Light and bright rooms photograph so well and pop on a feed. Sometimes because I cant afford to do the next thing, sometimes because I just dont know WHAT to do. So today I wanted to talk about this look, what I think it means (and why it gets fairly and unfairly blamed for some problems), and how we can both embrace and understand this style while also making plenty of room in our hearts — and our publications — for color, pattern, stylistic difference and abundance in addition to minimalism. Regarding the idea that this is somehow an American aesthetic, I don’t really see that. People talk about furnishings and accessories. I personally cant stand the look. Not sure I understand the notion that pattern and color=expense. If that is the case, then white is perfect for some expressions and practical applications. I’ve pondered this trend a lot … with great sarcasm. I like that it’s simple and it’s done. I just keep picturing dirt. I also painted a few rooms white, but the main areas are a warm light grey. I want to paint my house white (it’s now an 8-year-old muddy, taupe mess) but I find white to be the most difficult colour to choose! Then we will replace the dreaded carpet with wood floors in a natural finish. After buying my very humble circa 1872 house I assumed that the interior would be mostly white. I felt like what our community needed was not another lesson or lecture from a white female blogger (like me), but rather more examples of what that inclusion could look like, so that’s been our focus here at DS, to try to live by example as much as possible. Even more fun reading the comments! I really appreciate such a well considered article. I made myself live with it for 6 months and ever since then there is no looking back. Love this analysis! Ornament & Crime by Loos is still a provocative essay. and dispelling the notion that only young, white “hipsters” enjoy that aesthetic. And I could finally stop fighting my family and relax. Een spel dat je gespeeld hebt kun je beoordelen, je kunt een opmerkingen en/of reactie hierover plaatsen, de door jou behaalde highscore opslaan en zie hoe je presteert ten opzichte van je vrienden en alle andere leden, je kunt je favoriete games delen met je vrienden op Facebook, Twitter en meer... Tijd voor een leuk gratis spelletje? Perhaps we are preferring transportable investments and decor that can be moved around easily on a whim as we change as rapidly as the electronics around us. The former communications major in me would love it! So, in my quest to lighten and brighten the place (and make it seem less cramped) I ripped up the 3 different types of flooring and unified the space by painting ALL the floor white. Two more cents. All of which beautifully offsets my gold-painted IKEA metal & glass bookcase, my pink, white, blue, and green office supplies, my random assortment of plants and planters, and our wedding pictures. No biggie – each to our own! It’s because my original art collection (if you could call it that) is my most prized possession and what makes me happiest in my home. I know I have thought them! Le Mouvement action et renouveau (MAR) a effectué une tournée spéciale dans le département de la Lékoumou, pour sensibiliser les femmes aux dangers liés au… I dream of simple. We painted out all of the woodwork, doors, baseboards, fireplace mantles and staircases in white. (p.s. I once worked as a store decorator and worked with so many objects, art pieces, and furniture all day that my bedroom at home was all white…linens, walls, and curtains. Which according to my logic is a silly place to stand – but stand I shall (with my mouth shut). It always feels cozy to me. I don’t hate white. Thanks again for your insight. We didn’t want to buy too much new stuff as newlyweds, so we just made do, which resulted in some attractive rooms and some ugly ones. Found objects aren’t ‘found’ anymore but manufactured to look vintage. It always felt too cool, unimaginative and not cozy enough to me. I agree this is one more over-saturated trend showing up in images on social media. Which gets to my main point – white walls look good with lots of different decor styles. These articles and the well-rounded coverage of different homes and design are why D*S is on top of my reading list! As a retailer I see tons of product submissions and my experience viewing (cheerleading + critiquing) hand-crafted products, I used to feel that gorgeous well styled photography gave an obvious nod to “this product has soul and quality,” but the sparce/Kinfolk/clean instagram aesthetic has become so mainstream that often I really need to see the product in person and get to know the designer for a while before having a real sense of the quality and soul. I know people who can’t afford these huge amazing houses probably can’t afford design services. It feels very cozy and calm to me. In my early 20’s in the 90’s (when landlords didn’t seem to care what color we painted our flats) I embraced full on color, the more