Why the gratuitous shading on the theme answers here? I actually don't get how TEN works for the clue. Kinda sloggish with way too many names, as usual. Does it have 2 names or do I just use the wrong one? definition of - senses, usage, synonyms, thesaurus. ❤️❤️🧠🧠🎉🎉.5, Would someone explain this clue?123 Makes Don nod? Well, I'd like to help you out, but everywhere I look the video's been taken down. Personal confession, I find that knowing what SEO is kind of embarrassing. Ergo, HANG is correct and no guesswork needed.Surprised nobody quoted Zappa. Columnus by Ourblogtemplates.com 2008. And all 5 vowels get to play.The theme was a huge help to me and crucial for the KING'S name. I know I am in a minority here but I liked this one. Except for AIRLANES; that doesn’t seem like a thing. You can only hear it from me (and maybe a couple of other guys).The USS Kamehameha was different submarine in our squadron that had once an "incident" that happened sometime before I reported aboard my boat. Who knew four First names in flying history were six letters? Proof that he doesn’t read them? In addition to these delicious options, we also have customer favorites such as natto (fermented soy beans), corn and Crab Butter. Ten months and counting. Surely there’s a puzzle in the queue that they could have run instead. Other goofs:“poke” before TOKE“pend” before HANG“pants” before TENTSpeaking of that last one, who knew that “pocket rocket” was a poker term? 🥇Peace, Tolerance and Thoughtful words 🕊, @JC66Ah. The rest I found not so charming. Plus the theme doesn't elicit the necessity of the solver ever having to do any thinking. My wife is trying the second one now, which I think is already better. And if you give by snail mail and (for some reason) don't want a thank-you card, just indicate "NO CARD." This is referred to as "semi-stagionato". But I stopped being curious about letter-patterns, oh, I don’t know, about the same time I realized girls were interested in sex, too. Over at XW Info, the constructor explains that these are just random letter patterns spit out by a database.I get that these programs allow constructors to build puzzles much faster, but this is starting to feel like abuse of instant replay in baseball, where managers look for basestealers who come off the bag for an instant after beating the tag. R.U.R.? Roe (/ r oʊ /) or hard roe is the fully ripe internal egg masses in the ovaries, or the released external egg masses of fish and certain marine animals, such as shrimp, scallop, sea urchins, and squid.As a seafood, roe is used both as a cooked ingredient in many dishes and as a raw ingredient.. Schomburg was a, of African and German descent who moved to the United States and researched and raised awareness of the great contributions that Afro-Latin Americans and Afro-Americans have made to society. We are on a run of awful puzzles. Bland and pedestrian. Hey @RooThink bowling's TEN pin. Plus, Akira Sushi’s menu includes health conscious options such as … Also, one other wrong letter, vERVE. sorry OFL, but every metal is derived from ore, well except those few like gold and some silver which exist as elements, and is first processed into INGOT form for shipping to users. ). ).When I saw the Donne clue and the spaces, was excited to think the answer might be No Mayonnaise In Ireland, followed by things like Pardon Me While I Kiss This Guy ... subsequent hilarity to ensue. heart’s content without worrying about the price. Since the Sat. I'm assuming the Sunday puzzle is chosen and put into the process several days ahead of time. Roma tomatoes are a type of grape tomato and most tomato sauces are made from them. (January 24, 1874 – June 10, 1938), was a historian, writer, and activist. Had AMENRA/SELE, because that's how I'm used to seeing the Egyptian god spelled, and just assumed that SELE was an architectural term I was unfamiliar with.Hated it. Is a toke particularly quick? It’s said that Nigiri Sushi was invented by Hanaya Yohei, a sushi artisan in the late Edo (1603-1868) Period, and now has become perhaps Japan’s most traditional “fast-food.” Known worldwide, Nigiri Sushi is essentially sliced fish (or another menu item) placed atop a handcrafted (nigiri) piece of steamed white rice flavored with sweetened vinegar. @pabloinnhWell, yeah, if you want to be concise clever and funny your explanation is great, but just check how my explanation is much more lengthy boring and pedantic. The Island of Sea Women is an epoch set over many decades, beginning during a period of Japanese colonialism in the 1930s and 1940s, followed by World War II, the Korean War and its aftermath, through the era of cell phones and wet suits for the women divers. Expect surprise boxes filled with decadent amounts of uni, sea urchin roe, or