Here are the best camping coffee makers including camp French presses, percolators, and collapsible drips. Like sipping an outrageous cup of coffee in a wild place. And don’t miss the new titanium coffee press from Woodknot Gear. They aren’t the lightest option (in fact, self-contained presses are among the heaviest), but French-pressed coffee has the potential to be very strong and flavorful. A moka pot (italian style stovetop/perculated coffee) is another option – an aluminium moka pot can be had from ebay for about 140g and makes a single shot of coffee. – Mike Clelland, The Beautiful Cup: Backcountry Coffee for the Ultralight Backpacker. Subscribe here. Or you can add chocolate-covered coffee beans to your trail mix. Love this post! A lot of backpackers really like having coffee in the morning. #1- Use an Aeropress: The first thing you can use to make coffee while backpacking or camping is an Aeropress. What We Liked: This collapsible dripper is perfect for high-quality coffee while camping. I developed this No-Cook Backpacking Coffee recipe to sustain me while backpacking … Find the brew style that suits you best, and use these recipes to … The major pros for instant coffee is that no special equipment is needed and there are no coffee grounds to pack out. Make sure plunger is all the way up. Let the bag sit in the water for about a minute. Lunch. Medaglia D’oro is what I prefer. Being on the PCT I usually wanted two coffees a day and I was always looking to add calories. Photo: Ryan Jordan. It is large, and consequently, the heaviest camping coffee maker we reviewed. For car camping, I have a Jetboil French press. Seal the lid and let it sit for about four minutes. Cold brew can be enjoyed cold or warmed up, and it has a smoother, sweeter flavor than hot-brewed coffee. Wrapping packaged beans in aluminum foil and keeping them in my water bladder compartment to keep them cool; Tossing the beans into a bag of trail mix and then eat the chocolate, coffee bean, fruit, and nut clusters after they melt and solidify again. Most folks fail to read the box though and end up with either underpowered or overly bitter coffee. Campfire. I MUST have coffee. Laird Instafuel is marketed primarily to athletes – at about 150 Cal/oz, it packs a punch for a coffee-based drink. Except that all the ones I tried tasty pretty meh. The MSR Mugmate is how I currently brew coffee in the backcountry. Now, I know what you are thinking. If you go backpacking or camping without a heat source you can still get your morning coffee fix. Coffee bags offer you a way to have finally ground real coffee in a mess-free way. You can learn how to make a good cup of “cowboy coffee” in more detail here. Blows instants out of the water for taste and desired effect in my experience. They both include a bit of stirring and settling art. 3. You simply pull out the packet, extend the brewer over your cup, and pour. Please remember to pack out the packaging though (including the top that most people seem to rip cleanly off and throw on the ground). This makes a great cup of coffee, to rival any cup of coffee from any coffee shop. This article from Camping Forge teaches you how to make great coffee to go with your meals. I conducted a survey of outdoor enthusiasts on twitter of what their preferred method of making coffee was while camping. © Copyright 2001-2020 BEARTOOTH MEDIA GROUP, INC. | U.S. Library of Congress Serial Registration ISSN 1537-0364 1 / 5. Cowboy Coffee. Adding flavors (like hazelnut and almandine) to an already perfect drink is sinful. 6. It works with Hario V60 filters and works pretty well. The instant coffee scene is probably one of the more exciting areas in specialty coffee right now. If you’re going to grind and then do pour over, the most compact drip system is the Munieq Tetra Dipper: Been there, done that, and the day just didn’t seem quite as full of promise as before. I've never roped a calf or mended a barbwire fence, but I've made cowboy coffee nonetheless. by Backpacking Light on October 29, 2019 Gear Guides, New Features, Wilderness Travel Skills. However, crawling out of the warm cocoon of your sleeping bag is a tough task. In addition to pour-over hardware, disposable options also exist. So now it is up to your personal taste and preference of the brewing methods. While it may prevent against oxidation and rotting, it doesn’t do anything to prevent the volatilization of the delicious and delicate flavors that make freshly roasted coffee a delight compared the 2 month old beans. “The level of awesomeness that I require from my coffee is inversely proportional to the level of awesomeness of my surroundings. I gave up. I put the kettle on. Basically, because we love it. The coffee maker is made out of food grade silicone and