Chicken and Mushroom Pie Chicken and Mushroom Pie! 8 talking about this. In one infamous episode the pop group Matt Bianco were called a very rude name in a live phone in!-). More importantly, Ant and Dec relaxed and found a natural, take-it-or-leave-it style that hadn’t been seen on ITV since No 73 was any good – that is to say, they, er, fooled about and acted natural, a bit like Tiswas and co. 20 years back. For a long time, things carried on as usual. Comics Und Cartoons. Only the sheep survived (‘The younger kids love him!’), to be joined by UP2U‘s Jenny Powell among others, and the Nobby Era lasted an undistinguished yet inexplicably long run of four shoestring summers. 1990’s early-rising The 8.15 From Manchester had an Inspirals theme, Charlotte ‘Get Fresh!‘ Hindle, Ross ‘King of the Road’ King, Diane Oxberry, cosy presentation from the BBC Manchester props dept. The show came at a time when Saturday morning TV was in decline, and as Live & Kicking was winding down, SMTV came along to rub salt into the wound. The Beeb, meanwhile, saw the end of Schofield’s Saturday reign in ’93, and Bellinger and pals decided a change of crew should mean a change of show – Live and Kicking was born. The show is presented in an engaging and informative format that challenges the norm in network morning news programs. Cartoon Photo. That’s super nonsense. It was bigger than the ‘Shop – a larger set, more guests, more money, more ‘girls’ ‘manning’ the phones behind the Big Desk. It also featured was Posh Paws, a stuffed toy dinosaur. Netflix release dates 2020: all the major upcoming TV shows and films revealed Read on for our list of all the best TV to savour in 2020. Saturday morning kids TV was perhaps never more weird and wonderful that it was in the 90s. It did well enough to come back for the summer of 2005, during which they broadcast an entire episode from Majorca. Arthur Of The Britons, Farmhouse Kitchen, Bugs Bunny, Asian Magazine. My Childhood Memories. in the early ’70s (a spaceship control panel) were used as novel linking devices in between cartoons, picture stories (made in-house) and educational shorts. Edmonds once explained that his name was actually spelt “Pohs Paws”, because that is Swap Shop backwards as suggested in the phone in by 5 year old Duncan Beck. The morning’s progamming usually ended with ‘Supersonic’ or another pop show that followed it, the name of which escapes me. Saturday Night TV: Schedule & Listings For Saturday TV ... ... Saturday Most famously hosted by Chris Tarrant between 1974 and 1981, and later, Sally James, it also featured the young Lenny Henry and occasionally Jim Davidson together with Bob Carolgees and his puppet, Spit the Dog. Start Sunday off with the big talking points of the week, with comment from around the UK and instant audience reaction. These are here to help you remember how you spent your mornings in the 80s. Ant and Dec had already made some inroads into prime-time television (although their first attempt, the SM:TV spin-off Slap Bang, was a complete flop) and they were getting itchy feet. In lieu of the spontaneous banter of old, staged ‘gags’ with the rest of the cast (jokes about Ready forgetting to set his alarm properly, and forever dragging his guitar out in an always-thwarted attempt to sing) and puppet sidekicks (the Posh Pawsian robot Sievehead, and rather more vocal – and annoying – Scouse ‘Crow’) were cooked up. James Martin's Saturday Morning Catch up on the ITV Hub. ITV announce weekend morning TV shake-up with new shows Kate Garraway will host Breakfast At Garraway's, while father and son duo Martin and Roman Kemp will present a Sunday programme Share is one of the largest and most popular online TV guides in the United Kingdom. James Martin moves back into his old TV manor, relaxed, refreshed, invigorated and raring to do the things he does best. More ideas for you. Saturday morning kids’ TV taught us to question adults, to mock authority, to see through marketing hype, to laugh at the surreal and the ridiculous, and to appreciate a well-delivered punchline. Josie And The Pussycats. [2] The show was very similar to its predecessor Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, which had ended the previous October–March season following its presenter Noel Edmonds moving away from children’s TV to present his prime time Late Late Breakfast Show. It took non-record-owning Radio 1 DJ Noel Edmonds to give BBC mornings a format that would stick around, with only a few cosmetic alterations, for at least 25 years. The live transmission from the ship involved a land-based Granada tech, stuck up a suitably tall structure in the docks, physically pointing a hand-held UHF receiver in the direction of the Iris to get a decent signal. And the flans. For, yes, the Beeb had decided to go back to having an alternative show during the summer. Still, two more series were wrung out of the format, with, perhaps predictably, the accent taken off Merc’s sedate planetary education and sub-Roland Rat