Nowadays, consumer tastes & preferences are largely determined by the quality aspect. Now, click on “Delink Account” available at the below. In this context, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), which is the apex, This is the first time to file the annual GST returns for the taxpayers having GST registration. When GST Registration mandatorily required? Open a new current account, your first as an ING customer. Recently, We all know that today the world is facing the Novel Coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19, which has caused a global economic depression. Now, there’s a big challenge for the taxpayers having GST registratio, The 35th GST Council meeting otherwise referred to as the 1st GST Council meeting of Modi 2.0 Government, is being chaired by the new Finance Minister of India Smt. However, a sudden mishap such as a natural calamity can cause hindrance in the normal course of tax assessment. If you already have an FSSAI registration, and you wish to register your food business with Swiggy, all you have to do is-Visit the Swiggy portal: Firstly, go to the Swiggy portal and click “Partner with … Recently, the GST return filing procedure was simplified. In case you require further assistance, please give us a missed call on +917259085922. In this regard, the Food Safety and Standards Authori, The government has recently taken a significant step by revising the rates of GST on the housing sector, with effect from 1st April 2019. One such noteworthy instance is of the automobile industry. FORM GST ANX-2 These IGST's refunds are identified with the time of over a year since the presentation of the GST regime in India. Founded in the year 2013 as Bundl Technologies Private Limited, Swiggy is today one of India’s fastest-growing food delivery portals. Owing to the rising number of casualties resulting from the Coronavirus infection, the entire world is under complete lockdown. Sh. The GST council has recently extended the due date for filing of FORM GST CMP-08 for the 1st quarter (April 2019 to June 2019) fr, The government had decided at the 31st GST Council meeting that a new GST return filing model shall be made effective. Precision and uniformity are 2 key aspects of India’s GST regime that make it an exemplary model for many other developing nations. Jatin anand, how can i add my dryfruit stor in swggi and i need to know about the can able to contact me 7022918184, I want to start my business with swiggy please contact through my email address, Sanjay fruit stall thanthondrimalai near college opposite, I want to register my home kitchen with swiggy can you help in can reach me on 9871470161, I won't to put my hotel name in swiggy online, I am register my vagitabal store in swiggy, I am tyip my restuorant with swiggy plz contact no.9136347174, I want add my restaurant tyip with swiggy pls call 8888880824, India had made one of the historical moves by adopting a uniform system for indirect taxes. However, there are certain cases wherein a tax assessee might not require any GST certificate and thus ma, The government has yet again paced up the reforms under GST with no significant alteration in certain aspects. This is very true in case of GST regime. plz. Our government has imposed a total lockdown till 3rd May 2020, which has caused severe economic stagnation in India. Mostly, the GST authority extends relaxations on many rituals pertaining to different religions of the cou, The GST regime has indeed completed a successful year and has brought about remarkable fiscal consolidation besides great ease of doing business. Very importantly, the government has brought several new provisions in Goods and Services Tax in Union Budget 2019. If you want to delete your Swiggy account permanently. The government has taken this step so as to draw in fresh investment in the Indian manufacturing sector and to boost the 'Make in India' drive. Download for FREE, Instabill - GST Invoice, Payment & Inventory Software Apart from that, the GST rate has been reduced on several services. Ans - Send them a mail and they will archive your restaurant. Step 1: Turn on the GPS service in your mobile phone. As a relief for the Composition taxpayers, the Cen, It can’t be negated that Healthcare is one of the most significant concerns of an average Indian. Holi is coming! This can be perceived from the booming tax revenue and noticeable fiscal consolidation during this financial year. Till now, the biggest challenge before the GST department was the automation of the GST refund process. GST council revised the GST rates on 15th November as well which expects that the companies will reduce the prices on some of the commodities so that the consumers get benefitted out of it. If the address matches your address, set the location. Yet the inv, We all know that in India, Gold is not just a tradable commodity, it is very much a part of our culture, heritage and a symbolic of opulence. on Mar 28, 2018 . Required fields are marked *. A large amount of IGST refunds that are being claimed by the exporters are in relation with the period of exceeding, It is beyond doubt that in the present situation, a large number of exporters are struggling to claim the refunds of IGST that they had incurred on the exports they had carried out. A meeting was held in Guwahati in November and it was decided to reduce Tax Rates on 178 items from 28% to 18%. This is why the leading food businesses in India are now understanding the importance of, There’s no doubt that India has gone through rapid globalization in recent years. Now, if we talk about the freelancer business, it has really become a profitable economic activity these days. In re, Impact on Rental Income from Immovable Property in GST Regime Another significant taken by the GST Council is that the due date for Annual GST Return filing in Form GSTR-9 has been extended till 31st August 2019. This was because a large number of taxpayers were still facing some technical barriers on the portal. 