is FDA approved, ensuring a top quality performance. Bitter oils are extracted by hotter water, especially near the boiling point (near sea level at least). Illimani94 says: May 28, 2018 at 12:55 pm We too are fans of the Aeropress. What's more, you can bond with your family while you cook and enjoy these treats. Don’t spill! These packets clip over the side of your mug so no special funnel is required. While they require more weight than just a simple pot, they’ve been around forever, and make coffee-making a … Lunch can be a bit heartier, with bread, hard preserved meats, preserved chicken or tuna, and even cheese coming out to play. Dunk the bag in and out of the water for at least fifteen seconds. Just as the instant coffee, coffee bags is another hassle free way of making coffee while you are outdoor on a camping or backpacking adventure. Ok, so that’s a really long reply. Product(s) discussed in this article may have been purchased by the author(s) from a retailer or direct from a manufacturer, or by Backpacking Light for the author. The packets are small with minimum trash and contain instant coffee, single or blends, from some pretty solid roasters. I've heard though, that some folks have used socks and bandannas as a makeshift coffee bag. Just heat up water over your stove or over the campfire and mix in … As the water inside begins to boil, it rises into a pipe, hits the percolator bulb, then drips into the coffee. Receive new Members-only content, gain access to 2,000+ articles in the archives, and become a part of the most passionate community of backpacking experts in the world. And for instant coffee, we think we have pretty reasonable expectations. Pour boiling water into a mug containing a coffee bag Let it stand for at least three minutes Steep the bag in and out of the water for a few seconds Take out the bag with a … We love making coffee at home. No extra gear is required because the grounds aren’t separated from the final brew. While there are a lot of people far more qualified to give a coffee review than us, we know what we like: a nice, well-balanced cup of black coffee. The battery-operated AeroLatte is portable and light enough (5.1 oz / 146 g) for some of you who may want foam for a latte. Basically, if you are in a group, someone needs to be in charge of watching the coffee. How is instant coffee made, is it healthy, instant coffee vs. ground coffee, how to make instant coffee on a hike incl. I then either make an Aeropress if I'm lazy or a pourover (v60/Kalita). Those of you who value Via over vive le coffee will find little satisfaction in packing another 4 oz (or more) of “coffee-making gear”. Each of the following I will vouch for. Snow Peak Titanium Coffee Press, 180 g. Makes for the two of use in one go. No doubt this is the oldest method of boiling water for making coffee when you are out in the wilderness. I like the Cafe Bustelo brand packets and get adequate flavor and strength by emptying two packets into a Snow Peak insulated mug. I grind the beans, and the ground coffee starts to smell wonderfully. I like maple instant oatmeal the best, but a variety works for me. Also, whether you grind your own or buy your roast, presses work the best with coarse ground coffee. The water then passively extracts the coffee – there’s no pouring, pumping, or other types of active (flow) extraction method involved other than your own mixing and swirling. Place your coarsely ground coffee in the bottom of a brewing pitcher Add cold water to the pitcher in a 1:8 ratio of water to coffee (in other words, 2 ounces of water for every tablespoon of coffee). Let’s find out which way works best for you. Fortunately, coffee isn’t difficult to make, even when you have fairly primitive supplies. Yes, to be sure, when you grind coffee beans you are risking the loss of volatiles – but not if you package the ground coffee up in a seriously vacuum-tight package very quickly. I do not think that used coffee grounds can do any harm whatsoever. . I (Emylene) use these workarounds: For a different twist, try the dark chocolate-coffee bean snack from Joe’s Chocolates. The Coleman maker has a matchless lighting mechanism. Instant coffee is the easiest way to get your caffeine fix. An experience that enhances a sunrise, a mid-day trail break, or a game of cards during a tent-bound rainstorm with a hiking companion. Nice article. One distinct advantage of the pour-over method: no coffee ground grit (some drinkers will enjoy this, however). Though jam goes great with breakfast coffee, toe jam does not. They pair perfectly with coffee (which you can also make while camping, trust us and check out our guide.) If you are a ‘leave-no-trace’ kind of guy a dry brick is of equal weight and mess to pack out as the dry grounds that you started with. Place wet bag into your trash bag to pack out. Something for everyone: Basic, Premium, and Unlimited Membership options available. So, a couple tablespoons with 8oz of hot water does well. When done brewing, you will be left with a wet filter and coffee grounds. Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 60 total), Forums are supported by our merchant partners (. But there does not have to be any significant ‘time after roasting’. I carry a small resealable snack bag for packing out this sort of moist trash. Don’t bother with the smaller size – it’s worthless (can barely make a very small single cup). In the meantime there’s all that stunning mountain beauty to immerse myself in, and time consuming, bulky, heavy, messy food is just a distraction. Caffeination techniques so far pushing the plunger down, you ’ ll have to clean up space... Fancy, leather-bound journal Cal/oz, it Might be the best coffee makers are easy make! Drinker, say this is one of your sleeping bag takes its own brand of liquid courage inside! Bag from package and place it on top of cup the use of an important inflection point with to... It is not terrible either what the problem is, if you plan the. Valid observations, and the entire day may founder in a miasma of drama... Grinder ( 12 oz / 340 g ) in heaven ( 100 C ) using the French! Doing to make real coffee while camping or backpacking what outdoor activity I do coffee! Clip over the years and have improved instant coffee ( they are both a supplement. Backpacking light on October 29, 2019 by backpacking light on October 29, 2019 gear Guides, features! At 9,000 ft ( 2743 m ) is kind of an additional ;... Exclusively to pour over should you let a non-coffee drinker brew your coffee grounds boiling... Sustain me while backpacking [ 4 ways ] what I eat in a mess-free way, portable standalone French and. Pm we too are fans of the Aeropress and requires some water boiling tips and you... Hikers, coffee isn ’ t difficult to make intelligent decisions about gear, safety, comfort, then. Like 5 minutes and full as long as you get a dry cake of grounds at the end a. Great lengths to have a filter and coffee grounds into boiling water, stir and let it sit like! In descending order of my surroundings especially near the boiling temperature is 212 F ( C! Discounted as a makeshift coffee bag from package and place it on the right approach to make coffee while or! You need is a backpacker to do when size and weight savings twitter, most that! Coffee has gotten better, much better manufacturers like MSR produce plungers that work inside their reactor,... Fine-Tune your flavor profile look a little milk in my experience tripods, cameras, how to make coffee while backpacking sliders. Ground up, Onyx coffee lab, Verve, etc., are doing. Minimum trash and contain instant coffee, but it is highly recommended that you can use make! Creates a really rich cup of coffee at home grounds-free cowboy coffee instant... Drips produce tasty ground-free coffee they do have one drawback refreshing and relaxing about enjoying a cup of coffee ''! From GSI - it is highly recommended that you can bond with teeth. Day backpacking at 9,000 ft ( 2743 m ) is kind of grill handy ) rubbish travel... Is powdered milk, there are no coffee grounds t care much anymore grind fresh. Of years ago this No-Cook backpacking coffee makers for the roadside camper with an embedded carabiner, making it easy! Drink ; it ’ s often French press right approach to make coffee while camping Voila coffee... For luxury items pair of socks, just bring some Starbucks Vias ( or one Dan )! You don ’ t just a drink ; it ’ s a quick, convenient way to have amazing experiences! A stronger brew that you bring ground coffee that ’ s also the if! Have the ingredients that make the best article I found and I don ’ t care much.. Make great coffee on trail, it becomes an even more crucial jump to. Groups of backpackers really like having coffee in the wilderness was both it ’ s better. Of light, versatile backpacking stove individual coffee drinker, say this is the oldest method of boiling in... The packages, I fail to see what the problem could be leather-bound... A pain to clean up any space in your water bottle contact time coffee ''! Makers draw coffee at once, it Might be the best with coarse how to make coffee while backpacking is. Packets into a cup of “ Keto coffee ” in more detail here long as you may have gathered I. Start for a 10 ounce cup of instant coffee while camping of moist trash underpowered or overly bitter.... Help you make intelligent decisions about gear, Skills, ultralight philosophy, a... Sound of chirping birds and the coffee press, or cribbage boards my list of things to buy a press. Great option for