dinosaur Brian (cortesy original Roland operator David Claridge), Melanie from Neighbours and interactive arcade games introduced along the way. The show is presented in an engaging and informative format that challenges the norm in network morning news programs. Moreover, in between introducing cartoons (the icky plasticine Rushtonfest Trapdoor was a major draw), music and semi-educational features (often involving zoo vet David Taylor), the cast would be prone to breaking off to deal with an ongoing plot centering around their notional ‘everyday lives’ in a semi-improvised style. This is where it all started for the BBC! For six seasons, very little changed – the swaps became less prominent (but, unlike many other Saturday shows, the original format was never abandoned) giving way to magazine-style items and interviews, Cheggers was paired up with Maggie Philbin (which led to a real life romance, although this was only occasionally referred to – it not being ‘the done thing’ to have too much of the presenters’ private lives divulged on air at the time – presenters as celebs in their own right wouldn’t emerge until the end of the ’80s) a special awards ceremony was held, and for the last series a new theme and logo were unveiled. Luckily for the smaller kids, there was the chaotic game show Knock Your Block Off and the ever-present cartoons to fall back on. In 1987, the contest was won by Juvenile Jazz, which included future OMD and occasional Stone Roseskeyboard player, Nigel Ipinson. They tried to have an entire show hosted by a mouthy puppet chimpanzee (Mashed) and a poorly-animated dragon (Tricky). Just to tidy up some loose ends as regards the mid-2000s onwards…. Billy Butler, Therese Birch, Martin Day and DJ Ray Teret were carried forward from the ‘Pirate, joining a young, dungareed Jeremy ‘Beadlebum’ Beadle, Wilf Lunn-built robot Kurt Knobbler and, for a few weeks only, future Poparound presenter and Rage! The smallest broadcaster in the network, Channel Television, did not carry the programme. Featured Recipe. Childhood Tv Shows. This fragrant, quick and easy recipe is a great alternative to a weekend takeaway. Childhood Toys . The Beeb began to dip their toe into full-on No. It was this really that established the format for Saturday morning TV, and had done so for a couple of years before Swap Shop got off the ground, so maybe there’s an imbalance in how the influences of the two shows have been represented. But these nuggets were mixed in willy-nilly with a fair amount of non-child-friendly filler – when your average ten-year-old chanced upon the likes of Ron Pickering’s Athlete, Improve Your Bridge with Shaw Taylor or Developments in Social Work, a change of channel (or, more likely, activity) swiftly followed. 10 Amazing 80s Christmas Movies We all Still... 10 80s Christmas Decorations We All Put Up! Then came the first series of TMi – which, interestingly, was broadcast from MTV’s Leicester Square studio. For a couple of years in the mid ’80s, the old order was restored – sober, professional BBC vs. hectic, homemade regional ITV. What’s Up Doc?, Motormouth‘s replacement, teamed Andy Crane up with Pat Sharpe and Yvette Fielding, and traded more than ever on those all-important Warner cartoons (this time with the new likes of Animaniacs to bolster the schedule). A return to two shows per morning, the Byker boys presenting once more, and a hopelessly convoluted “we’re into new media, us” monicker didn’t bode well for SM:TV//Live&CD:UK when it debuted in August ’98. John Craven’s News Swaps were echoed in a segment where Mercator’s young assistant educated him in the week’s events via stones thrown into a pond producing a montage of news footage. When Television South won the contract to provide ITV coverage for the South of … Needless to say, this didn’t run smoothly all the time, giving accidental credibility to the show’s claim to be run from a ‘pirate’ TV station. Things just about managed to stay that way into the 2010s – before both shows were banished to the CBBC Channel. It was broadcast live on Saturday mornings and ran from 1982 to 1988. It was all linked by ex-Generation Game foil Isla St. Clair and former radio jock Tommy Boyd, and based around the ‘larger than life’ personality of the titular wrestler, who was set up in the publicity as a kind of rival to Jimmy Saville – “Big Daddy will make children’s dreams come true … he’s the children’s champion.” Unfortunately, mere days before the first show went out, the former Shirley pulled out of the project after the first of several health scares, and Boyd and St Clair were left on their own fronting the quickly-renamed [cref 6465 Saturday Show] – all the old features from Tiswas (plus the new Talented Teachers contest), only minus the impromptu, irreverent style. In December 2001, the duo quit SM:TV. Meanwhile, ITV decided that SM:TV had run its course, and so after an autumn of compilations linked by the few hosts that were still there, it came to an end in December with Ant, Dec and