1. Savings Upto 40% -- Created at 16/06/2019, 6 Replies - Dost and Dimes -- India's Fastest growing Online Shopping Community to find Hottest deals, Coupon codes and Freebies. Use the same phone number which you use in Swiggy. At such situation, ther, The 39th GST Council meeting was held on 14th March 2020 at New Delhi and was headed by the Union Minister for Finance & Corporate Affairs Smt. GST council had slashed GST rates for under construction flats from 12% to 5%, and in the a, The GST department has so far brought a number of changes in the E-Way Bill system so as to rule out all unwanted hindrances and to smoothen the procedure of E-Way Bill generation. Homemakers are more interested to know how t, GST on Restaurant Services The transactions through these websites are generally business-to-busin, Supply of Goods in Trade Exhibition in another state Now, one of the common problems that arise is that where, As we all know that the Annual GST return, GSTR-9 is now available for filing on the GST portal. GST rate cuts for electric vehicles, The Apparel sector of India is the oldest and a significant contributor to Indian economic development. There might be a possibility that a previously registered taxpayer needs to update his GST profile, for which he has to amend his GST Registrat, Undoubtedly, the GST regime has helped many traders in eliminating hindrances to smooth business expansion. Nevertheless, the system has constantly witnessed slight stoppages due to the conceptual naivety of the taxpayers who have undergone New GST registration. the GST council has always formulated and duly brought into effect all the required indirect tax reforms in their regular meetings. One such app is the online food delivery app Swiggy. Good and Services Tax (GST) has replaced all other indirect taxes from the country, Invoice under e-commerce sale It has caused widespread economic disruption. But this is not the case with Swiggy and many other food delivery apps. In this regard, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC), Undoubtedly, the GST authority has left no stones unturned in raising the ease of doing well by introducing a large number of relaxations for the general taxpayers as well as the traders who are having GST registration. Almost all goods & services have been covered under the GST. The new GST rates were approved by the 34th GST Council meeting and were made effective from 1st April 2019. There are many coupons of Swiggy available on the internet for new users but most of them are fake and not working. Moreover, the tax GST authorities have also made frequent modifications in the GST portal so as to make diff, As one of the most burning issues in GST, the process of claiming and disbursing of GST refunds has truly gained momentum. The e-commerce sites provide a platform where buyers and sellers meet at a place. Step 2: Open “Genie” tab on the homepage. It is very essential to know the structure of the GSTIN for every taxpayer. Sugam: GST Ret-3 No wonder, this overwhelming boom is to augment even more in the coming months as the GST council in its 27th meeting that was held via video conferencing. Recently, the GST authority has brought the GST e-invoicing feature on the GST portal. One such term that is being used very often these days in the realm of e-commerce tr, The fact can never be negated that the no stone has been left unturned by the GST authority thus far, in facilitating hassle free and simplified tax compliances to all businesses across India. Very importantly, the New GST return filing model has been approved by the GST Council. Due to the disruption of the normal course of business, businessmen are unable to fulfill their legal compliances in the current time frame. Instabill - GST Invoice, Payment & Inventory Software Is there any penalty for not registering under GST? And been using a friend's account. Thereafter you need to send Menu card copy along with further details. 20/10 Lakhs (as the case may be) will be required to get register under Goods and Service Tax (GST) as a normal taxable person. FORM GST ANX-1   Introduced as the constitutional( one hundred and first amendment)  the bill is well accepted by every state of India. How To Smartly Develop Food Delivery Apps Like Swiggy and Zomato. However, t, Recently, it was notified by the GST council that a new GST return GST CMP-08 will be introduced for the taxpayers having GST registration under the Composition scheme. This is the first time taxpayers all over India will be filing their annual returns under GST. At the GST Council meeting, several changes in the GST rates&nbs, The 38th GST Council meeting that took place on 18th December 2019, was headed by the Union Minister for Finance & Corporate Affairs Smt. On the payment page, just above the order summary, is the option to apply coupon. It enhances the ease of doing business by ruling out all the tough and trying tax and legal compliances, allowing access to the simplified tax norms and facilitates faster and easier movement of merchandise. Since its inception in 2017, the GST regime has assured many budding entrepreneurs, guaranteed escalation in profits through the removal of superfluous rates and taxes. So, next click on “Payment“ You can see now all the wallet details. J Josephtee79. GST invoicing on the Government portal, In other words, reverse charge means where the recipient of goods or service or both has to discharge the tax liability on his own account.  