dishes topped with Kaluga caviar—the dining experience is one of … After a healthy and delicious Hamasushi meal, you will love our specialty deserts such as our rich Hamasushi chocolate cake, cheesecake or pudding. FWIW, I had “vac” first. @Gill - your “bidet” comment will make me smile all day :-). This is not macaroni and cheese dressed up for a show, this is sea urchin and shattered tea cups for those who delight with bloody and insatiable jokes and palates. Other than sushi, Hamasushi also offers deep-fried foods and noodles such as ramen. In my work, when I edit content, a goal is to have Google find it and rank it somewhere near the top of the resulting string. As for aluminum ingots...how do you think companies like Alcoa make foil, or aluminum cans are made? Once. Stop it.Even though I should know better, I really look forward to the Sunday puzzle every week. Let’s see….yep, eight shaded squares. Emmy Grammy Oscar Tony, a recognition of an artist who has won all four. You sensitives are the problem with this country. For dessert, be sure to try the panna cotta, which is a soft and creamy pudding with fresh seasonal fruit. Just Rex!! Several times I convinced myself not to quit, slogged my way through, and ... nothing. In its best year, the orchard produced 250 pounds of black truffles—retail price: $900 per pound. Thank you for this. Its a stretch for a band that is so synonymous with Grunge. Lucky Dip!! The funny thing is I learned the term from reading Rex and wondering about those tags at the top of the page. And you don't. NOMAN DATE, MA'AMERIKA: "WELCOMEHOMEHON, now WHEREWEREWE? If at all possible, can you find out what happened to the two sailors up on the deck when the sub unexpectedly started to submerge? 3) OTERI/TOKE is functionally a Natick. MOORE and OTERI all good, but at 69 going down GWEN takes the yeah baby.Can we be done with the Sunday THUDDING? AMON-RA would have been fine with a gimme clue on the cross. . I want to thank you for reminding us that what we say and do has consequences - and oftentimes not the ones that we might imagine. BAHAMA MAMA MIX. At Hamasushi, you can enjoy sushi made with the freshest and tastiest fish at reasonable prices. Thank you. This means we have daily access to the freshest uni available in the… A thing can be a “thing” without being a “thing.” The best example in the puzzle is ROMA TOMATO SAUCE. The hard cheeses of the pecorino variety (which in fact only refers to the milk) are very like the texture of parm and can be aged for just as long as any of the parm varieties. Did not know BIDET means small horse. At least I learned Mendoza. . Why? Product ships fresh. The chain is offering Lunar New Year's Eve takeout dinner sets ranging in price from 399 yuan to 1,899 yuan, together with an onsite chef. Anyway, DNF there today, hmmph. dimmituttoxo.com. Don’t know if the NYT would have approved of this, but that’s the way we did it. Sea urchins are spiny, globular animals, whose eggs (corals) are considered a culinary delicacy, used to prepare a delicious pasta dish. Four F'sRooMonsterDarrinV. Twice. I read Rex’s thing rant and knew people would not get it (because someone questions it every time he thing rants). As for your message to Rex about his vitriol and its potential devastating effects...Your words, beautifully presented (as usual) strike a nerve. But maybe you can get a sense of it here. Your situation would have to be such that you were nothing more than a voice coming out of a discarded Arby’s bag before you looked at Bad Mamma Jamma guy and thought “fuck yeah, I want to be more like that.” "). I can attest to Rex that BAHAMA MAMA MIXes are a thing. Blithely entering ELUDE for EVADE;3. Kind of a weird clue.Puzzle was fine, if not somewhat boring. "Ems" is the plural of the letter M. The word mammal has an M at its "head" and 2 M's in its middle (heart.) He really likes us!I liked the puzzle more than he did, but he makes some valid (negative) arguments.❤️❤️Those cats!! 5 unrelated words that give you the repeated 4 letters as opposed to others that rhyme, rely of proper names, or are just lame. Initially had CAB for 80D ‘Quick pick-me-up?’ Possibly my NYC bias! @Z, The 'Thing" thing problem is exacerbated by Google and what it looks for in finding "things." Rex explains EMS. AMON RA, yeah, that danged O. @Wow That has to be one of the stupidest comments I've ever seen on this blog. @Frantic Sloth acts if she could never create a crossword herself. Kinda ho-hum theme and fill to match. I did have two button mis-fires. I couldn't review it like an insider here could, but it seemed flexible and easy to use. Geode Silicone Resin Mould. Even though TEv made no sense. your comments about Rex' disparagement of constructors' efforts and its effect on them, I would, at the risk of repeating myself, just refer them to the 6/21/13 puzzle by a certain Michael Sharp, if they have access to the archive, and then consider the source before being discouraged by his criticism.As to the puzzle today, I had an interesting experience. Yes, exactly, along with “Don” (wouldn’t “makes nod don” work as well? Sold out. Approx 500grams Beach Mixed Sea Shells And Coral Mix Aquarium Decoration Crafts. Finding 4 letter repeats in 8 different phrases that are at least somewhat useable is a prodigious insight, so I tip my hat to Alex Bajcz. I thought these tools were there to help fill tricky areas, not build puzzles around gibberish phrases that no human would say. POKE was weak, but not worse than plenty of clues that have gone through, and TOKE practically needs a ? It was easy and enjoyable. But when it produces such horrors as BAHAMA MAMA MIX and ALUMINUM INGOT -- good grief! Above all, don’t anger the Muse.WHERE WERE WE? Did they go back to a full bell? Busy figuring out what to whip us for our meeting.I think some ROMA TOMATO SAUCE will fill in nicely with HOMEmade pasta. Yep! @J/9:01Surely there’s a puzzle in the queue that they could have run instead. I remember when the puzzle used to be in the Book Review which is definitely earlier in the week. The title here was the best part - a play on a common phrase and specific of the theme. Available as 2 x 4 oz (approx. Going from tripping to zipping was exhilarating. I say it a lot. Additionally, he would chastise them for giving up on creating good fill and just settling for garbage like EMS, CAF, RUR and TERRIF. We hope you will find and enjoy Hamasushi conveniently located near your hotels and sites you visit during your stay in Japan. Fine SundayDiana, LIW. @Rex often argues that weekday NYT puzzles should have titles rather than revealers, as most other puzzles do--so I think he probably reads them.Mostly I'm with @Loren, the theme was fun, and ALUMINUM INGOTs are definitely . At least they looked like what one would call INGOTS. Given shit show we’re living right now, the first thought for Don is the sociopath.I don’t get the complaint about the clue for CAF. I don't do the Sunday unless Nancy tells me it's worth doing. Then he would point out that the theme is not a theme, and that it put so much strain on their grid that they had to torture themselves to come up with/settle for entries like ALUMINUM INGET, King yabadabadoo and BAHAMA MAMA MIX. LORRE, MTM and ERMA push this back in time slightly. So that’s word play level 1 (and a not uncommon puzzle device). If you want a really good sauce you use San Marzano tomatoes which are a Roma variant. Having the actual squares greyed out made it all a bit too easy, since every time you got a grey square, you really got two. Those are quite common in the metalworking and scrap industries. I know that’s how I found Rex back when I was a noob. Thus it took me a while to get my first theme answer. No? I am glad that RP is not my English teacher.I honestly do not know the big difference between last week’s puzzle (which he loved)and this week’s (which he loathed).To me, both puzzles were eminently doable, and to a degree boring - because the themes were easy to decode. Appears about 3 times a month. He does read titles. Repeat 4 letter strings. The Gunkan was invented as an ideal platform to hold and give shape to delicate Sushi items such as salmon caviars, sea urchin and minced tuna, which are popular at Hamasushi. Next year. I agree with everybody - I thought the theme was clever and amusing but also that it suffered under some strain and eventually ran out of sparkle with the THUDDING sound of the ALUMINUM INGOT. Ever. I think that may be why I didn't get that "Just get this thing over with" feeling I usually have on Sundays lately. Our popular side dishes include egg custard, udon, and ramen, as well as miso soup and garden salads too. Much as I get a kick out of some of your bellyaching, don’t sacrifice yourself on my account. Maybe if constructors banished certain types of entries from their word lists, and maybe if themeless puzzles were allowed on every day of the week (and more frequently invaded the Sunday slot), we would be treated to puzzles of higher quality. I've looked it up and now know that it stands for "Rossum's Universal Robots," AND that Capek invented the term "robot." Firstly, "four peat" indicates something would be repeated four times. First, we felt a lot better when we reached our final destination; and Hawaii was wonderful. @Birchbark, Loved your contribution today.Didn't Rex just say that he refuses to read the Title/ Hint section before he solves. The nay-sayers' flawed hyperbole tumbles to the floor like a sneezed-upon meatball. : The CC makes no distinction between the base word or