In 1953, one of the world’s most powerful earthquakes destroyed the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea. Two amateur cameramen happened to be there, recording what they saw on film. 'Earthquake’ is a documentary based on this footage - shot before and after the disaster. We watch the island’s inhabitants as they emerge from the rubble. We witness workers constructing a new architectural landscape, concrete, grey blocks in the place of century old Venetian red and ochre plastered buildings, and we follow the islanders on their long journey to New York and Melbourne. Based on an autobiographical text by the novelist Stratis Haviaras, ‘Earthquake’ is about how we deal with destruction and how memory helps us imagine better times when all around us is lost.  ►  Download the film on VIMEO


Writer | Director:
Yuri Averof, Stratis Haviaras, Isidora Papadrakakis
Stelios Apostolopoulos
Rea Apostolides
Yiannis Tsitsopoulos
Coti K
Rea Apostolides, Produced with ERT and the Greek Film Centre
World distribution:
Anemon Productions

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