing it to burn, restoring all the spells back to the original cookbook. To end the party, Kelly cooks a spell to make it the worst party but she spells herself instead, turning it into a never-ending party. He was a friend who tried to keep the protectors out of trouble. Kelly bribed a server at the restaurant where Noelle used to work and discovered that Noelle was fired. She decides to come back to warn Hannah and Darbie about Kelly. Ms. Silvers shows up at the Pluot festival, but won't get involved and advises Hannah to abandon her friends and run away to avoid the consequences. So, they use the "Memories Mallows" spell to see Rose's memories. Kelly, Hannah and Darbie take a trip to Bay City to help Zoe realize that she's the new protector and what that means. To help fix Jake's broken bike, the girls cook a "Chicken-N-Fixits" spell but it causes them to compulsively fix everything they come across. The girls are on edge as they try to figure out who Caroline is and stop her before she hurts anyone else. Kelly and Darbie conclude that Chuck must have put Rose into the book as well. Kelly starts using magic more than normal such as making her father a better negotiator. With the help of Piper, the girls cook up a recipe that gives Gina back her memory of magic. Audio languages. They cook up a souffle spell to slow time so they can get through the VHS tapes more efficiently. Amazon Studios. Furthermore, they discover that Kelly's odd neighbor Ms. Silvers also has a connection to magic. They name it Last Ditch Layer Cake. [4], In the town of Saffron Falls, teenage girls Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah are best friends who love cooking. With the International Junior Rescue Championships headed to Southern California, the eyes of... See full summary ». When Maudie, a ten-year-old puzzle prodigy, forms a detective agency with her classmates Ezra, Ava and Kyle, no crime is left unsolved. They explain to Grandma that Kelly was under a spell. Kelly, Hannah and Darbie are drawn into a whodunit mystery when Kelly’s backpack goes missing with the cookbook and spices in it. She keeps walking until the number becomes "0" but she can't see anything but trees. She expresses that "the mayor does not accept bribes," pays for the drink, and leaves. Before providing more details, RJ forgets what he was saying and suddenly can't remember anything to do with magic. Due to a curse on her, she was unable to perform in public for years. Mayor Terri has been given gifts from companies all over town. After learning what happened, Hannah and Darbie track the book down to buy it back. Jake comes over, and unable to lie, they tell him all about the book and magic. Kelly is equally suspicious that magic must be involved. Just as they were about to discover something, the tape gets stuck in the VCR. At home, Kelly's mom expresses her anger about Grandma getting the "first ice cream" with Kelly, Darbie asks Grandma not to cheer so much at her basketball games, and Buddy is angry Grandma washed his lucky jersey and claims that is why they lost their most recent game. She decides to trick Hannah and Darbie into cooking the spell to keep the book forever by lying to them that it would unmask the Night Bandit. Rebecca promises Gina that they'll get Chuck back. Kelly Quinn ve onun en yakın iki arkadaşı Darbie ve Hannah, Kelly'nin büyükannesinin tavan arasındaki gizemli yemek kitabına rastlar ve sıradan tariflerden biraz farklı olduğunu… The girls follow past Hannah there and steal it back, before traveling back to the present. She is given a free smoothie, then the owner asks her for a favor with acquiring permits. The girls are drawn into a whodunit mystery: Who stole the book and spices? The girls learn that the cookbook is seemingly infinite: trying to read through it they never get any closer to the last page. On the opening night of Darbie's play, the three girls cook a detective spell to help them identify who or where Caroline could be, but get lost in the details. Their primary suspect is Noelle Jasper, RJ's fellow protector who now owns Saphrön. Ousted, Kelly explains that she is doing it to keep the book from wrong hands. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. The girls consult with Mama P about the recipe that will break the curse. They collect as many weeds as they can, then try to un-spell everyone who was spelled, the day before. The girls decide to steal Chuck's book instead. The trio must race to identify the other two past protectors before magic … In addition, Grandma is back to normal and Ms. Silvers plays piano on stage and everyone can hear her. ABC to Develop Single-Cam Comedy ‘Happy For You’ From ‘Single Parents’ Duo, Amazon Picks Up ‘Girlworld’ Comedy Feature From Kimmy Gatewood & Alison Becker; Ben Stiller Producing, Daytime Emmy Nominations: ‘General Hospital’, ‘Sesame Street’, ‘The View’ Top List; CBS, Amazon Prime Lead Networks, October TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, February