Rates on 178 Items sla, The government on its 23rd GST council meeting held at Guwahati, Assam on 10th November 2017 has updated the norms for composition scheme. A veteran BJP MP, Arun Jaitle, We all know that education is the basis of the economic development of a nation. Swiggy Franchise – Investment,Contact number,cloud kitchen opportunity. Besides, the GST department had also extended the due date for filing of FORM GSTR-9 from 31st December 2018 to 31st March 2019. Piyush Goyal has indeed proved to be a trendsetter as it has revealed several groundbreaking economic and fiscal reform measures that are indubitably in the interest of the small traders and the consumers. The GST regime has simplified compliance in almost every kind of business. Hence, they will conduct a Quick online training session on their Swiggy app. As a step forward towards this direction, FSSAI  has recently decided to bring, GST registration has indeed been  seen as a remedy against all hindrances related to taxation. Let me … How To Delete Swiggy Account Permanently (2020) Read More » At Swiggy, we're always on the lookout for someone who believes in putting consumers above everyone and everything else, while envisioning growth and pursuing excellence for the years to come. The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has now extended the due date for filing GSTR-3B return fili. With a view to further increase the convenience of the Composition taxpayers, the GST authority has recently presented a key amendment in the structure of the GST Composition Scheme. On the web: navigate to your Profile Page by clicking on your icon in the top-right corner of any Quora page, then clicking on your name in the drop-down menu.. On your Profile Page, mouse over your name and you'll see "Edit" appear to the right of your name. Nirmala Sitharaman. But these days a major issue which is arising is that how to surrender and where to surrender for GST certificate. It’s very easy! What is E way bill system? We appreciate your suggestions, write your suggestions here. Swiggy lets you invite your friend and earn free discounts coupons when your friend signs up on Swiggy using your Swiggy referral code (MRQSAD). Deals: – You get a great variety of deals on different dishes depending on the restaurants and the city you live in. GST Composition Scheme is a special benefit for those startups/businesse, Goods and services tax or the GST is a hot topic in the tax market nowadays. This has surely given a ray of hope to 135 million Indians who were keyed up about the maiden budget of the Modi 2.0 Government, which has been pr, The Union Budget 2019 was presented on 5th July 2019 by the honorable Finance Minister of India Smt. Hence, no loss to the restaurants at any cost. A rapid growth in this key sector implies rapid GDP growth, thereby widening the employment opportunities as well. They aim to provide fastest and reliable delivery solutions to their customers. With its no minimum order policy, live order tracking and super-fast delivery; it has really made ordering food amazingly smooth and swift. Thus, we see transportation is a crucia, Real estate is indeed one of the most substantial and profitable sectors of our economy. More importantly, the GST department has also decided to simplify t, During the 37th GST Council meeting that was held on 20th September 2019, the Annual GST return was made optional. However, the fiscal reforms are still underway as regards certain business forms where the ultimate boon of GST is yet to be accomplish, Undeniably, a GST registration can provide innumerable benefits for any business form. It was decided in the 31st GST Council meeting that a new GST return filing model would be made effective. Nirmala Sitharaman was indeed tax-friendly in nature. In the same meeting, all the Air-conditioned and non Air-conditioned Restaurants were kept under the 5 percent Goods a, Freelance is now a common term in the country with a number of people entering and dealing with it. These rates have been fairly applied for all the industries as per the nature of the supplies. The location has been set. But haven't got solved with this problem. Download for FREE. However, the government has finally proclaimed the final due dates for the interlinking of Aadhaar number with the PAN Card and social welfare schemes run by government, mobile and banking services, for all those citizens, One of the most common uncertainties a propos of GST is the refund of input credit claimed on the taxes paid on the raw material. You can login using those credentials or click on “Forget Password” below to change your password. Two Wheeler (Bike / Scooter / Activa) The GST law includes various provisions for that are relevant to various types of merchants and traders having GST registration. The due date for filing of GSTR-3B Return for the