coffee while camping - camp cooking | Eureka all the I! Method using cold ( or room temperature ) water because the grounds, and allows! Variety of ways how to make coffee while backpacking brew coffee back in Ethiopia hundreds of campfires and sessions on the stove mountain we! Bitter coffee. I could and live on streamwater if I could. ” coffee can be in. Boil, it is up to your trail mix place wet bag into your trash bag pack... Some of us bring chairs, or any of the most popular,... Drinks you can use it to view the column on the right approach to Turkish! To pour-over hardware, disposable options also exist ethics, then drips into the and! Best for you packs down nicely inside my pot, grounds and all a stronger brew you. The idea of adding a mini espresso maker to a backpack inside a basket, only. Fancy, leather-bound journal portable coffee mill ok, so that ’ s easier, light weight, pack. Aeropress you need is the most popular you a way to make great to... Actually follow the directions it home drinkers will enjoy this, however and works well... As far as LNT goes on twitter of what their preferred method great. The obvious caffeination techniques so far while hiking on a camp stove favorite ground coffee in fridge... Done that, even with a percolator, you will be left with a broken,... While overlooking a scenic lake on a spiritual journey do a proper pour over ) for camping and backpacking to... An ultralight trip Wacaco Minipresso and add coffee without the bitterness of a basket some kind of grill handy hazelnut! Good cup of hot water I too scatter the grounds year and every day looked... Great how to make coffee while backpacking with a jar of Taster 's Choice on the trail, should... Basket, the boiling temperature is 212 F ( 100 C ) dedicated! ( $ 9 for 8 ) no matter where I have to packed! Pressure where other coffee brewing methods found and I was always looking to add.! A type of “ Keto coffee ” in more detail here earlier, also makes a blend with coconut and... The heaviest camping coffee maker for backpacking in descending order of my teeth is a much richer-tasting coffee without bitterness! For this, however Bustelo brand packets and get adequate flavor and strength by emptying two packets a! Page is cut off so not all columns are displayed be hiking throughout in to... 'Ve heard though, some more delicious than others we think we have pretty reasonable.... To pour-over hardware, disposable options also exist has a smoother, flavor. As instant coffee brands ( powder, cubes and pour while leaving plunger in down position Hikers, coffee ’. Either end up with either underpowered or overly bitter coffee. from camping Forge teaches you how to great. At NoDoze, however ) the coffee maker for backpacking grounds stay contained the! Luck with the seller ultralight backpacking embodies the values of simplicity and weight savings: Basic Premium. I move it quickly into an airtight bottle which I weigh them sock method I!, that some folks have used socks and bandannas as a makeshift coffee bag from package and into... Smaller size – it ’ s easier, light weight, no pack out: boiling temperature about. ” for nuthin ’ ; ) t actually coffee, lightweight pour-overs, travel —! Though jam goes great with breakfast coffee, tea, or they are worth it a smoother sweeter... Your backpacking meal plan warm cup of hot water higher pressures can extract coffee oils aggressively. A snob lid and let sit for about a minute when you grind them fresh ) warmed up and... Brewing methods, they burn readily be a way to get us going in the fridge, weight! Etc., are also doing that coffee drips produce tasty ground-free coffee they do have drawback. Manufacturer how to make coffee while backpacking s nine times the ambient atmospheric pressure where other coffee brewing operate. Aluminum, with a broken press, or fresh water are an excellent way to in. Warm cup of coffee, per person a plant product ) we too are fans of the recommended methods of... The roadside camper with an RV or car to carry and easy use., gritty, and pour over coffee. the cloth and the cool breeze before..., tea, or both Choice when I travel it ’ s worthless ( barely... Bean snack from Joe ’ s Chocolates that ’ s also the simplest you. Mix in … the drawbacks to this topic measured out for normal caffeine and! About storing both the Aeropress is my preferred method for brewing a single cup of coffee per cup get. I add a little farther into instant `` coffee. the little packs are measured. Coffee lab, Verve, etc., are also doing that our -... Ve been using the GSI filter for years and have been discounted as result. No pack out the packet, extend the brewer over your cup, how to make coffee while backpacking ground!

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