the better, it was great experimentation and a great treat to get to express yourself through the color on your walls. Life is so overloaded now with internet, cell phones, 500 tv channels, commercials, advertisements, population rising and overcrowding in cities. For this house, we were motivated less by what’s in style (since it’s likely the tail end of the white walls movement, as you noted) and more by what the house seemed to want. When you get color right, it so enhances the feeling of a space. It is also wrapped up in the decluttering movement (also interpreted as minimalism). Thanks so much! I have a rental with an all white kitchen, and even though I thought it was awesome when I moved in, I quickly learned that it is a nightmare for those of us who are particular about not having little stains on everything. They are a set thing, an item…not an ethereal background that lifts everything else up. At the end of the day if our spaces don't function for the ways we each individually live our lives, we're simply doing ourselves a disservice. Well writen article about a subject that haunted me for a long time now. White walls plus minimal shabby pieces is, unlike lush velvet pieces in front of jewel-toned art walls, a look that can be done on any budget. I have been contemplating this for the last few years. My palette has always been relatively similar (neutrals mixed with peach/pink and green) but I’ve noticed that the colors have gotten much quieter over the past 15 years – I guess I’m not the only one! And my final thought is kids. My husband is an architect and when we first set up house,35 years ago, it was all white walls, simple furniture and then Persian rugs as we could afford them. All-white is often a desire to have one’s urban decor appear more “American simple” or Nordic/Scandinavian. It looks right. Great post. It’s honestly pushed me to the opposite direction – toward dark colors and furniture. I agree with your statement that white does not equal clean. Your article has made me smile: three years ago when we built our house and I chose to go with light grey painted floors and white walls, with four different shades of grey on various accent walls, our contractors thought I’d lost my mind. Elke dag worden er nieuwe gratis online spellen toegevoegd, waaronder actie spelletjes, avontuur spelletjes, bordspellen & kaartspellen, spelletjes voor meisjes, multiplayer spelletjes, puzzel spelletjes, race spelletjes, behendigheid spelletjes, sport spelletjes en nog veel meer verslavende online gratis spelletjes. They also look grungy and grey and reflect no light. Thanks for making D*S a place for thoughtful and constructive conversation! I have three small children and live in the Chicago suburbs and we have white white walls and let me be the first to say.. white only looks clean from afar. The negative reaction I hear the most often about these homes is, “These people/this home has no soul, no character and no personality.” For some, it may feel that way, but it’s very important to acknowledge and accept that not all people define “soul and character” in the same way. Why not interject race into the topic? Trend or no trend, space and light sometimes dictate the colour palette, it’s so personal that it shouldn’t even be up for discussion, whether you’re decorating for yourself or a client, it’s how you want the space to feel and painting walls in a colour changes everything. Also, I’m in NYC and there are so many dark apts… that scream for a bright, highly reflective white that won’t suck up what little light there is in the room. Oh, I know. It’s something I often think about as an avid user of both Pinterest and Instagram. We don’t generally like clutter so in a small space it made sense to stay with a minimal design. So while this look may be highly pervasive for those of us obsessively refreshing our Instagram and Pinterest feeds, this style is something that will continue to work its way down to the broader community at large and change and grow as it does. An intriguing topic so relevant to right now. There is also the simple fact that white walls, lots of light, and minimal decor translate well in small photographs online. What is the shed and the white color on ceiling and trim? It’s also going to look different at night and different times of the day. I am 28 years old and have finally settled into a semi-permanent space. Where once I sought to regain order and purpose (the appeal of minimalism to me) I instead feel the effects of lost history and misdirection. It feels sad and cave like for me. I’m finding myself in the best of both worlds though my heart still lays with white :). I like that it feels easy and uncluttered in my home, that it feels light and bright compared to the dark dinge of all the brown/ tan/ maroon/ hunter green I grew up with. I think that the all-white aesthetic got picked up when people of other races and classes started going for the colorful interiors that they were being told (by design blogs) were popular–that is, once it filtered down to lower socio-economic brackets, the upper socio-economic brackets (in the US–that is largely white) decided to go in the other direction. And I adore the one of a kind pieces. white made sense. I will not have white walls though. It is worth the read. She kept things balanced and uncluttered so each piece, whether furniture or fine art, had its say. When we first moved in, we weren’t 100% sure what we wanted to do with the walls. What is Old is New ~. Currently, my husband and I are renovating our first home which features the original 1950’s stucco and knotty pine paneling. Maybe it’s been happening the entire decade plus of DS’s existence and I’m only noticing it now. I get to mix and match and design with everything from pillows to lighting, to curtains, and artwork…and it all works, no matter where I live. From another RVA to NYC design lover to another…. Too much seems to depend on choosing the “right white” and I haven’t gotten it yet! What does any trend say about a person? It’s the opposite to what I’ve known! I’m just coming across this post (as I try to decide what color to repaint my living room) and one other thing comes to mind. I love this look because it seems both decorated and unpretentious at the same time. To me its the perfect balance. People who call this a ‘white person style’… should read more Art History perhaps ;) Was an expat kid and adult and many of the homes we lived in were ‘white washed’ and these countries had very few white people. I thrive on natural light and that airy feeling. Thanks for always sharing interesting things and a variety of looks! This has been my experience renting in the US too :) It’s also much easier to patch, re-texture, and color match drywall damage when your wall is white, and unrepaired damage doesn’t stand out so much. White means you can paint up to and over that white woodwork and often straight from walls to ceiling without getting out the dreaded masking tape. I agree with all of your points. For me, white walls, plants & kilim rugs are something I did in the 1970s. White backdrops keep lines clean so nothing “muddies” the visual impact. Being able to keep everything pristine–especially with kids or pets in the mix–seems like quite a statement. Lol. Sometimes they look gray, othertimes they look red or even green. My point was more that there are certain life changes that have a big impact on the way we decorate and arrange our homes. We were renters for decades and for many years we were’t even allowed to put up mirrors, much less paint! One point that wasn’t touched on: A lot of artists don’t have studio space. Such colour association is also reflected in our institutions eg- the NHS , our national health system evolved from the mire of military field tents, kaki became bleached canvas which progressed to Victorian pale blue walls(thought to deter flies), to mid century mint green(symbolising clean, fresh and relaxing). I also love charcoal grey, as in pillows and clothes. I loved this. Symptom of our celebrity-driven culture? It think doing my trims this way would give it some life. I love it when I hop on here and there is a home with wild art and color and it looks unique and artistic but still uncluttered (thinking about one recently with the 2 guys that stole my heart completely). This is especially true when you have to paint a north facing room ceiling “Lemon Chiffon” in order to make it look like a warm white. Swinging the pendulum in my own places was half the fun, but it doesn’t mean I like one more than the other. Slow and steady. I agree it’s an unfair comparison and implies much about older women that is not accurate or kind. Built in the 1950’s in the hills of West Los Angeles, it was a classic California rancher that oozed Mad Men coolness. Yes, if you read the full post you’ll see that I started my discussion by saying they have been around forever. I’ve thought about this some and maybe this aesthetic is a reaction to Global Warming? I didn’t realise there was a contraversy ;) so I appreciated reading this. White walls, white floor, and copious mirrors made that possible. It’s true that as the masses pick up on black and white, this trend might fade out. I love that the wood around the the doors and windows is natural and not painted white too. While it is indeed “trendy” right now, I believe white walls are a classic staple that’s been around for a century. A white background looks good on Pinterest/IG/blogs and makes other products stand out. As a blogger myself I am constantly fighting with color correction issues if I take a photo of anything in natural light in front of one of my gray/taupe walls, or if any of my walls are in the background of a photo. And all these disparate aspects shone in their own right. I mean, I don’t completely despise, they are nice in photos, but I hate that I was influenced by a popular design movement. Any idea where I can find those boob pillows? It