}; $(this.id).find('.slider-mask').css({'width':maskWidth + 'px'}); var maskWidth = (this.containerWidth() - (2 * this.navWidth())); Search. $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap').animate({'left':-1 * (count * that.itemWidth())}, that.animationSpeed, function() { BrandSlider.prototype.setMaskWidth = function() { $(this.id).find('.ctrl.right').on('click', function() { Place the baited cardboard to an area where ants have been seen. var target = $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap'); case 37: that.prevSlide(); break; Granular barrier protection that does not require chemical spreader or broadcaster. TERRO specialises on Ant Killer product although they also produces products that target other types of crawling and flying pests and insects. return $(this.id).innerWidth(); var sites = [ Ants are social insects that live in structured nest communities throughout the world. I live on the west coast of Florida,we have not had rain,so naturally like all living things,ants need water,so they come where the water is,the kitchen. Killed a couple of ants who unlucky enough to be present, but the next day they were back in numbers right where I sprayed. I sprayed the problem areas and to my amazement the next morning, no ants. Terro Bait Stations: Extremely easy to use: Works slower than other baits: B: Buy Now: Martin’s IGR: Halts ant reproduction for long term control: Doesn’t kill ants in the short term: B: Buy Now: Maxforce Quantum Liquid Bait – Best At Killing Ants. var sliderArray = []; In this review, we take a look at their ant killer bait (both indoor and outdoor version), ant granular and their ant dust. I intend to spread the word! this.count = $(this.id).find('.panel').length; BrandSlider.prototype.setItemWidth = function() { Pests and insect killers are an essential tool and precautionary measure that is taken in every hygienic household. Deadfast Rat Killer Plus Bait Station. Find savings on Terro ant killer, Marketplace by Amazon.co.uk and buy top brands such as Rentokil and Vitax with Shopzilla The residual effect lasts up to 6 weeks. 1922 items. Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 9. Be sure to leave the ant killer undisturbed while the ants are actively feeding on it. It can be applied both inside and outside so you can control ants invading your house, kitchen, garage, sheds, stores, gardens, lawns and patios. var sliderList = $('.brand-slider:not(".ignore")'); this.setMaskWidth(); }); $19.99 $ 19. Ant Killer spray kills ants on contact and continues to kill them for up to 6 weeks. TERRO® Spider & Ant Killer provides fast knockdown protection for up to four weeks. Close 44 items. If so, will the Terro have any residual effect on ants? 50 cents per bottle, postpaid 60 cents. Meanwhile, the active ingredient, borax, is slowly interfering with each ant’s digestive system, ultimately killing them, but leaving enough time for the ants to go back and share the dose with the rest of the colony. When tiny ants come indoors, this is the product we always reach for. This product will have a residual effect once it is applied, but we recommend reapplying if it has been wiped down. we solved the problem with ants, but ants appear from time to time, I recommend TERRO to everyone. It’s been almost 4 days & we still see ants. Patty : Consumer Relations Representative. The liquid ant killer is specifically designed using the active ingredient Borax- to kill the worker ant in two to three days, giving the foraging ants enough time to share the bait with the rest of the unsuspecting colony. Brandon : Consumer Relations Representative. The cloud comes back onto me if there’s a slight breeze. It works very well in my opinion and have frequently recommended to family/friends. We got the liquid filled traps and opened 4 of them and place them around the counter tops! As ants forage for food, they are easily attracted to the sweet liquid. $(that.id).find('.panel').slice(-1 * visible).clone().prependTo(target); // ]]>. And, getting it with free shipping was outstanding. It is no longer necessary to put out bait if the ants are gone. Mix the two ingredients. }); Contains Borax. Synonyms Ant Bait . They are best known for their liquid ant killer bait formula. var count = that.visibleItems(); Skip to main content. | Bizrate. $12.99 $ 12. After finding the bait, worker ants consume it and leave behind a pheromone trail leading back to the colony. We researched what was on the market to help you find the best one to fit your needs. We placed the clear, flat traps containing liquid bait around our home, where ants like to frequent our kitchen counters, tile floors, and the bathroom sink. The treated area does not need to be wiped down after it has been sprayed, however, you may use soap and water to clean the product. Liquid ant killer bait station kills all common household ants. // 0) { $(that.id).find('.ctrl.right').trigger('click'); } else { $(that.id).find('.ctrl.left').trigger('click'); } There are more than 10,000 known species of ants living throughout the world. I always recommend this to any one having an ant problem. I went on my FaceBook and asked for recommendations for getting rid of ant. Terro t334 Adhesive Strips for Discreet Multi-Surface Liquid Ant Baits, 1 Pack, Orange 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,876. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ants love it and they die and I am happy. © 2020 Woodstream Corporation. sliderArray[index] = new BrandSlider(id); $18.69 $ 18. $(that.id).find('.panel[aria-hidden="false"] a')[0].click(); Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 9. The country’s original ant killer, TERRO Liquid Ant Killer, provides fast-acting elimination of the ants you see and the ants you don't. The final straw was when I was on the couch and felt ants crawling up my arm. var xMove = startX - endX; This trail lets other worker ants know where the newly discovered food supply is. eBay TERRO Insect Killer Ants/Other Insects Insect Killer 19 oz. you save my life. if (this.count > this.visibleItems()) { $(this.id).find('.ctrl').show(); } else { $(this.id).find('.ctrl').hide(); } Place TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer near ant trails and other locations where they are numerous. }; Like other insects, they have six legs; each with three joints. Free postage. For effective pest reduction, apply Ant Killer Spray directly to pests. Free P&P . BrandSlider.prototype.maxMaskWidth = function() { While TERRO ® is best known as the leader in liquid ant control solutions, we are so much more. Terro 324 Ant Killer Ii Liquid Ant Baits, Pack of 4 … 4.6 out of 5 stars 755. return $(this.id).innerWidth(); This is the spray we always reach for when those tiny Pharaoh ants (sometimes called Sugar ants), come inside our house. For more than a century, TERRO® has been the trusted name in insect control. As ant foragers look for food, they are attracted to the sweet liquid in the bait which they consume and carry back to feed to the rest of the colony. Look for our bright orange packaging on a variety of products, including liquid ant killer, aerosol sprays, perimeter treatments and other products for your home and business. BrandSlider.prototype.navWidth = function() { // ]]>. The new formula does not work as good. } case 13: that.clickActive(); break; if (!target.is(':animated')) { that.nextSlide(); } Their anatomy is designed for transporting and digesting liquids only. The container that we received had no instructions on what we should do to make it work, by detaching the the blue tab. I bought a can and sprayed around ant trails in the house. $(that.id).find('.panel').attr('aria-hidden', true); sliderList.each(function(index) { case 37: that.prevSlide(); break; var visible = that.visibleItems(); if (xMove > 30 || xMove < -30) { There are a lot of ant colony killers on the market today, however, these 6 Best Ant Killers are what you need to get rid of ants permanently outside your home this year. They were at home in Hope Mills, North Carolina, at the time. More Buying Choices $13.15 (19 new offers) Terro Liquid Ant Killer Baits (6) 5.0 out of 5 stars 12. Size 1 fl oz. See off ants with ant killer, repel cats and dogs with friendly spray and say goodbye to slugs with our pellets. Pet supplies and more with retail stores in Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo New York. Once the ants are gone completely, do I continue to put fresh bait? Most of TERRO’s Ant products made it to our list of Best Ant Killer … if (!target.is(':animated')) { that.prevSlide(); } TERRO® has a wide variety of helpful articles to guide you in your efforts to get rid of the pest insects in your home or business. Find savings on Terro ant killer, Weeds & Roots, Marketplace by Amazon.co.uk and buy top brands such as Vitax with Shopzilla Would it be recommended to clean this carpeted area since we often step there barefoot? Ask a Question. TERRO T1812SR Outdoor Liquid Ant … I ordered extra and it arrived quickly. var target = $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap'); var BrandSlider = function(id) { BrandSlider.prototype.navWidth = function() { I think these hazmat warnings should be right on the can, in legible print. Baiting is the only way to successfully wipe out the ants you see and the thousands you don’t. }); Yes, sign me up for an eNewsletter subscription so that I can receive information about products, enhanced services, exclusive sales and other special offers. $(this.id).find('.slider-mask').css({'width':maskWidth + 'px'}); More Buying Choices $20.40 (12 new offers) Terro T360, 1 PACK Ant … }); 4.6 out of 5 stars 133. Ant powders are perfect for dusting into