phrase and the pluralized version, aka plural of convenience POC. Yup, the puzzles don’t get harder, the clues just get stupider, imo. Akira Sushi is not just sushi! But the letters that bust the dances form a phrase that also works on two levels. People like me are a dime a dozen. Welsh laverbread is a punchy dish of cooked seaweed and a food of protected status, meaning it’s only produced in the land of the leek. Like if I inadvertently come out with, say, . anyone know, exactly? Able WE WERE, true, but WHERE? (Poor Dr. Weatherford, my German professor, who constantly examined ridiculous sentences I created seeing how many verbs I could pile on to the end of the sentence: Er weiß, dass ich das hätte tun sollen können. Gah. SPIFF was spiffy. I leave it to other more knowledgeable mixologists here to discuss the merits of that, but does anyone remember the "Real People" Chevy commercial from the last few years, where a dude with a man-bun wearing a yellow sweater comments, "She's a bad Mamma Jamma" and everyone around him laughs appreciatively at his clever mot? Handmade of ... Was $49.50 - $579.00. @Whoever said this theme was as good as last week’s - A Quick Explication**WARNING: Spoilers of the 1/3/2021 Puzzle**Busta Move, a dance term, is reinterpreted literally to bust a dance, a dance step being a move, into two parts. How Rex got to be Rex was a form of SEO, tagging his blog with answers that were going to cause google searches. 38 sold. Would Faith No More have been too niche a band choice? And it was a cheat, since the repetition was built in as with many Polynesian nouns. So did the silliness of BAHAMAMAMAMIX and the ridiculously precise ROMATOMATOSAUCE. Hmmm... maybe if a large group of people who sent a letter to Will Shortz's BOSS, basically accusing him of discrimination against women and minorities has something to do with this recent garbage fest from the NYTXWP? Well, the good news is I no longer feel stupid for not "getting" it.Nice message from Rex today. Even your ZEN MONK might wind up using a variety of OMS (9D). Not memorable enough to like or dislike. I'm thinking about buying it again (I'm not sure if I can claim from the company another copy for my new computer; it's been ages since I had the old one). Honestly, I usually think Rex is a bit too hard on some of these puzzles, but today I don't think he let loose enough fury. They are harvested in May and June, but can also be stored in the freezer for later consumption without losing their consistency or taste. I think that's because the first syllable isn't stressed so it loses a bit of impact for me.This was relatively easy and RETRIBUTION SLAM DANCES are fun. Does someone know about this? Crossword constructors reside in rarified air and, to my mind, can just let our blather do the duck-back water run. ), and RIOT SHIELD, I was really not enjoying this! This. My own particular association is that wifey makes hubby a yellow cake with frosting from a Duncan Hines box, and he goes, "Mmm! . The bartender adds the alcoholic components, ice and garnish. My gripes are in line almost exactly with Rex’s. One could say the title means 4 letters repeating but that doesn't explain BAHAMAMAMAMIX. Hexagon Ring Dish Mould. Anyone who's ever taken antitrust law knows that aluminum ingots are a thing, as they were the subject of a famous 1945 antitrust decision by Learned Hand. 2 Reviews Sold out. Now gonna finish my Full-CAF coffee, and fiddle with that SB some more. Only one of those follows that theory: AMAMAMAM. Finished super fast (17:00) and then hunted six whole additional minutes to find AMONRA vs AMENRA. I can’t emphasize enough how this kind of game pleases me. Then I went back to BAHAMA MAMA MIX and used that actual four-peat as an anchor to try to force a similar four-peat into the other themers, which of course didn't work. Think of it as "flying" to the surface like an airplane; doctrine then required the boat to maintain a "Full" bell and keep the stern planes locked at a ten-degree up angle. And this made the puzzle fun. I think it is the go-to program for most constructors and editors, although for some reason the NYT crossword editor doesn't use it and doesn't accept CC format puzzle submissions via email, at least from hoi polloi constructors like me. I somehow had myself convinced an organized crime boss would nod when you agreed with him. So some can be soft or crumbly, but the most common is hard. This brought to mind a take on 13D (Red morning sky, to sailors). I had three big problems with this.1) It was boring. Both of us have been known to get up from a chair to get/do something and halfway there, stop and ask "what was I doing?" Everyone knows the base of an arch is a "sele". There's no reason for that. It's really hard to imagine a more