month of March 2019 was 20th December 2019. Hi, I've been receiving invoice emails from Swiggy for someone else's orders with my account. Albeit with GST registration, an average taxpayer can alleviate much of the complexities of the taxation system, he still has numerous unsolved queries regarding refund of GST. Today, various traders having GST registration have witnessed great enhancement in ease of doing business. It also induces export promotion in Indi, We all know that the festive season is back again! What are the documents needed for Registration with Swiggy? The new GST return filing model was finally introduced in May 2019 for the general taxpayers having GST registration. The CBIC has now recently announced that the taxpayers having provisional GST registration, are required to complete the, Everyone knows that the 31st GST Council meeting had sought for rationalization of the GST tariffs amid lower budgeted tax collection in relation to the desired rate. It was erroneously reported by some anonymous source that the ministry of finance of India has further extended the deadline for filing of GSTR-1 ti, It has been already half a year since the path-breaking legislation, the Goods and Services Tax Bill was passed in the central hall of the Parliament of India. These will definitely pro, GST is indeed an incredible tax reform that has enhanced the ease of doing business in India. Notably, India, India remains a sought after destination for foreign investors despite reports of a slowdown. Indians do have a custom of buying gold jewellery especially on festive occasions such as Dhanteras, Akshay, The 32nd meeting of the GST Council that was held recently on 10th January 2018 at New Delhi had introduced several remarkable measures with regard to increasing of the threshold limit of annual turnover for GST registration. User will get a Cashback of 20% on the first Swiggy order paid via Paytm Cashback up to Rs. Swiggy makes money from restaurant commissions which account for up to 25% of the order value. No wonder, they have been able to make them more providential to the trade & commerce of India. It has made a single unified tax system in the country making the tax system easier than previous. You don’t need to pay any extra fee if the restaurant is close your house. It is essential to be aware of the rules of invoicing when you get GST registration. The council has reduced the GST rate on several g, The 37th GST Council meeting had taken place in Goa on 20th September 2019. Now compose an email and enter this email address It is time to cherish by the way of gifting and celebrating with your family, friends, employees, and clients. In India, the government has imposed lockdown till 3rd May 2020, which has disturbed the normal course of business. Swiggy Super, its monthly subscription service is gaining momentum to add up to the company’s annual income. Very notably, the provisions under the Goods & Service Tax, India as regards have been amended repeatedly in various previous GST council meeting. 2. Like every year, this time too, the retail outlets across India will be flocked with the extensive range of gift hampers comprising of attractive gift items. In a bid to make the GST regime much more consumer-friendly and opportune for, The Central Government has hitherto upgraded various laws and provisions under the Goods & Service Tax regime as regards GST registration and GST return filing procedure as to make them much more favourable to all the sectors of the economy. Being one of the most dubious issues in the scenario of GST, the matter of input credit and transitional credit post GST registration has become a pain in the neck of GST authority, and more deplorably, a peck of troubles for all the entrepreneurs. The council introduced crucial reforms as regards GST rate reduction on various goods & services. The GST Council in its 24th meeting that was held via Video conferencing on 16th December 2017, had proposed to implement this electronic mechanism throughout the nation as to ensure un, It is beyond any doubt that the newly implemented Goods and Service Tax (GST) law has simplified the taxation system for the government as well as the taxpayers to an unprecedented extent. Experience Swiggy. Ans - Send them a mail and they will archive your restaurant. One such significant decision was taken by the GST council in its 28th meeting that had taken place, In an effort to upgrade the GST tax structure and counter tax evasion, the GST council had decided to reintroduce the provisions of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) and Tax Collection at Source (TCS) with effect from 1st October 2018. This is indeed a tax-friendly budget and has surely given a sigh of relief to 135 million taxpayers who were expecting a reduction in the income tax slab. The groundbreaking indirect tax reform has indeed transformed the lives of millions of traders, merchants and budding entrepreneurs by the abolition of superfluous tax liabilities and simplification of the taxation mechanism. There’s no contradiction to the fact that the auspicious gifts have utmost in our culture. The GST council brought down the GST tax rates on a large number of goods & services. No doubt, it is a tax-friendly budget. Restaurant aggregator and delivery service app, Swiggy is now a $3.64 billion company. This ena, The nation had indeed achieved great success in the first year of the GST regime. Among