dry but hard to access areas such as under floor boards, behind skirtings, into cracks and crevices and under cupboards. The Terro was out of stock all over our town and I had a big ant problem...I love Terro It Is the only thing I want to use for ants...I tried other stuff this time with no results...I couldnt get the Terror here fast enough,my ants finally disappeared....I always had Terror on hand but this year It was gone...I will only use Terro for my ant problems.. AMAZING PRODUCT. Is it possible for you to offer two different ant spray options as you can find with household cleaners (stream or spray)? BrandSlider.prototype.containerWidth = function() { Ant Killer Spray can be used indoors to eliminate pests from common hiding places, such as storage areas, sinks, plumbing, baseboards, and drains. $25.68 $ 25. endX = parseInt(e.changedTouches[0].pageX); }; The spray can also protect against scorpions, crickets, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, centipedes, and Asian lady beetles. Ants have large heads with compound eyes, elbowed antennae and powerful jaws. var that = this; The T200 - drops are placed on a card. var idx = sites.indexOf(siteUrl) + 1; Thank You for this product and its ability to DO the job!!!!! Lets hope I have some results. $(this.id)[0].addEventListener('touchstart', function(e) { Please follow all label instructions for your specific use. this.count = $(this.id).find('.panel').length; A stream option would do the job right. Thank you! "I always recommend this to anyone having an ant problem. Our innovative products are the gold standard in home ant control and beyond. this.setMaskWidth(); Terro Ant Killer, Terro original ant killer, attracts and kills all common household ants. var sites = [ We do not recommend spraying this product on flowering trees. Ants might sound a petit thing but can be a huge annoyance as they multiply in number in a little sum of time. }, { capture:true, passive: true}); Click here to see description. Make sure the spray is facing away from you before depressing the nozzle. Thanks to its convenient spray nozzle, Ant Killer Spray is an easy-to-use ant treatment. $22.25$22.25. Whether Ant Killer Spray is used inside as a deterrent or outside to control the pest population, it can protect against ants, spiders, cockroaches, and other unwanted insects. $(this.id)[0].addEventListener('touchend', function(e) { I let them be and by the end of that same night they were GONE!!!! Write a Review For that reason, Terro bait … TERRO T1700 19 oz. } Place additional tiles anywhere they may enter your home. This product is a contact killer that will begin to affect the ants as soon as they come in contact with it. DIY Diatomaceous Earth Ant Killer Recipe . Product Name Terro Ant Killer II. Can sprayed surfaces be wiped down with a damp rag after the Terro has dried? Once the bait dries, it should be replaced. $(window).on('resize', function() { that.setMaskWidth(); }); You may also be interested in the following product(s) TERRO® Outdoor Ant Killer Spray. Browse. David. This product will continue to be effective in the areas in which it was sprayed for up to 6 weeks. if (visible > this.count) { visible = this.count; } By using this site you agree to these cookies being set. Recommended Use Insecticide - Crawling … This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. var target = $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap'); Related Searches: ant crawling insect killer, vitax nippon ant killer liquid disp... more. Recently, we reviewed a top-rated ant killer, the TERRO Liquid Ant Baits, to determine just how effective it was at keeping the bugs at bay. Home » Crawling Insects » Ant Killer Products. MFG # T100. THEN, OMG, there was an ARMY of ants coming to the traps! Heavily infested areas may require additional placements. The scouts will go back to the nest and alert the others, who will follow them to the bait. this.clickActive = function() { BrandSlider.prototype.containerWidth = function() { Ask a Question. The best ant killers are effective and easy to use. © 2020 Woodstream Corporation. $(that.id).find('.panel').slice(-1 * visible).clone().prependTo(target); Nine cardboard squares for product placement, Other sweet eating ants (except fire ants, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants and harvester ants). Disclaimer: Terro.com does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. I am surprised some reviewers have not had success with Terro products. By god the next morning they were had all gone everything was clean. $16.99. Terro ant killer changed formula years ago they used sodium arsenate now they use sodium tetraborate decahydrate borax. Browse. }; $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap').animate({'left':0}, that.animationSpeed, function() { $11.95. $13.50. ]; this.id = id; Use around baseboards, in attics, basements, campers, household storage areas, garages, cabins, etc. Ant bait stations available form our online shop Best Spray: Raid Ant & Roach Killer. 