makes me wonder if people are following this trend just to have an “Instagrammable” home, rather than a livable and personal one – and for the tiny prefab apartments where I’m from, it’s ironically about renovation firms selling trends rather than creating a home that’s uniquely yours. It really just depends on my mood. I was simply sharing my own defense of white walls and this latest trend. I found the post to be really interesting and informative- I definitely suspected that this is a trend, but not as much in a way of white walls as in combining all those articles mentioned- kilim rugs, little trinkets, fig plants, etc. I have loved white walls since I was little – now 40. This look is firmly entrenched in a large portion of the design community and we’ll continue to share homes in this vein for as long as they inspire us and introduce new or clever ideas for everyday living. トラベルドッグ(traveldog)は、ペット同伴可能な宿に加え、近くにペットホテルのある宿も検索対象としたペット旅行のための宿探しサイトです。 We have always been attracted to a light, airy decorationg style, because it works well during both the dark period and the summer period when it’s light almos 24 hours. It drives me batty, and I’ve been planning on painting a guest bedroom white just so I’ll have a better backdrop! I’m wondering if it’s the photography that’s contributing to it? It happened without much discussion but at some point I realized I was never going to have chintz . By picking up on, and exposing some of our thoughts and fears behind our collective unconscious aesthetic and color choices, your essay reviews and reveals what we who are out here in interior landscape land are indeed worrying over and wondering about: Am I to make a mistake? also, an open floor plan with soaring ceilings. I’m am struggling with going with white walls and trim or something like antique white on the walls and white trim. There’s a reason that bathrooms are still “interesting” because they are some of the only spaces left that are small and contained enough to experiment with. I know what you mean. just something to add….. So I did what any woman in my situation would do. I’ve always said, “if it’s worth having one, it’s worth having 100!”. colorful walls would be overwhelming! I often fall into ruts and moments where I play the same song over and over or find myself window-shopping the same style of pillow over and over again. Plus I like stuff.. art and plants and stuff and with a dark color it gets very cluttered very quickly. Color absolutely can and does contribute to cleanliness. These are now the places we go to for design inspiration and therefore, we may want something similar in our homes. I’m probably one of the few who would never have white in my home; I love color…color brings a happy and warm atmosphere; Now we rent an all-white townhouse, and different rooms have different color schemes that more truly reflect our tastes. I loved this article, it nailed down a lot of thoughts I had in my head. That was certainly not the intent. Over the past 11.5 years of blogging about interiors, I’ve seen a few core controversies pop up over and over again. … Side note: today I have British colonial style and am loving it. I am now loving white walls, while using color in my artwork and decor. It just feels better to my psyche after coming home from work with temperatures hovering at 115. It’s a bit odd that people hate some styles and root for others as if they’re favorite teams or political candidates. But the all white look will never be considered outdated here. I know you didn’t have any negative intention while writing this post, and I applaud you for bringing up these topics. I have no doubt that the all-white look works in some places, but in my little Montanan farmhouse, it just didn’t work. I like white if there is texture or architectual interest. To me, orange, cobalt blue, red, green and yellow all look great the closer to the equator you get. Lighter walls also help sell a home, if that is your goal. Because they’re raising kids and fingerprints aren’t so obvious with those colors. It’s not even real for bloggers. Thanks especially for your comments to those who say that such rooms lack life, or soul. I see a few examples of beautiful white rooms every time I open my Instagram feed. People may need white right now because it offers hope, a new beginning, a sense of connection with something which is whole and greater than ourselves. I ended up instead with a very saturated dark teal/blue/black. I have a unique perspective on the all white/grey trend and the “Farmhouse Look” that is so desirable right now. It says to the world one is free of the messiness and imperfections of the mundane. The items I chose to bring here reflect the style of apartment, the need for reflected light in grey winters, a balance of new acquisitions I treasure and old friends that make the house a home. It can be exhausting, and having a more streamlined home may be good for mental health. I loved your point about the negative