dreary theme than this. Well, if that’s the trick it’s a bit obvious, but it’s a little horse gift I’m not going to look in the mouth. I don't know much about lawyers other than I dated one exactly one time. Alarm - I know, right? Torn between making my usual contribution to Rex and just quitting on NYT crosswords due to too much trivia. I'm about to turn 89 so my memory is.......where were we? The rice has to be short-grain rice so it is stickier and forms together when you wrap the seaweed cone around it. Even though there’s nothing specifically “coffee” in the clue, “quick pick me up” is used to reference coffee so that’s where the mind goes and then the answer is a specifically not coffee term. Not exactly what she envisioned but it pays the bills. That NO MAN IS AN ISLAND does the ANIS ANIS SINA SINA dance. A drink mix is a combination of all the non-alcoholic elements of a cocktail. 4. The stunning white porcelain, adorned with a delicate sea urchin pattern, provides a … For the long time pure Beluga Caviar was banned in U.S. due to the decline in their wild population, but for more than a decade Marky's has developed a sustainable production of Beluga in Florida. "Appreciated all y’all today, including:“The theme repeats are all vowel-consonant-vowel-consonant. He was an important intellectual figure in the. But yeah, some of my answers are quite contrived and cringeworthy. -No one-cares? Maybe I imagined it. Paper umbrella hit perfectly but was quickly proven wrong with crosses. The boat would run for about an hour in this configuration until the water in the ballast tanks was replaced by air and it could slow down.Oh, and also, when the sub surfaces, the Officer of the Deck (OOD) and a lookout move their watch stations up to the bridge cockpit on top of the sail.So . To make Temaki Sushi, you need to make the seasoned rice called Sushi Rice or Sumeshi (酢飯). Because King Kamehameha easily fell into place for me, the rest quickly followed. @JD - Yep. We’re so wildly different. Shortz has made it known that certain types of themes will not be published, including some I would prefer over this type of theme. It's just about how the word mammal is spelled. I met him in a bar in San Francisco because that's where lawyers always went. I can't get the picture of those 2 individuals hanging on for dear life out of my head!One thing I like about this blog is the interesting discussions that occur based on a series of clues, a group of smart solvers, and an unprecedented mix of words. A theme should be something that helps you solve the puzzle, not something you have to hunt for after it's all filled in. And right wing idiots storming the Capitol in a decidedly unpatriotic act of violence. Bathroom Accessories ... Shower Accessory (6) Soap Dish (5) Tissue Cover (5) Toothbrush Holder (3) Tumbler (3) Loungewear (2) Vanity Mirror (2) Keepsake Box (1) Soap (1) ... adorned with a delicate sea urchin pattern, provides a perfect combo of new and natural. But I'm not convinced that would force constructors to come up with the type of puzzles published today. Anyway...he invited me out to dinner. I'm used to being disappointed. I think I started out with the CC number 1 or 2 version and it is now up to CC 10 or maybe higher.You can choose whatever size grid you want to work with and then either create your own black square pattern or select one from a library of grids on the CC. @albatross shellThanks for pointing out that all 5 vowels get to play.But, might not a mother greet her long absent male offspring "WELCOME HOME SON" (Obviously, I initially made the same mistake @Rex did.). The only plus? on “Quick Hit.”Grim. @albatross shell: Some browsers do indeed call it Refresh (MS Edge being one). AU $8.95 postage. ), I was thinking that it would be two letters repeating four times. WHERE WERE WE ERE WE WERE WHERE WE saw Elba? He told me to dress up because he was taking me to Sam's Grill & Seafood and everyone knows that's a fancy place. They may have gotten wet but that wasn't too hard to do on a submarine.A couple of guys probably got fired. I sing of aged pecorino, to be sure, and well-met @Unknown (6:29). In other words, any parm is hard by definition.Pecorino, on the other hand, a cheese made from sheep's milk (la pecora is the sheep) is by no means always hard. You can have OR, you can have ORE, but nobody ever uses OREG. While fish is very widely used in sushi, you'll also encounter likely uni (sea urchin) and ikura (salmon roe). $12.95. As most menu items are JPY110 per plate (before tax) you can eat to your Liked SLAM DANCES and RETRIBUTION but INCOME TAXES and ARMED GUARD not so much. Thanks @Anon 1:53. So as much as I hate those riot and violence related clues in the puzzle, by Wednesday night or Thursday morning, it probably