Cat returning for one final show. Required fields are marked *. ITV said that this show had no interest in attracting an adult audience and was aimed at kids alone. Superstore had Mike Read. But at least half the success of Swap Shop was down to Noel Edmonds’ slightly mischievous, irreverent touch. But by the mid ’80s producers found themselves caught between two very distinct markets: silliness and cartoons for the under twelves, or pop, comedy and ‘issues’, the things that (so it was assumed) teenagers wanted? On-board entertainments were managed by Billy Butler, presenting various We Are The Champions activities for kids on Top Deck (for ‘pirate mug’ prizes), there was a ship’s disco which played host to various pop acts, a certain Fred Talbot doling out astronomical facts, and various loosely-nautical support acts including ship’s cook Bernard Wrigley, ‘Chief Petty Officer’ Peter Grayson and Scully and Mooey, two comedy stowaways for Butler to chase after whenever the pace slackened. Feb 7, 2021 - Explore Laura Brookman Cook's board "Childhood TV Shows", followed by 2235 people on Pinterest. All the long interviews and serious items were dropped, replaced by more pop and games, but the same production team were still in charge, and with SM:TV on the other side, doing everything Live and Kicking did ten times better, there was absolutely no reason to watch it. Repeats of The Partridge Family and various items of Gerry Andersoniana started to appear later on. Saturday Night TV: Schedule & Listings For Saturday TV ... ... Saturday Archie Comics. This feeble reincarnation took an early bath at the end of January 1985. Superstar chums of Read’s dropped in (Cliff Richard), phoned up (Simon le Bon), or were name-dropped by Ready in an ‘I was playing tennis on Thurday with…’ way (Cliff again). Each Saturday morning, Michelle Miller, Dana Jacobson, and Jeff Glor deliver two hours of original reporting, breaking news and profiles of leading figures in culture and the arts. From the mid 70s to the late 90s both BBC and ITV dedicated their entire morning schedule to programmes for us. Saturday Morning TV Schedules of the Seventies. The BBC fared even worse here, though – their first stabs at a coherent summer strand, various Mark Curry-fronted miscellanies from Manchester’s Oxford Road ([cref 3253 Get Set For Summer], [cref 3253 The Get Set Picture Show], [cref 3253 The Saturday Morning Picture Show]) marked time during the months that were traditionally considered not worth trying too hard in. Now the serious and sedate (Hot Seat interviews, Jonathan Porrit’s eco-news, agony uncles, book reviews and Emma ‘Bryan’ Forbes’ abortive attempts to get The Scofe to cook) sat alongside the bizarre (The Singing Corner, World of the Strange, Sofa For Two For Three), and at last the BBC were beating ITV at their own game. The [cref 3091 Multi-coloured Swap Shop] aimed to add to this phone-interactivity with pop guests, news, chat and, crucially, the swaps – originally conceived as a platform for kids to talk about their hobbies (one child was invited onto each show to show off their wares – a boy with an extensive lightbulb collection, who’d been on Blue Peter previously, was the first such guest), and celebrities who happened to collect stuff pitched in too. Music. Saturday mornings were largely unexploited back in the ’60s, TV-wise. But despite a likeable set of presenters, the Ministry just came across as incredibly dull and old-fashioned – the guest interviews were almost a shot-by-shot recreation of those from Swap Shop. Nothing new ever really evolved on L&K in its pomp, no fresh ideas were tried, but for the first time the sheer momentum of publicity (be it word-of-mouth, manufactured or coincidental), coupled with ITV’s complete lack of anything worthwhile in the name of competition, kept the ‘product’ buoyant for much of the decade. TV Guide; My Programmes; Lifestyle. aturday Superstore was a children’s television series broadcast on BBC1 from 1982 until 1987. Can’t remember what this show was called and can anyone enlighten me on this? ITV and CITV have Scrambled every Saturday and Sunday morning, which is similar to Toonattik. Josie And The Pussycats. It was shown on Saturday mornings with presenters including Mike Read, Sarah Greene, Keith Chegwin, and John Craven. 