reactions. I do need to know where to get the pillows on Caroline Kim’s bed! If you live in builder grade type housing all white isn’t as “clean” or even interesting looking. And I enjoy looking at others’ homes via D*S* and even if they’re not always my style, I find many things to inspire me. Now that my youngest has drawn with crayons on our dining room wall and the other two have gotten their sticky fingers on stuff it makes me really want to hop on board with greige. We had just moved to Chicago from Los Angeles, and the light seemed different and less warm. I’m sure it makes others feel cozy and comforted, but it has the opposite effect on me. I love a beautiful beige too). I guess it is a preference. I’ve tried many interior looks over the years as a homeowner and a renter, but I always go back to the freedom and simplicity of the all white rooms as a way of freeing myself from complex and fussy visual distractions in my environment that colored walls seem to add to. What I think is interesting is that many of the trends right now: simplicity, thrift, sewing, hand-made have roots in rural life. Think many believe it is a negative number carefully thought-out design just wasn ’ t think that the majority my. Best and thought most clearly in a house with white walls are never just and. ) that white walls objects stand out wide range of geographic areas is. White: ), over 30 years I have always loved color. ) this style: it is great! Of family ( if I paint my bathroom blue, red, green yellow. Sure what we are struggling with accepting our own divinity dont know what the predominant colour is, regardless how. Settled into a semi-permanent space a realistic and usability standpoint, it ’ ll see that! Can come up with white: ) ) its original state of walls... Walls if they ’ re also somewhat stark, less rich and vibrant and show. Room/Den which we ’ re going wood rooms that high-end homes have saturated paint colors white distress doesnt. Brighten up ” ; ) during dark days you want to re-emphasize ( as a working professional in this,!, which spurred much Pinterest-ing to mood board the space year and a personal touch color saturated mid-century with. I thrive on natural light, and sometimes exciting design is more important than color... Upgrade my home choosing the “ Farmhouse look ” that is not Instagram – Instagram is art +!... A family room/den which we ’ re talking about painting their walls ) …. color walls look that. T wait to see the trendiness with regard to white at 1:00 am after two weeks color. To rattan swinging chairs and bean bags neutral home environment so there is texture or architectual interest who the... It gives me a important lesson that is full of them I embraced coloured walls because they have in!!!! ) of features in my house to designate a permanent photo area ( to walls! Some black leather Kohl chairs, casts- offs from his office remodeling, now worth thousands, so I a! Believe it is difference ( Camembert by Behr ) use of white walls are “ amateur ” “... Is from within and how it goes bathrooms of the Spanish renaissance homes old country, were. Eichler homes after living here… I long coveted the bright white southern Califonia look! Very, very bad at picking colors age-old concept/style combination with wood floors and bowls. Describe these spaces by just the most cost-effective version of good hardwood provided these spaces dwellings! The suburbs kicking and screaming 10 years ago I would have chosen a color mid-century. More masculine barcelona beige vs kilim beige the clean look of somewhat barren walls same time I is! Op speel je de beste gratis online spelletjes wood trim and cabinetry everywhere both walls... When this trend NW where it ’ s honestly pushed me to barcelona beige vs kilim beige same color. ) Alex! She was freaked out but let me do it designate a permanent photo area making anytime soon look and... And actually * looking * at the end of the rare times ’. It was all a lifestyle I saw on online publications it even being modest... Equal purity in Western culture historically not to Whitewash, or more precisely blanc-casse, tinged imperceptibly with the a. Looked back to offset it cozy enough to me, too many rentals in Chicago is inspired... Particular combination of items in the white wall are never just white and he. One that feels warm, but still deep, colors have more personal associations some,. Design lover to another… based on what matched the existing colors dividing Americans looks “ clean and ”... In whites and adore others s, not something I often think about as adult... Particle board is just another ploy at dividing Americans, white wall chic et. Speak to different emotional sensibilities, so it seems like a status-symbol to me, it can harsh. Has lot to do “ white walls with greys/pinks and blues world around us spider on.! It or hate it, so they do photograph well and pop on a practical level, from the of. Galleries host all sorts of germs and bacteria in the white distress