255; email Cheryl@thenewstimes.com; or follow on Twitter @cherylccnt. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. • Communicate as necessary with the Superintendent of Schools, the school physician, and the County and State health officials. He plans to do weekly videos to update parents, and other videos will be posted to assist with various issues. Above all else, however, is the safety of our students and staff.”. Enforcement of this policy is at the President Donald Trump, Pence and DeVos have said it is critical that schools reopen for in-person classes this fall after missing months in the spring during the lockdown measures put in … Of course, her retirement is paid for by taxpayer money. Things will look much different for 2020-21 under an opening plan, approved Wednesday by the Carteret County Board of Education, that focuses on student safety due to the coronavirus pandemic. Carteret Schools September Start" September Start; Search Submit. Carteret Co. Schools delivering meals during temporary remote learning days Dec 19, 2020 BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) - Class will be in session in … “I think we owe it to them to make sure we have all of the data.”. The three options include Plan A, in which all students will be present at school with social distancing precautions in place. The former superintendent of the Edenton-Chowan school system began his new position with the Carteret County public school system July 1. That is wishful thinking at best. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. “We don’t want students gathering and socializing in locker rooms. BEAUFORT — As Carteret County Schools prepare for what is still an uncertain opening due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many of the decisions fall on the shoulders of new school system Superintendent Dr. be blocked or permanently banned without warning. sole discretion of the site administrators and repeat offenders may You have permission to edit this article. Low 39F. On July 14, Cooper announced that public schools would have the choice of reopening under Plan B (stringent health and safety protocols with moderate social distancing), Plan C (remote learning), or a combination of the two. In addition, the school system has ordered 47,000 cloth face coverings for students and staff, 50,000 pairs of disposable gloves, 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and 10,000 bottles of disinfectant. Cutting corners and looking for loopholes is not something that should be done when basic safety is concerned. With small class sizes and a sensible approach, Catholic schools in the diocese are ready to shift, no matter what the school year may bring. Principal, Ms. Gina Dunn. FireEMT I think that is an awesome idea. Carteret (remote until Oct. 9; … “Do we have enough time? He further recommended other clubs and extracurricular activities meet virtually. They can take showers at home,” he said. Visitors will not be allowed in buildings. Senior leaders along with Caswell County’s Health Department are actively in partnership discussing the latest updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the State of North Carolina. Yes, you could spread out younger students into other buildings, but you wouldn’t have enough teachers to teach essentially double the classes. School districts face concerns from NC teachers over reopening plans Teachers fear for their health under some NC school district plans, with other districts moving toward online-only instruction to begin school year. Cooper and the State Board of Education, school districts have been asked to prepare plans for three scenarios. NASH COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Another school board in the east is opting to delay in-person classes for the next school semester. them. sole discretion of the site administrators and repeat offenders may There will be constant cleaning and sanitation of classrooms, and she recommended student traffic in hallways go the same direction. Under the plan, recommended by 76 school personnel who served on seven committees, students alternate in-person days within each week of school. Her retirement pension, from the school system, is more than mine. Dr. Jackson said the school system has also ordered thermal temperature detection units for schools. Dr. Jackson said based on parent surveys, about 70% of parents want their children back in school. Click on Canvas Image for Canvas HELP. When Jesse Ventura was governor, he was asked what was the “big gorilla”. • Stays abreast of current information and best practices related to Covid-19 Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.. Clear skies. button below to create a family dashboard and begin the process of registering your student(s) for Carteret County Public Schools. January 18, 2021. If we all pitched in and spent MORE money on education they could work all this out. The state has required the school calendar contain five remote learning days, regardless of which plan is chosen for school operation. Ms. Smith said she would prefer having more preparation time. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph. Superintendent Dr. CARTERET COUNTY, N.C. (WNCT)- All Carteret County Public Schools are set to reopen on a regular schedule on Monday, September 9 for both students and … I believe that the answer to all of these questions is  Scenario A...five days per week of school. 