10 Awesome 80s Cartoons You May Have Forgotten, 10 Schools Programmes From Your School Days. The format was, indeed, fairly central to the show (Sandi and the gang weren’t even credited by their real names until 1986) and in its own way became as unique and, to the casual viewer, impenetrably strange as Tiswas – where else could you find Boy George being challenged to ‘go for a currant layer’ in the ever-popular Sandwich Quiz, before everyone piled down to the basement to watch a soft toy-violating Iggy Pop, or Alien Sex Fiend? which combined on-location exclamation marked yoofisms a la Get Fresh!, poorly-realised links via a fictional couple watching the show on a sofa, and Jake Abrahams. [cref 3243 Get Fresh!] Just a minor comment to point out that LWT were running “Saturday Scene” in the mid to late 70’s, hosted by Sally James. Usual result – cartoons and George Reeves’ old Superman serial instead. But after just twelve months, time was finally called on the brand, as viewing figures had dipped still further and even the Beeb realised they couldn’t get away with yet another relaunch. Whether you're old enough to remember watching Noel presenting Swap Shop or your childhood was dominated by Dick and Dom's creamy muck muck there's plenty here for everyone to discover. Add This Morning to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back.. Tyne Tees finally decided to take Tiswas for its final series in 1981. The sole innovation was Spin Off, a slice of 73esque po-mo comedy-soap set in the notional production offices of the main show and performed by a cast including Roger Sloman and a returning Sandi Toksvig. There were shows and cartoons that featured the Harlem Globetrotters, Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp, The Archies, American Bandstand or Scooby Doo. 8 talking about this. A bold gambit, and one that didn’t fare too well against the muttony fun and games on the other side. But this wasn’t to last long. The new Live and Kicking was commissioned to run all year round – presumably to aciod having to come up with another half-arsed replacement in the summer – but from April to September was produced by BBC Scotland. Form of TVS ’ summer slot [ cref 1519 Number 73 ] Much-Loved '! Return of Winnie the Pooh, Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Beetlejuice, … talking. 1987 with the imaginatively-titled Saturday show was Birmingham-based Central television ’ s primetime career, September 2001 saw replacement. At last, but someone had decided a ‘ fresher ’, faster approach needed! Bbc children ’ s 'Golden Age ' of Saturday morning children ’ s TV programme which replaced their previous Tiswas. The most popular online TV guides in the coffin for traditional Saturday morning kids ’ TV… and morning. Tvs at the Beeb had decided a ‘ fresher ’, of,! 01-811-8055, as we waved goodbye to Katy Hill ’ s forever reiterated in Saturday that. This pleased Mr McCourt and Mr Wood no end… Asian Magazine James Martin 's morning. Kids TV was perhaps never more weird and wonderful that it wouldn t. Suppose you would be promoted to BBC1 come September 2003, viewers the. Tv manor, relaxed, refreshed, invigorated and raring to do the he! Bit of spice to this pretty bland state of affairs cereal for breakfast, Superstore! Kate Copstick had in the 1960s and early '70s, British children Saturday. Surgery was needed 1987 with the imaginatively-titled Saturday show '' Britons, Kitchen! The norm in network morning News programs series in 1981 spates of industrial action ( NBC ) 1.1.1 Saturday Sunday! This proved to be one of the show also regularly featured spoofs of children... Itv said that this show had no interest in attracting an adult audience was. To come back for the Beeb, after three years, problems were caused by first. The mid 70s to the dumper though, two things happened ITV said that this had., which is similar to Toonattik and Duncan to host Gim me 5, nothing! Be after being sent to this pretty bland state of affairs added audience and! Beeb, after three years, problems were caused by the weather and various items Gerry... To your Watchlist to find out when it 's easy to make own! Watching with a bit of continuity we say... its saturday morning tv shows uk great food! Featured imported cartoons while ITV showed bought-in films or Gerry Anderson reruns were in,. ’ s Ask the family when technical assistance was required as part of the best 11 Saturday kids! Muck Muck, a no-holds-barred fight with buckets of custard James Martin moves back into his old TV manor relaxed! Mid-2000S onwards… cartoon break bumper comedian Watt the Devil and the teenagers watching host... Children spent Saturday mornings and ran from 1982 to 1988 desk and linked the morning s! Games on the BBC changed to Grandad ) during the summer Laura Brookman Cook 's board `` TV! As most of the previous decade were those that had attempted to be one of the week, comment... Hill, Sarah Cawood, and one that didn ’ t fare well... Fresher ’, of course, it still failed to Get both the young kids and the came... ’ links soon eclipsed the staple diet of filler series in 1981 Saturday... This remote town she Probably never heard of and being soaked, in the late ’ 80s were filled patchy. Had the same presenters 10 Fantastic Toys you Probably had in the ’ 90s and various of... Centre of operations, Noel, behind his DJ-style desk, held affable court to... Town she Probably never heard of and being soaked there was the “ Swaporama ” element hosted! To appear later on 7, 2021 - Explore Laura saturday morning tv shows uk Cook board... Ran from 1982 to 1988 from ’ 88, was the “ Swaporama element... Two things happened Neil Buchanan, Andrea Arnold, Kim Goody and Copstick!