2 tablespoons of diatomaceous earth powder; 1 quart of water ; tb1234. Move over photo to zoom. var maskWidth = this.visibleItems() * this.itemWidth(); Feels good to be home TERRO ® Liquid Ant Killer ant baits are the best home pest control option when looking for a solution to an ant invasion. With the goal of attracting and killing all common household ants, the liquid bait is specifically designed – using the active ingredient Borax- to give the foraging ants enough time to share the bait with the rest of the unsuspecting colony. $(that.id).find('.panel').attr('aria-hidden', true); Recently added item(s), Voted #1 in Ant Killersand Wasp & Hornet Sprays, (25) Sell it yourself. Remember TERRO is guaranteed to do the work or money back. Terro Liquid Ant Killer avail on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ekB998 *1 oz. if (!target.is(':animated')) { sliderList.each(function(index) { Ant Bait Station is an effective ant killer UK homeowners need to give a chance. $(window).on('resize', function() { that.setMaskWidth(); }); return $(this.id).find('.ctrl').innerWidth(); Do you want to know more helpful details about the TERRO® Ant Killer Spray? £15.00. Ant motels didn't work. While it is designed to kill black widow, brown recluse and hobo spiders, it kills a variety of other insects such as silverfish and cockroaches. This 1 lb aerosol container can be used indoors and outdoors. Disclaimer: Terro.com does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. var siteUrl = window.location.hostname; 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,848. if (xMove > 0) { $(that.id).find('.ctrl.right').trigger('click'); } else { $(that.id).find('.ctrl.left').trigger('click'); } I am so satisfied with this product. Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant And Termite Killer Plus 128-Fl Oz Concentrate Insect Killer 700315. They certainly drew in ants, but I think the size of the infestation made no difference if a few colonies got wiped out. Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product. Get it as soon as Tue, Oct 13. }); $(that.id).find('.panel[aria-hidden="false"] a')[0].click(); Only 18 left in stock - order soon. }); $(window).load(function() { $(window).trigger('resize'); }); }; More Buying Choices $16.00 (18 new offers) Terro T334SR 2 Pack – 8 Discreet Multi-Surface Liquid Ant … BrandSlider.prototype.itemWidth = function() { $(that.id).find('.panel').slice(0,count).remove(); We ordered it on Amazon and had it the next day. As wherever there’s food or sugar ants’ presence is a must and most expected thing. if (!target.is(':animated')) { This 16 oz aerosol spray kills ants on contact, and it keeps working for weeks after the initial application. startX = parseInt(e.changedTouches[0].pageX); Not sure a spray will do the job, but am willing to try. Used many times in the past with next day results. The only thing the spray did not/could not do was eradicate ant hills in the yard...after several spray treatments, we ended up purchasing and using Terro granuals to get rid of the enormous ant hills in our yard instead and that's taken care of the ant hills. Something went wrong. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. To find out more see our, TERRO® Garbage Guard® Trash Can Insect Killer, 5.40% Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (Borax), Common household ants, including acrobat ants, argentine ants, big headed ants, cornfield ants, crazy ants, ghost ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, white footed ants, and other sweet eating ants, Attracts and kills all common household ants, Kills the ants you see and the ants you don’t, Worker ants deliver a lethal dose to the rest of the colony, Apply product to cardboard tiles and place where ants are seen, The more bait placements the better your results will be, Use along baseboards, under cabinets and near entry points. this.nextSlide = function() { $(this.id).find('.ctrl.right').on('click', function() { This mixture can be used indoors, both as a preventative measure and also as an effective solution for an already existing ant problem. Find savings on Terro ant killer and buy top brands such as Rentokil and Vitax with Shopzilla Depending on the size of the ant invasion, complete control may take up to two weeks. $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap').css({'left':-1 * (visible * that.itemWidth())}); Over time, the bait kills the original ant and any ants … | We use the spray whenever there's an invasion of them. These tiny little pests burrow their way into your homes and … $(that.id).find('.panel').slice(0,count).remove(); The patented design eliminates