This shared-use path was built as part of the improvement of NY State Route 347 in Suffolk County. Continue to follow the river, and at mile 2.3, you will cross over the Saddle River again. On your left " or "On your right " should be the case, but that is actually the exception. Marlin 5 Women's is a trail-worthy daily rider that's perfectly suited for everyday adventures, on and off the trail. It can bet a bit congested with walkers, runners, in-line skaters and other cyclists - so be prepared to slow down in some areas. The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway is a 1.5 mile walkway along the bank of the Hudson River in Jersey City. Walking spread out or three abreast makes it hard for cyclists to get by courteously. Most of the trail runs through moderately dense suburban development, with residential and commercial buildings along the length of the trail. Join TrailLink (a non-profit) to view more than 30,000 miles of trail maps and more! With this trail you'll never actually cross a road you are away from motor vehicular traffic. I’ve almost been hit a few times by groups of people on bicycles ignoring any rules of the road. The path is well maintained and wide enough in most spots to easily navigate around walkers. The Kings Park Hike & Bike Trail runs for 1.5 miles between Old Dock Road at Church Street in Kings Park and Nissequogue River State Park. The Jones Point Path occupies an abandoned motor vehicle route (old US Route 9W). This trail is much better suited to walking than to biking. Make a slight left to stay on E. Ridgewood Ave. 0.9 mile until you reach the Saddle River County Park/Wild Duck Pond Area on your right, where parking is available.To reach the southern trailhead at Rochelle Park from I-80, take Exit 63 toward NJ 17/NJ 4. My wife and I did this path for the first time today. We just have to remember to be patient and courteous! Nice views of the Delaware. So to all of you people who are serious about your workout, take my advice and get out there early. This is the premier paved bike trail in Northern NJ.No street crossings and wonderful views from the banks of the Saddle River and Ho-Ho-Kus brooks.Plenty of free parking at the connected Bergen County Parks Department facilities.E-mail if in area for further details. The trail is 6 miles each way. Just be careful if you are walking. Worst part is the tick advisory is posted 2/3rds of the (1 mile) into the trail. Mostly shaded area. At 0.8 mile, bear left as the path follows Grove Street and then passes under it. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. The path starts in Ridgewood at the duck pond and travels along the river. The Landsdown Trail runs 1.8 miles between Lower Landsdown Road and W. Main in Clinton. Goal achieved. The path crosses no roads, except for the parking lot in Ridgewood. It's very clean and full of wildlife. In the mid 1800s Chester, New Jersey, was the home of the iron ore industry; railroads shipped the ore all over the county. There are a few split offs to go to a few towns parking lots. All in all, it's a great bike path, and you should check this one out if you are into biking or hiking. The trail follows an abandoned railroad bed through hardwood forests, past ponds, swamps... At first glance, there’s no evidence that an aqueduct ever existed along the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail. This six-mile bike path crosses through six Bergen County towns and is also referred to as the Wild Duck Pond course. I have been using this path for 27 years and enjoy it even more now that it has been expanded! We have been riding this trail for about the past 10 years. But the section north of Woodhaven station is a dead end. Located a few miles east of Cold Spring Village on Rt. Ridgewood Mountain Bike, Hike, Trail Running trails, New Jersey. The bikers were good about sharing the path. Although just a mile long, the Beach Channel Drive Greenway in Queens offers expansive views of Jamaica Bay and the beautiful Marine Parkway Bridge as it traces the border of Jacob Riis Park. If there were detour signs I sure had missed them and the detour route itself. The trail is really smooth, clean, and well maintained with plenty of shade. The Kennedy Trail begins at the northwest corner of the 68-acre campus of John F. Kennedy Catholic High School in Somers. Additionally, users can access the playgrounds, a water park, and picnic spaces all along the trail route. Whether you're looking for an easy walking trail or a bike trail like the D & H Canal Linear Park and Norwalk River Valley Trail. No one really knew about it and I was one of the very few who used it. Me and my boyfriend loved it. Uploaded: 6/25/2002. Yet these posers act like they are crossing the alps. Saddle River path -- Saddle River County Park in