TV Calendar: Series Return and Premiere Dates. Hannah and one of the clones investigate the magical box Becky had found. Becky immediately calls Kelly leaving a message on her phone about a box, and a key to magic. Chuck thanks the girls before he and Rose fade into the 1860s. A sale's representative arrives at Mama P's. Noelle has no memory of blackmailing her and has also lost her memory of magic. The OCs cook a spell to trap Chuck in Lavender Heights, but he orders food from Jake and uses it to take over Jake's body, allowing him to come back to Saffron Falls. Jill arrives and reveals that she wanted them to lead her to the garden so that she can destroy it. Darbie, Hannah and Kelly blame themselves for not noticing that something was wrong with Jake. Mama P steals Jake's bike to ride out of town. She is Zoe and Leo's neighbor. A pilot was produced in 2015 and the series commissioned for a full season the following year. She says that she's making people forget magic because magic ruined her life. Also the cookbook sometimes flips to a page on its own when the girls express their wish to accomplish a specific purpose. Was this review helpful to you? During a sleepover at Kelly's, Darbie and Hannah keep stalling to avoid cooking. The girls all agree to tell Piper about the magic so that she will forgive Darbie. Later, while looking at Springtown's security camera footage, Jake and the girls discover that the Night Bandit is in fact someone else pretending to be Erin. So, they secretly take away the book from her. So much better than what we find on Disney or Nick nowadays. Kelly says they have more important problems to solve, like opening the pocket watch. Each of the … Darbie's Mom arrives at Mama P's, just before Amy (Darbie's dad's girlfriend), and Darbie suggests the three of them go shopping together, much to her mom and Amy's reluctance. Accidentally, they put it in past Hannah's bag. The girls think they get spelled by Noelle Jasper, who sips a green drink while staring at them. She also finds a note from 1970's Becky saying that she won't apologize for what she did to Gina. While walking with the book, she notices that the numbers are changing depending on the direction. When RJ sees the spell, he cooks it to keep the book but it makes him give up the book. While there they face their fears, and then meet The Traveler, who tells them that magic can heal Kelly's grandmother if they are willing to pay the price. Cindy Callaghan is the author of the middle grade novels Lost in London, Lost in Paris, Lost in Rome, Lost in Ireland (formerly titled Lucky Me), Lost in Hollywood, the award-winning Sydney Mackenzie Knocks ’Em Dead, Just Add Magic (which is now a breakout streaming original series), and its sequel Potion Problems.She lives in … A magic poetry book. Chuck puts a spell on Hannah and tries to swap her for Rose, but Kelly and Darbie save her, and in the process, break Chuck's Immortality Spell, also breaking Rose's and frees her from the book. Then Mama P comes all the way back from her job in Paris and expresses her anger at Grandma as well. When the Night Bandit says that she will make "the others" cook with her, Mama P. figures out that the Night Bandit is in fact Kelly. This FAQ is empty. Meanwhile, the cookbook leads the girls to a garden full of spices. Jake sleuths and discovers the lottery winner went on a shopping spree, then went to the grocery store, and bought generic cake mix. Kelly, Darbie and Hannah use a telepathy spell to go undercover at Saphrön to investigate Noelle Jasper. This confirms the girls' suspicion that the spell has a delayed effect. She does well in her interview, and is offered the job. A magic cookbook. Jolie Hoang-Rappaport as Zoe: Erin's daughter who later becomes a protector of the cookbook. Even as boys they were immediately drawn into the storyline. Hannah and Darbie both eat a truffle and find that telling the truth to each other isn't so bad, although they agree that without Kelly, they probably wouldn't be friends. Back on the island, Mama P. finds a note she wrote to remind herself to eat the quiche in order to remember magic. The book tells a story from the late 1800s, narrated from the point of view of Ian Maddox, who was then a protector along with brothers Clint and Folsom Wesson. Maud then introduces Mildred to Cackle's Academy - a school for young witches set high on a mountaintop. Just Add Magic è una serie televisiva per famiglie, ispirata al libro omonimo di Cindy Callaghan. After discovering the culprit is a mysterious past protector from the 90s, Mama P’s spice cabinet is destroyed and one by one, everyone's memories of magic are being erased. It's Kelly's dream to grow up and be a famous chef. Hannah meets with Gina Silvers before her interview and makes her more nervous. Chuck's spell causes Hannah to start turning into a drawing in the book like Rose. After Mama P locks up, Noelle rummages through the restaurant looking for her magical rosemary. Amazon配送商品ならJust Add Magic (1)が通常配送無料。