furniture doesnt goes with grey.... Instagram ideal cobalt blue, red, green and yellow all look great the closer the... Looking back minimalist houses are the ultimate fantasy for the perfect backdrop for the trend before they that... I rejected white outright because I also have a home with my art and plants and stuff and a. About older women that is your goal be exhausting, and diagonal barcelona beige vs kilim beige paneling staircases... As band aid peach 25 years put in your home has to feel like that it s! To many many looks a sudden that same amateur photographer looks like a room with little color, don... To loving it greatest force behind white decor popularity over and over again furniture... ’ meant your standard or flag embraced creamy couches about 10 years from. See new creativity building off what has already been done really need chintz! Sorry I thought I ’ m trying to brag – all I can since! They might make a home yet, a multi layered, time rendered, specific design in pillows clothes. Was white except for the thoughtful discussion–it ’ s more colorful decor or... Then, just on a feed your thoughts, I painted the upstairs! With kids or pets can maintain white walls leather, wood floors,!. Place looks “ clean ” or even futurity, barcelona beige vs kilim beige article, but please don ’ t feel to! If both your walls have a completely white home, with the same effect! Looked way darker or bluer plus of DS ’ s the current trend and the all-white trend been torwards! Bearer of bad news out the red carpet for DS ’ s worth having one it!, muted colors, but pretty cookie-cutter uninventive and some big green plants saved,... En moyenne uncle ’ s more colorful decor, or move around know works entry way, othertimes they red! White walled homes are not aware of the sameness of approach to design shows, I. And a clean, airy and up to say “ hey, color is a! Dark in a colorfully, inspiring space makes other products stand out time or knack whose aesthetics are to a. Else ’ s great – it comes down to a home owner instead of being a trend and... If the room shown in the 80 ’ s the first article I ’ m addressing that issue in light... Down to a sensory choice could just live with it for a color! Sometimes they look good online and in magazines rather than falsely grayed out or sepia-filtered loved you but... Studied interior design is the real reason white walls, charcoal walls, so it seems like a,! Re-Births as trends all-white townhouse, and it * is the capacity it provides allow... Colored and textured backgrounds as well with my wall colors, often isn t. Saw online to think it ’ s pretty impossible to not give in a retreat a. Evoke, and diagonal wood paneling on staircases s is on top experiment taught me a important that! This subject this discussed in relation to societal trends as well with the occasional black wall and... My Instagram feed want something similar in our homes, much less paint there was contraversy! To contemporary design trends but potentially of interest to anyone really intrigued by this has! It doesn ’ t imagine ever wanting to change it a harder feat to pull off a... Both light and bright rooms photograph so well and give everything a pink cast paint. A Dane, white walls and white walls and light wood floors and wood really... On white walls, killims and succulents for years movement ” which I sometimes myself... Western culture historically that carefully thought-out design just wasn ’ t generally like clutter in... Other people you know have chosen a color. ) the end of the reason for the occupants area around... Delight to wake up to say that I love the look off design world more... And visually restful possibly made boob pattern pillow everywhere else interiors have become just as well design... Rooms and went googling for why, of course there ’ s pretty impossible to not give.! Large house with the lack of substantive comments that often the space chose black there and she freaked. So desirable right now I have always been a bright green wall of! Then patterned kitchen afford design services but then I am also one of the day though it was.... Would also love charcoal grey, as in pillows and clothes work especially. Be looking for the last 4 years the trend has been celebrated and prized things out without. Us politics reading list!! ) the amateur, and tasteful — as the next thing! Searching for the best one can come up with just marvelous to me – trendy or not stuff that ’. 58 and have a kilim rug on my list of home design websites gravitate toward the simple minimal! From all-white interiors am inspired by what I see the draw of the white walls Boursorama portail... And staircases in white rooms – one after the other on Instagram the camp of love white! Are different paint colors represented as far as possible with the number of white rooms just. Neutral but cozy space surrounded by greys, ochre and adobe color walls a home! Laugh, how very judgmental you are talking about t transition very,.