handling of chemicals and prevents drying out. BrandSlider.prototype.visibleItems = function() { Terro Ant Killer Dust 1 Pound. BrandSlider.prototype.itemWidth = function() { Free P&P . Ant … $6.99. ]; $(that.id).find('.panel:first-child').attr('aria-hidden', false); I heard terro was the best from a pest guy, and bought the liquid ant traps. var visible = Math.floor(this.maxMaskWidth() / this.itemWidth()); As many as a hundred ants will devour the bait and take it back to the nest to feed the queen and the larvae, quickly killing the entire colony. return slideWidth; (function($) { TERRO T300 PACK PACK 6 LIQUID ANT BAIT STATIONS ANT KILLER ANT TRAP READY TO USE. }; Ants are always on the move, so be sure to keep stocked with Terro just in case another colony moves in after several weeks. this.clickActive = function() { Keep using terro but i would also place some ant killing gel around in other places you see them This way you have stronger ant killer that should wipe any colony out. this.prevSlide = function() { Recently, we reviewed a top-rated ant killer, the TERRO Liquid Ant Baits, to determine just how effective it was at keeping the bugs at bay. Ants, Asian lady bird beetles, black widow spiders, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, scorpions, silverfish, and waterbugs, Place around the home against baseboards, in corners, and behind doors and or furniture. var target = $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap'); $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap').css({'left':0}); switch(e.which) { }; tb1234. Ants are social insects that live in structured nest communities throughout the world. This product will have a residual effect once it is applied, but we recommend reapplying if it has been wiped down. To kill common household ants, place TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits in areas where they attract foraging ants that take the bait back to the nest. On my computer desk, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom...everywhere. When it comes to applying an ant control treatment such as the use of Terro bait, it boils down to how such a product is applied. Picture Information. Best Ant Killer UK. Free shipping . }; return maskWidth; var target = $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap'); case 39: that.nextSlide(); break; if (this.count > this.visibleItems()) { $(this.id).find('.ctrl').show(); } else { $(this.id).find('.ctrl').hide(); } Bizrate. To kill common household ants, simply apply the product directly from the bottle onto the provided cardboard squares and place near indoor areas where ants are spotted. Terro Liquid Ant Killer 1 Oz Indoor Bait Stations T300 - Kills Ants Fast! Shop 2 Terro ANT KILLER Outdoor Spray Kills Box Elder Asian Lady Beetles 19oz T1700-6 | TrueGether. var count = that.visibleItems(); I guess that must have disturbed an ant nest and within a day or two we began to see a few ants on the kitchen counter, which is right above the window in the basement. $(that.id).find('.panel:first-child').attr('aria-hidden', false); if (!target.is(':animated')) { that.prevSlide(); } Whatever bugs you’re battling, TERRO … And better yet, these sprays are also effective against cockroaches, spiders, crickets, scorpions and other unwanted insects. View basket for details. Hello Kim,We apologize for this experience and would like the opportunity to learn more. $(that.id).find('.panel').slice(-1 * visible).remove(); } I am MORE than happy with the results!!! I no longer obsess about seeing ants in my kitchen. this.tmpIdx = 0; if (idx > 0) { It's how our ant control company became so popular. })(jQuery); Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms provide at least two of these conditions, making it an ideal haven for ants to congregate. There had been hundreds of them! Our innovative products are the gold standard in home ant control and beyond. With the current cloud spray, overspray covers surfaces the user might not intend to cover inside a home and it doesn’t have enough power to reach targets outside. }; I am happy. Is there a residue that remains after the spray dries? My family moved into an old farm house that was built in 1910. While weed whacking, I stepped in an ant hill and had ants crawling up my leg. Best Overall: TERRO T300 Liquid Ant Baits. Sale! }; FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. 1442 items. BrandSlider.prototype.visibleItems = function() { We tried EVERYTHING. The formulae for this product has not changed. As long as it is kept dry it can remain active for many months. (function($) { It can also be used as a spot treatment. [CDATA[ TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer, TERRO’s original ant killer, provides fast-acting elimination of the queen and entire colony. //
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