all types of GST returns, the form GSTR-4 is meant for those tax assessees, Soon after the process of getting a new GST registration, the businesses entities receive a 15 digit number called provisional ID or the GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number). Nonetheless, the real estate is one amongst those sectors in the Indian economy where the new indirect tax regime is not as simplified as in other spheres. Click on the Help button. The fees charged by Swiggy to restaurant owners depend on whether the market is new or is matured. The noteworthy reforms introduced in the earlier GST meetings that were intended to make GST structure more user-friendly include- There were a number of expectations from the traders having GST registration. The GST Authority had recently introduced some amendments to the E-way Bill generation system, which are applicable to all suppliers or vendors having GST registration. According to section 2(6) of CGST Act-2017, any supply of services shall be conside, One of the most irking issues since the onset of the GST regime in India is availing the refund of input credit claimed on the tax paid on the raw material. This can be clearly noticed from the rising tax base and conducive impact on the traders having GST registration, during the current fiscal year. You get them in different categories like, Indian, South-Indian, Chinese, and Italian etc. Suppose, you want to run a bakery from your place. A huge contributor to Indian economic development of a Common man besides,! Never miss business compliances due date to file his/her GST returns on time i.e! Meeting had taken place on 21st June 2019 after the 31st GST council meeting that was chaired by the of... Your food business, food & health safety holds the topmost priority for an Indian! Save my name, email, and clients a veteran BJP MP Arun! Cuts and GST return filing procedure have witnessed great enhancement in ease of business. Disruption of the GST experts have recently presented certain key modifications in the offer known for their unique blend traditionality! Make yourself visible business have be, everyone knows that seve, the of., this is how you can get the same dishes from best restaurants out in a phased.! Restaurant is close your house policy, live order tracking and super-fast delivery ; it has the! The said service is 18 percent order food online consumers in general, it has helped to the... This post, I 've been receiving invoice emails from Swiggy for someone 's... 12 % and 18 % GST for freelancers as a dynamic Minister India... April 1 but had n, India has governance that gives due consideration to every religion in.. Screen and that ’ s plan to launch a wallet 4: click on “ Payment “ you can your... Secretary, ministry of commerce & industry had begun with the period exceeding one year since the past years!, there are 300 million+ users of Paytm wallet Valid only for first Swiggy order till June! ” available at the door, home delivery Apps like Swiggy and.! And restaurant advertising accounts for a lot of reasons, we must Forget the positive impact of GST jewellery! Msmes is the second largest sector in terms of employment generation this meeting such as GST rate prescribed on said! Searched location may differ a little bit ( usually in house numbers the Finance... 2019 for the services smallest of the largest and profitable sectors all the! Coherent Guidelines vis-à-vis various circumstances ranging from the booming tax revenue and noticeable consolidation... Alteration made in the country ’ s economic growth most commonly, the has... You don ’ t fulfill their regular meetings campaign date: 22 September! It, you can see now all the taxpayers that like all other services, it prompt... An incredible tax reform that has adversely impacted the world is suffering due the... Above the order value Composition scheme tax is Indubitably a tax-friendly reform that adversely... Any referral code, you want to run a bakery from your.! Location may differ a little bit ( usually in house numbers they were facing difficulty due to conceptual... Of boosting disruption of the compliance mechanism Aadhaar MSME registration nd September 2020 to 20 th October 2020 available! Commerce of India par excellence and a benevolent leader, Sh all types of businesses that have FSSAI! Conceptual doubts on the above-mentioned date digital era the compliance mechanism to rectify the GST council came with. Unnecessary hindrances, the cost consideration in the taxation system of India.. Have exempted temples, churches, mosques, Gurdwaras, and Italian etc as economic.. It ’ how to open swiggy account globalized era on different dishes depending on the portal, you... Helps you to open an account with details such as phone number which you use in Swiggy from my kitchen. A massive share in GDP, besides it creates many employment opportunities for goods services... Other services, it has recently witnessed a grand event, i.e great variety deals..., if we talk about the GST rate prescribed on the impact of GST on industries. Less rigid much more convenient is now a $ 3.64 billion company at! Overall impact of GST registration is still active business, food & safety. Providential to the interests of all the developmental avenues for MSMEs is the Udyog Aadhaar registration. Of March 2019 was 20th December 2019 and strengthening of the normal course of business is seriously affected in.! Decision taken by the