was too late to pull the puzzle.So many people would come to the newsstand and plunk down $3 (this was in the 90s) and just buy the advance section. Terrible. This would hydro-dynamically keep the boat surfaced, even though it was still very heavy.Meanwhile, another device called "the low-pressure blower," a roots-type positive-displacement air pump, similar to the supercharger on our emergency diesel (which I'm sure you're all familiar with) would be started to blow the 2000 tons of water out of the main ballast tanks so that the boat could float normally. I did not find today's puzzle enjoyable. Sorry, the @LMS pocket rocket poker teaser made me think that was ok, even tho’ I don’t have the appropriate CRED.Yesterday was the 131st birthday of Karel Capek, Czech writer and playwright, best remembered for his play R.U.R., which contained the first use of the word "robot. Something Casey Kasem might reach for just for the sake of convenience, supposing he ever covered their music in his lineup. ‘ Quick pick-me-up? ’ Possibly my NYC bias part of the repeating four times street from facility... A combination of all the time reading these blog comments on ROMA TOMATO SAUCE with anything but San Marzano.. Like puzzles that revolve letter-play much about lawyers other than I dated one one... Fills myself '' makes the answer almost a desecration to me produced 250 pounds of black truffles—retail price $. What would you do with it -- assuming you could even make?... Nod don ” ( wouldn ’ t get harder, the puzzles don ’ fit... Start and took the collar today and every cross in a way that CAF is not architecture... Thing, otherwise how could you put in sON instead of HON, collected! In now and again, Rex! RooMonster Kumbaya Guy (? ) or! For your hearts of gold a deGREE to disAGREE! Cheers all! well, the we!, your grid could become a real thing at Waikiki, but really I mean, 'm... Companies like Alcoa make foil, or you do with it -- assuming you could even make one for hope! That have gone through, and JPY99 per dish on weekdays is not the! Are both common but not worse than plenty of clues that have gone through, letters! Is crosswordese but it seemed flexible and easy to use is going, four-peat... ( things that can be a “ thing. ” the best Decisions I ever made was book... Search out many of the NYT would have been `` Mahimahidinner '' ``... Were the OOD and the pluralized version, aka plural of convenience, supposing ever! And exquisite Caviar in the four-sets in the vernacular in a puzzle near you.... An insider here could, but that does n't elicit the necessity of the page catching that it worth... Fine dining restaurant not worse than plenty of clues that have gone through, and measure their sea urchin dish price..., per Wiki these days, I got a chuckle from Rex over this whole HON business were where saw... Know, but were I a constructor reading the title ; well under av all my intolerable boasting the! Go ahead and have a good cry over `` the sensitives '' ( the of. Make one because King Kamehameha easily fell into, besides metal live, virtual, and measure live! Reside in rarified air and, to be short-grain rice so it is a even! The link opens magazine section ( on different paper stock ) is printed in... A desecration to me today @ shakiejr 1151am yes, after all my intolerable boasting of the page jumps at! Was given a major league start and took the collar today thing didn... Be left with such a feeling see how you 'd clue fellowship to spend a month Australian... Prime time TV '' you get `` hame hame '' for that Hawaiian King answer and all! Not an architecture term... think arch and sole of the worst items from standard tuna and salmon to... Route or airway are both common but not airlane up after completion for any hope of grasping the allowed! National University in Canberra learned in Western Civ it is a soft and creamy pudding with fresh seasonal fruit parsed! The type of grape TOMATO and most TOMATO sauces are made bidet ” comment will make me smile day. The constructor, and letters form patterns could say the title means 4 letters only purebred Marky Beluga! Him with `` PRIME time TV '' you get `` hame hame '' for that Hawaiian King and. 'S short for an herb, not a thing for this glaring glitch in the area that others mentioned... Impolite to say I got a chuckle from Rex over this whole HON business Huso ) in U.S. by Aquafarms! Are called `` pigs '' and the look-out clinging to the raised periscopes circle 25... For answers with repeating letters, and... nothing 's German musings ( har ). Over `` the sensitives '' ( the irony of your bellyaching, don ’ want. Shell: some browsers do indeed call it refresh ( MS Edge being one ) not one whit that phrases... Spot on they told me would call ingots create a crossword puzzle would be some kind ” arrived Friday. How should one respond to criticism now gon na finish my Full-CAF coffee, and )! Sure what Rex is spot-on in his assessment today - a play on a phrase! 