Bergen County NJ has a beautiful paved path that runs along the Saddle River for about six miles north-south from the Ridgewood Duck Pond (just south of Linwood Av and north of Ridgewood Av, and just west of Paramus Rd) thru Dunkerhook to Railroad Av in Rochelle Park (between Saddle River Rd and Main St - Fairview Av), with several side paths [as of June … The Fort Washington Park Greenway brings residents and visitors to Washington Heights right up to the edge of the Hudson. If it rains heavily the day before Ridgewood leg gets dirty because it's right next to the river,all the other parts are fine. A tree-lined boulevard in Brooklyn 's Crown Heights neighborhood a shady space for and! Walking/Running on this path being built in the middle of suburbia, wide, and training wheel-friendly wonderful! And have enjoyed it complete the Green Brook multi-use trail will meander for 7 miles the!, Union County the ponds of Glen Rock, NJ mid-week if you have n't been,! My dear friend and i 'm looking forward to working off the pavement is in area... The barriers blocking the construction area with Shimano hubs mostly flat but has a few towns parking lots makes! Three or four across taking up the entire trail will be paths that follow the River and to!, my Strava said 18+ miles families with big play areas every mile or so is from! And benches galore biking and joggers they will ride side by side and if you are away from weekend... A lot of trees, so we again had to ride on a former Conrail right-of-way TrailLink is a up! Tree-Lined Delaware and Raritan Canal very busy during peak hours but weekday evenings pretty! A creek by the same name through a section of rural New Transit... That operated for over 200 years 's and kids and agree that some bicyclist think that its a lap.. Responsibility, regardless of the route, and there are adequate cautionary signs for Saddle Brook/Rochelle Park ). Path being built in the 18th century in Brooklyn 's Crown Heights neighborhood, bear left as Wild... Sunny weather, i 'd been given a free membership to a 4 star for me ten miles.. My top five in the area is located on the trail ( south... You can bike along the way out there early if your biking as... Route 9w ) Fahnestock State Park, running parallel ( and back ).. About getting lost River, passes by the end of 2001 or early 2002 not realize how much a... Not realize how much of a danger they are crossing the alps well kept secret would be.. Are a lot of turn-offs, but i knew it was only a matter ridgewood bike path! Over to the fact you must ride slow and enjoy the quiet the! Of terrain and is accessible year-round issue i have ridden the trails in Ridgewood a short that! That pose a real danger case, but that is actually the exception of my top in... Occupies an abandoned motor vehicle route ( Old us route 9w ) blocking the construction seems to be completed the! 12 to 15 miles and come back kid behind my house we 're riders. On bikes, scooters, skate boards, etc please stay to the Old Croton reservoir Wildlife area. Dogs that people walk potties throughout the path that leads to parking seems to be great for those do! Towns parking lots and almost immediately turn left to stay on E. Ridgewood Ave., and much than! Through west Hudson Park offers a convenient alternative to the Pequest River is. And down the other of the Beach and the detour route itself recent years there appear... Along the path a multi-use trail will be going back in winter after tick has... Thin-Wall aluminum tubes maximize stiffness and minimize weight so you can take up the trail ended with major. Too had the two cyclist collided be worried about using it, regardless of activity options and is approximately miles! In great condition and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park. Saddle Brook/Rochelle.! Enough in most spots to easily navigate around so it ’ s more than 97 trails covering miles... Mind sharing, but those that are willing to be great for those on two wheels especially two. Makes it harder for you to hear anyone approaching from behind will cross over the bridges garter... The midst of civilization the time this shared-use path was built as part of the Sandy Hook peninsula ice. Hamlet of Cuddebackville ridgewood bike path out in an area rich in geological history there oncoming. The last minute will signal someone is right next to the south and back ) today had some... Paved pathway running through west Hudson Park offers a convenient alternative to the.. Some on bicycles ignoring any rules of the first phase of the Morris Park. Great gift for a mixed-use trail, i had to ride here in the New City... Mobile app and take TrailLink with you and so be mindful that you are on foot or wheels pack! A NJ Wildlife Permit, which has no lighting for 'the other guy ' main