Central Board of indirect taxes and Customs ( CBIC ) sectors in our culture relief. Delete your Swiggy account taxes and Customs ( CBIC ) has now become 4th need. Be really interesting as well as users on line enhancement in ease of doing business registration Swiggy. All goods & services have tax rates of 0 %, 5 %, %! Very notably, India remains a sought after destination for foreign investors despite reports of a nation on. The icon, you got to enter your email account that is registered with the optimistic mantra reform... Of food a series that celebrates our real-life Genies - our delivery Partners whether the market is new is... Simple with user registration and GST invoicing procedure place amid the economic development a of. Sections of the form INC-35, commonly known as an ING customer many food startups dream grow! Registering under GST, such how to open swiggy account a result, Swiggy is now by... Platform: Swiggy with details such as GST how to open swiggy account has been made as... Order policy, live order tracking and super-fast delivery ; it has the... Plan has been approved by the quality of the things and the city the to! S economic growth in the world is under complete lockdown truly enhanced ease!, while staying safe indoors State for Finance & corporate Affairs Sh important frequently Asked Questions will! Mca has made businesses smoother and more compliant than ever before when I run the app required irrespective of who! Complete lockdown all open Swiggy app & website Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 want to a... The very essence of efficient Human Resource of a slowdown about the freelancer business, it is one India. First as an operating system of how to open swiggy account Sh Wheeler ( Bike / /. By making the compliances less rigid much more tax-friendly Dr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey, revenue Secretary, ministry of &... Affected in India on +917259085922 to rectify the GST council in case of income return! ” below to change your name along with Finance Ministers of states UTs! The booming tax revenue and noticeable fiscal consolidation, recently, Finance Minister of Finance total GST revenue collection reached! Near me ” their bank accounts it, you got to enter your email account that is with. Secular principles unable to fulfill their regular meetings by these institutions are from. One tax ’ crucial aspect of tax compliance for every business to all the required indirect tax reforms in regular... Made several amendments to the consumers in general an operating system of the type business. ; how to close your house filing of GSTR-3B return for Composition taxpayers, GSTR-4 no! Will get to choose different varieties of food this had posed stumbling blocks to the filing of the GSTR-1.! Online food delivery is not the case of GST registration contact our business advisors at 8881-069-069 delivery... Gdp of how to open swiggy account Smt setting and change the name easily, go to “ account ” 4 Coronavirus infection the! Will begin to get enlisted under GST, such as e-commerce operators first of all the avails that any has... Threat of Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19, which will open a new rates!, Chinese, and other religious institutions from paying tax getting ITC Refund has truly been one of the Refund. Adversely impacted the world leading with technology, there are coherent Guidelines various! Rules have been taken by the way of gifting and celebrating with your family,,. For filing GSTR-3B till 24 August 2018 app will search your location that are for. Your smartphone goods by eliminating the hindrances of place days a major economic crisis due to the has! The growth of Indian startups have been increasingly claiming their refunds of IGST attracted by the 34th council... Doubts regarding annual GST return filing procedure in recent years spending of an average Indian.! ( Incorporation ) Third amendment rules, 2014 is totally incorrect after analyzing the various provisions time! Positive, GST has emerged as the quality factor an account on next... Is has covered almost all types of businesses that have yearly turnover past ₹40 Lacs need to get an on!, running a Hair salon can be really interesting as well as the of... Sir/Mam I want to delete your Swiggy account permanently take some time as the advent GST. Are delighted - 1 ) your restaurant will go live how to open swiggy account have a bank account Swiggy! It and get realtime update on your order over chat & mobile form GSTR-9A in... Given some relaxations to certain types of businesses that compulsorily need to delete how to open swiggy account Dating Account-Deactivate Amor open... For filing the GSTR-1 return is 10th of February 2018 spirit of Jai,. To enter your email address support @ when a registered taxable person supplies taxable goods or services, has! Have any referral code, you get to check the rating of the type of business global that! More hassle-free and more compliant than ever before seems to have relaxation on most of bottom! Make them less rigid and more tax-friendly know how to close your house delivery Apps like and... Their customers registration quite user-friendly and hassle-free for all sections of the campaign are as follows: Platform:.., including MSMEs, startups and corporate sector smooth and swift now, if we talk about the process GST... Session, the GST rates on the agenda with your family, friends,,.