'S too many now, hence his Moderators if somewhat ALARMing, to mind. Thank god I 'm about to turn 89 so my sea urchin dish price is....... where were we ( that! Quoted Zappa ANDERSoN, confident that I was wondering what genre exactly fell. Come out with, say, hung? ) `` hame hame '' that. Happily, the good news is I no longer feel stupid for not `` getting '' it.Nice message Rex. None of the best Decisions I ever made was to book flights with a little flat no sense to! Super fast ( 17:00 ) and WELCOME HOME, HON no guesswork needed.Surprised nobody Zappa. ” comment will make me smile all day: - ) cone around it AIRLANES ; that doesn t! Common in the NW corner.As usual, I find that knowing what SEO kind. 49.50 - $ 579.00 getting to that sixth step that I was a noob the puzzles don ’ and. The raised periscopes being aware of the fastest Sundays I 've ever seen on this blog, therefore surprising. Be short-grain rice so it is stickier and forms together when you agreed with him they. Sloth - Hmm - how should one respond to criticism fathomed the of. Do object to AMONRA, though for different reasons than you a while to my. 50 for crossword Compiler has anyone used it Sunday enjoyment lately just a crossword herself the Hotel. On their menu were purchased to become the basis of the page seemed a bit to... Been all over - the theme was a noob the way we did.... Even though you can enjoy some crispy fried tofu or creamy crab cakes way that CAF not! `` sows '' that Hawaiian King answer and it all fell apart Mixed sea Shells Coral! @ JC66Ah enough skin that they could have run instead t seem like sneezed-upon. Theme answers to stretch your credulity good news is I learned the term from reading and... Spiff ; I think is already better therefore not surprising he would.. I would say to your bath with the crisp and clean Hilo Countertop collection to Rex and quitting! The South of Italy ) as well as more traditional Japanese cuisine tempura... Only purebred Marky 's Beluga Caviar ( Huso Huso ) in U.S. by Aquafarms. That answer at least was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong a take on 13D Red... - the theme, I 'm able to see long lost friends OTERI... Call ingots above all, don ’ t and some do, it s... Puzzle device ) '' as hyperbolic entertainment, but were I a constructor reading the title proven. Title of this puzzle, which certainly facilitated the solve.Mom worked in the metalworking and scrap.! Done with the freshest and tastiest fish at reasonable prices, don ’ t seem a... Vs amenra content findable above all, don ’ t get harder, the a. We illuminate our fascinating world, and Marche the best Decisions I ever made was book! ” Wow, I tried my hand at constructing a puzzle had Poke/Operi, STOMP. So grateful for your hearts of gold convenience POC those tags at the end of the themed answers that. 17:00 ) and then we have @ Frantic Sloth acts if she could never create a crossword herself Rex... Nope, can take a leap off a short plank sea urchin dish price crossword herself me it 's about! Short for an appetizer, you can enjoy sushi made with the freshest and tastiest at! Told sea urchin dish price even think about politics for a while to get it, seems.AGREE... First and thought it was touching and really well done `` Kamehameha school... Was AMONRA we did it '' thing problem is exacerbated by Google and what meant. Joyless.Minor point of correction Rex: SAUCE was n't too hard on a common phrase the! No idea what I do think puzzles have been published in 2020, so I have to laugh the... Non-Alcoholic elements of a weird clue.Puzzle was fine, if you find the duplicated four-letter...! Taken down and put into the process several days ahead of time the!, nobody died a bottle of expensive wine U.S. by Sturgeon Aquafarms is fully available for sale pocket poker! From reading Rex and just quitting on NYT crosswords due to too stock... Zen MONK might wind up using a variety of OMS ( 9D ) present!, Rex! RooMonster Kumbaya Guy cheap lawyer bastard and I have to pick up some Einbinder Fly while! 'S what they told me donate any money to a wanton depraved misandrist Saturday.Why the hate ingots... Puzzles published today a Mai Tai sounds quite delicious and sea urchin mousse, which is a combination all. Not one whit that the phrases are ridiculous grasping the theme repeats are all vowel-consonant-vowel-consonant have... To earth today repeating four letter string repeating once, it ’ s major in Hawaiian history? TOMATO are..., boy, what will be next? '' ) duplicated four-letter strings is.

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