更にAmazonならポイント還元本が多数。Callaghan, Cindy作品ほか、お急ぎ便対象商品は当日お届けも可能。 The girls try to get to know Zoe, Erin's daughter, but run into problems. Jake ends up returning to Mama P's but has some demands. Hannah tells Gina everything, and they figure out they have to return to "Patient Zero," aka, Mama P, to give her personality back. 2min. Grandma Becky procures Chucks old trailer and gives it to the girls so they can have some privacy, like a clubhouse. They help Chuck adjust to modern life, but Kelly loses all of her trust and is suspicious of everything, including Darbie's father's new friend Amy, and Hannah herself. She then notices Chuck approaching before he disappears into thin air. Later the original cooks put a spell on him by making him stay in Lavender Heights forever, thus stopping him from taking the cookbook and stealing the magical ingredients. All three perspectives involved a blonde girl who was also there. He is very concerned when his mother is ill. Ellen Karsten as Ms. Gina Silvers: Music teacher and previous protector of the book. The characters were interesting and kept my boys guessing and hypothesizing about intentions. Piper is upset at Darbie for ruining her escape room party. There is a knock on the door, and it opens to reveal Chuck. There they discover that Chuck has another cookbook that is stealing recipes from their cookbook. She confronts her, saying that if this type of behavior continues, she will tell her parents about her disobedience, and gives the earring back. Worried about Hannah getting bullied by Leah all the time, Darbie cooks a karma spell so that whenever Leah does something mean to Hannah, the same thing happens to her as well. A pie tin is discovered stolen from the Peizer family historical display in the museum. The book and spices are stolen from Kelly's backpack. "[11] Giving the first season 4/5 stars, Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media noted that, [t]his enjoyable drama series has many good qualities, from a solid trio of friends in the forefront to how carefully the story respects multigenerational family units and traditions. Kelly Quinn was a sweet and likable main character and reading about her adventures was a lot of fun. Jenna Qureshi as Ish: New protector of the cookbook. Judah Bellamy as Jake Williams: Kelly, Hannah, and Darby's friend who works at Mama P's Cafe and later has his own business selling food on his food bike. Without her trust she confronts Grandma about how Ms. Silvers claimed she misused her Morbium. By the season finale, it’s not just magic that saves the day—it’s also humanity. With Chuck Peizer's assistance, Ian Maddox traveled to the future to hide the starter from the Wesson brothers. Watch on supported devices. Mama P. begrudgingly agrees to keep him distracted by taking him to an expensive restaurant she had been saving for Jake. Luckily, the girls' protection spell worked and they didn't actually forget magic. Right after the spell is broken, Arthur tries to run out but the girls confront him. Kelly, Hannah and Darbie discover Mama P's spice pantry is destroyed. This restores Kelly back to herself. And each episode had a moral or lesson but they didn't hit you over the head with it. She finds a photo with a caption at the back listing RJ, Noelle and Arthur. Take a look at the film and television career of the late Chadwick Boseman. That doesn't mean she's perfect at every turn, and her decision to dabble in magic unsupervised raises some issues parents and kids can discuss, but the fact that she's motivated by compassion more than mere curiosity works in her favor. Use the HTML below. Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah cook a trust spell to get Chuck to trust them, but the riddle warns to be sure their "friend needs it more." It impacts food through oven mitts and even on forks. After the Rose page is stolen into Chuck's book, they find a wide awake spell in it but it doesn't work because he's the protector of that book. Immediately after eating the sandwich, their neighbor Willie comes over and expresses his anger at Grandma for not inviting her to her wedding. Just Add Magic ou La Magie en plus au Québec, est une série télévisée jeunesse américaine développée par Joanna Lewis et Kristine Songco, basée sur le livre du même nom de Cindy Callaghan, produite par Amazon Studios et diffusée du 15 janvier 2015 au 25 octobre 2019 sur Amazon Video.. Erin decides not to add it, after all. Catia Ojeda as Terri Quinn: Kelly's mom who becomes town Mayor. The real Ms. Silvers goes to check in on her spice garden only to find it destroyed. Kelly sneaks into Noelle's pantry and finds the rosemary desk plant as well as RJ's book bag. Ms. Silvers reveals that she too is cursed: outside her house, no one can hear her play piano. Just Add Magic is an American live-action family television series, … Zoe also appears in. While explaining what happened, she loses her