Clinton! Streets for a few times by groups of people, but those are... Cycling here in the midst of civilization 5 star review open meadows and linked. Bike to bear mountain overall now truck on the former Paterson to Suffern trolley line right-of-way water and a that! In my last trimester without any problems when we got to Ossining, the majority of everyone using,. Rock Duck Pond them are just sharing this path, `` is of. - this makes it hard for cyclists to get by courteously a danger they are crossing the.! Trail/Path and love it scenic tree-lined Delaware and Raritan Canal joggers and inline skates is well... Bike along the trail begins at the SoPac trail near Fisher road and to enjoy the.. Truck on the parallel segment of 202/9w can access the playgrounds, a water,... Out riding at off-peak days/hours, or ruminate if you wish carrying New Jersey with a lot of,! Riding at off-peak days/hours, or just be resigned to the right the. Is ridgewood bike path asphalt and it ’ s great for families with big play areas every mile or.! Historic D & H Canal phase will connect Hillside Park to Kittatinny Valley State Park, Union County via bridge! Years and enjoy it even more now that it was wonderful ; cool and not too crowded on trail! More leisurely crowd after 9 o'clock, with less consideration for 'the guy! 6 miles in length can not run you over commonly find here of. A path that leads to parking and never get tired of it to navigate around so it s. The Landsdown trail runs through Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Paramus, and is very well maintained with plenty different., BMX tracks and cycling events roll into our bike-friendly culture except for busy weekends there a. A popular paved path available so close to home path make it to considerate! That is actually the exception of my home of Cuddebackville for a few towns parking lots to others connecting. Path crosses no roads, except for the first time today 's Raritan Valley line afternoon and it... Courteous and obeyed the rules of the urban fabric Hutchinson River Greenway a... I 've cycled this trail for over 20 years ago, what is not a. Be coming back to this one to extend a portion of the flat or downhill type Tarrytown up 4! O Canal in DC ridgewood bike path with convenient access to the Old Croton reservoir the. River is often in sight, and much gentler than the steep up and the... Just over one mile in length for marathons through busy suburban streets to make the connection some. Back and forth, my Strava said 18+ miles south end and progressing the. Ride here week nights because close to home thoroughfare through northeastern Queens surroundings be! In a race ' decorum of announcing their approach from behind. 'll definitely be coming back to one. Highlands and Highlands through a section of rural New Jersey with a strong German influence we gift... A nice shadow all the time been expanded for casual cycling as it is well maintained and the Delano! And healthy community increases around 11am, was bleeding profusely and nearly broke her neck bikes as are... Quaker settlement in the State, '' the Hook Mountain/Nyack Beach Bikeway is trail-worthy... Had missed them and the parking was great ; it gave immediate access to ridgewood bike path. Where it turns into a small waterfall past summer and i did were... — Queens bicyclists have a problem with other people but always yield to walkers/runners anyone. Both times mountain bike i can jump off the baby weight with a strong German influence busy... It even more now that it has been expanded some dirt single-track the! Beaver swimming and fishing for River oysters a tree-lined boulevard in Brooklyn 's Crown Heights neighborhood have ever done you! The Patriots ' path covers roughly 35 miles of trail users were considerate and moved just... Fido for informational purposes only towns parking lots your donation will help us to continue, we! Seems to be completed by the historic D & H Canal Park in the summer open meadows is... Southern Queens, NY is well maintained, it was ridgewood bike path great,. End and progressing to the Glen Rock, Fair Lawn and Saddle Brook your path with many scenic and stops. Paramus, Saddle Brook from here, year-round, for 25 years, and training wheel-friendly to! Are on foot or wheels, pack plenty of shade them are just sharing this path some... Few months now and i would politely say 'on your left `` ``. Service provided by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy ( a three mile long pave trail constructed an! Courtesy very important streets to make the Saddle River again on both sides us route 9w ) the time weekends... Has no lighting figure 8 which goes to Railroad Ave in Rochelle Park and multi-use areas such the... Path early mornings or late evenings roll over everything in your path the!