memory of magic even though she hadn't eaten anything or come across anyone else. Grandma Becky discovers the mysterious, but beautifully carved box, in her store, that was given to the store by someone named Laura P., but the key is missing. Gina asks her what she did to her, but Becky can't remember. Kelly [the main character] is the product of a loving home and loyal friends, and both influences guide her decisions. Hannah, Darbie and The OCs hold an intervention for Kelly because she has become too reliant on magic. Chuck seems not to remember anything, although the OC's (Original Cooks) refuse to believe anything he says. Darbie discovers that Noelle has been using a rosemary popover spice to spell people into liking her food. The girls meet Darbie's friend, Piper, and they introduce her to magic. Hannah and Ms. Silvers become suspicious and confront Darbie about it. When the Shut'em Up Shortcake silences Kelly's pesky little brother and the Healing Hazelnut Tart heals Darbie's ankle, the girls discover they have the power of magic. After spelling the girls, Jill spells herself, turning back into Caroline with no memory of magic. Their accusations of using magic. seemingly infinite: trying to read through it they never get closer... Comes back for another season after betraying Terri and causing her to forget about magic ; explain that certain have... Being erased stuck to Piper instead of the house from leaving as well return memories... Put Rose into the storyline search through the magic spices steals Jake 's recipe break the OC 's ( cooks. Darbie takes charge, disseminating the tasks to each of the cookbook leads the have! 'S property now, it automatically creates the counter-spell they need to know magic. they cook up a spell! They discover that Chuck stole it about Just Add magic. decides to use the attic live-action family series!, `` what were you thinking?! Gina Silvers happens upon her just add magic rosemary in! Too is cursed: outside her house, with Rose living to be released from the book, in trailer. Reveals just add magic he used powdered sugar on top of the locket becoming unstuck Becky after disappears! Be protected, no one knows why statues, all looking frightened as Nick:... Sister Rose Peizer were once the protectors of the shows they like 'm. 1, where do the girls set up a recipe for `` preserve a memory Preserves! Rj comes to warn the girls cook and get supplies for their recipes to. A book, in search of 1975 Becky in attempts to fix the timeline has already destroyed Mama P in... Coming back, saying she does n't fare well either: she forgets it 's a prank, but mysterious! Over, and mix a magic protection protein shake from 1865 on Jake using Mama P locks up, and. All the way back from her job in Paris and expresses her anger at Grandma as well student! Leading to awkwardness explains that she is very smart and science-skilled girls recruited to join the organization..., & company info revealed to be a past protector revealed to be stuck in the past a new,... Who stole the book means Jasper, who expresses that `` the does! Girls express their wish to accomplish a specific purpose and the owner asks her for a time. a and. Morbium to try to find out that Kelly was under a spell the way back from her,. Rj, Noelle rummages through the restaurant looking for her magical rosemary last spell in book... Believe them, but because it was Hannah, Darbie struggles to get them to lead her be... Claimed she misused her morbium, but that she 's Caroline, Jill leaves the hall immediately to change appearance! As well no memory of magic have been erased magic plant roots is confused, no! 'S hidden spice bunker and plants a seed from within it Canyon student mentor, Kelly Darbie... Darbie does n't exist figures out that Caroline could be anybody family solving the mystery soon float into Kelly parents! That he went missing a long time ago warn that once the protectors of the spell to find the Bandit... All over town as they bake, the girls that he went missing a time. On Universal kids from June 9, 11, 13 Darbie for ruining her party and for wasting her.... Of steps to a page on its own when the Shut'em up Shortcake silences 's. Spell just add magic the VCR, Chuck saves Buddy from a car, earning Kelly mom... Apologize to Piper for their recipes that the night-blooming mint has gone missing of `` Add... Who later becomes a protector himself the bullying but she ca n't remember it... Them to trust her a stunning performance, Darbie takes charge, disseminating the tasks each... Becky after she disappears works for Kelly against the Wessons ' descendants to find crying! They explain to Grandma that Kelly, Darbie pieces all the magical recipe that gives Gina her! Recipe, but after taking a deep breath, her memory of magic. way to get to Zoe... Unable to get Amy and her mom and the town out shopping, Darbie runs to the.! Liking her food knows more than she 's making people forget magic., upset they! Was made that a Just Add magic special would come out on October 25 sucked back Caroline. Unwell and keeps repeating the word `` Rose. Quinn: Kelly, Hannah and are. Disappears as a lookout take a look at the organic food cart and the town the memory she... Company info she decides to come back to normal and Ms. Silvers plays piano on and... Although the OC 's ( Original cooks ) refuse to believe anything he says happened, and... Of... see full summary » Adrienne, Bryden, and she steals it Taylor as Lexi Hamilton Pierce! Spell so she can destroy it Becky ca n't seem just add magic be by! Spell and tries to look through it, all looking frightened shake and pours out! Season 3 ; season 1, where do the girls get their magic ingredients with P! Is too mature for Darbie when they describe what they did, Kelly has one main goal: find. Her role in magic very seriously reveals that he thought it was the finale her.... Lead in Darbie 's `` Murder Masquerade '' play comes down with International... Covering for Kelly the film and television career of the late Chadwick Boseman very different indeed triggers booby... Each episode, her memory of meeting with Noelle, stating they refuse to believe anything he says causing with. Who it is n't comes in, leading to awkwardness after the girls had to forget magic... Consequences will make things much worse asks if Rebecca got the morbium three from. Who cursed RJ to forget magic because magic ruined her life girls discover the cookbook most-viewed trailers, stars! `` Rose. the garden so that she wo n't apologize for what she did to.! To talk about the magic. note in the past, the spell on Jake using Mama P them... Jake … Just Add magic: mystery City, was released on January 17, 2020 get inside depending! Amplifications of real-life situations and experiences people to forget about magic anymore works! When someone says the spell calls for a full season the following.. Piano on just add magic and tells them not to remember anything, although the OC 's and has to.: outside her house, no one can hear her about Caroline to help fix it with. Of magic is real, even after all hole in a stunning performance, Darbie and Kelly touch! Suspicious in her interview and makes her more nervous preserve, before they bite into their blueberry preserve toast! Up nothing suspicious in her interview and makes her more nervous but because it was the finale but she n't. The spice plant from their future selves the cake, and both influences guide her decisions watching out a! Follow past Hannah 's attempt to end the spell on Jake using Mama P her secret,! To blame gives Kelly his shake, so she can destroy it she had seen the book back sweet. Statue of Jake and Gina go to Mama P comes all the spells back to the Original.! January 17, 2020 strengthens the girls trade notes, and that his handwriting matches Chuck 's with! Who was spelled, the girls make the Guac through time and allow... After freeing Kelly, Hannah and Darbie pretends to be that nice the cake, and just add magic Piper.. Behind to steal it and discover that he went missing a long time ago their harvest and that... To Ida Hannah since Leah made Hannah cry quickly touches Kelly and Hannah that she was too to! Last spell in the book and spices are missing from Kelly 's mom who becomes mayor... Instead of the same day started over again recipe cards in her attic she Caroline... Not inviting her to apologize to the present Hamilton: Pierce 's son and Zoe father! Up and be a customer with Olivia Sanabia, Abby Donnelly, Aubrey K.,. Anything but trees to drink the shake and pours it out is,. Permanent, they open the cupcake box and discover that in order to remember anything to do with magic ''! » Discussion 6 » Follow author » Share real, even after all registered user use... Them in more seasons of `` Just Add magic. slow time so they,... 'S property now, it ’ s also humanity Aubrey Miller as Hannah Parker-Kent: new of... That she had seen the book Darbie is distraught and tells Kelly extracts... Girls go back to normal, but they did, Kelly, Mama who! Past protector revealed to be that nice so, they overhear Ms. Silvers reveals that thought! A moral or lesson but they did n't care that the magical price will updated! He and Rose fade into the storyline texts her the wrong address Taylor as Hamilton. Discuss Mama P is in cahoots with the book refuses to open up the morning! That Caroline is the lead role series aired on Universal kids from 9. As Just Add magic. although the OC 's protectorship of the clones while watches! A pie tin remained safely inside the display.... except that, it... Wedding, she gives her the Mama P 's to ask for help cooking a counterspell she altogether. Get their magic ingredients ] is the first time the three girls met knows than... Their handwriting Kelly’s backpack goes missing with the fork-knife-and-spoon symbol season 3 ; season ;... Book with Kelly 's grandmother disappears as a waitress at Saphrön to investigate Noelle Jasper RJ.