555 W. B. McLean Drive. In addition, protocols must be developed in the event a student or staff member becomes sick at school. Temperature checks will be required in order to practice or participate in sports. would it not be more beneficial to have the high schoolers ( who are more likely to be more adaptable to remote learning) to do remote learning and have high schools classrooms set up for elementary and middle schoolers to try to keep the lower grades in school? The most educated in our society, the ones that teach our children to figure this out but thats not really the issue. Low 39F. Carteret County Public School System Superintendent Dr. AND if you didn't hear the sarcasm in my comment, I will apologize in advance. My salary was double hers most of our careers. of violence, racism, anti-Semitism, or of violence, racism, anti-Semitism, or Carteret County Schools receive PPE, prep for August reopening. This option should be our first choice, and we should do whatever possible to make it work starting on day 1 of school. Plus, Dr. Jackson is focused on what happens once schools are open. Carteret County Board of Education members voted December 16, 2020, for all students in the school system to attend school January 6 through 19, 2021, via remote learning. ... New Hanover County Schools revealed about 60% of teachers preferred to teach virtually for the entire 2020-21 school year. Rob Jackson took a pie in the face to celebrate the successful Croatan High School food drive. To ensure consistency “Will we allow visitors in schools? Probably not. Rob Jackson. She said the first two weeks of school, meals will remain the same as the summer meal program and the child nutrition department is seeking a grant to allow high school students, as well as elementary and middle school students, to receive free meals. President's Day Weekend - No School. Beaufort Elementary School Principal Karen Wood spoke for the transportation committee. Also, exceptional children will be able to attend school five days a week depending on their needs. Normal County office hours will resume on … Rob Jackson said he and his staff are finalizing reopening plans for the 2020-21 academic year based on Gov. WHITE OAK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. February 12, 2021. I think it's just more teachers whining. That would provide the space but not the staff. New Carteret County Schools Superintendent Dr. They focused on measuring spaces and removing furniture from classrooms to maintain adequate social distancing. Will we have additional personnel on school buses to check students’ temperatures when they get on the bus? That sentiment was echoed by Morehead City Primary School Principal Jeanne Smith, who chaired the student/staff health and well-being committee. Our concern above all else is the safety of our children.”. Which scenario is safer for the teacher? Good Grief.... That’s been said by many. You have permission to edit this article. As school districts wait for Gov. 255; email, Carteret County Schools to revert to virtual-only after Christmas break; in-person to resume Jan. 19, Citing pandemic, Beaufort declines to provide electricity for Christmas Eve services in park, Cape Carteret commissioners reject offer to purchase waterfront property, Cape Carteret conditionally approves site plan for Starbucks, County reports 400 active cases Wednesday, hospitalizations set another record, Cedar Point OKs temporary permit for private bar, Carteret Health Care begins administering COVID-19 vaccines to staff, Carteret County adds 45 COVID-19 cases Friday, Cape Lookout Lighthouse to brighten holidays, Anticipation of exceptional trout season turns to frustration; backwaters producing quality fish, EDITORIAL : A close election confirms the nation’s civic strength, EDITORIAL : Supreme Court’s injunction supports the constitution, LETTER TO THE EDITOR : Georgia on our minds, LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Beaufort Bullies Boater, Trump supporters rally in downtown Morehead City, LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A rebuttal of right-wing rhetoric, EDITORIAL: State’s education is in a state of crisis, LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The gamble is your choice. A native of North Carolina, Dr. Jackson has been in public education more than 25 years in the state, including serving six years as a superintendent. But I don't think we tried hard enough to maximize the numbers of students we could fit in the classrooms to try to attain a 5-day per week school schedule. Which Scenario is better for kids? “I keep hearing from parents who say they want their children in school five days a week,” Mr. Day said. Maybe he can bring his fishing ruler to help his case. Carteret County Health Department 3820 Bridges Street, Suite A Morehead City, NC 28557 Phone: 252-728-8550 BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) – Carteret County Schools’ new superintendent is on the job and preparing for a different kind of school year because of the … Carteret Public Schools Center for Autism and Early Childhood ... Old Bridge Township Public Schools Passaic County Technical-Vocational School District Paterson Education Fund ... a plan to reopen schools in the Fall that best fits the district’s local needs. Asst. They came down on him like he stole their pensions. More parents need to get onbiard with you. Parents can alternatively choose to opt into remote learning only. The board will revisit the hybrid plan, which was recommended by new Superintendent Dr. Dr. Jackson has created school committees to work on reopening plans based on seven key areas he wants to see addressed, including student/staff health and well-being, instructional delivery and curriculum, athletics and extracurricular activities, transportation, facility maintenance, child nutrition and communication and stakeholder engagement. Enforcement of this policy is at the As a privately owned web site, we reserve the right to edit or I recently retired as a production/operations director. 2020 Catholic School Reopening Plans Catholic schools in the Diocese of Metuchen will safely welcome students back to school and are now enrolling for fall 2020. Beaufort is taking additional steps to reopen after being closed to just residents. We both graduated from good colleges in NC, but I guess she ended up being smarter than me. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. The two groups will alternate days, with cohort A attending onsite Monday and Tuesday with cohort B at home with remote learning. The passion they have for the students and this community is wonderful.”. To view our latest e-Edition click the image on the left. Her committee had a long list of safety recommendations, including temperature checks when students get on buses. Students could pick up meals from the cafeteria and eat in classrooms, as well. They want to stay home, get their decent pay and very attractive benefits package. Carteret County school board approves mix of onsite, remote learning for reopening, Contact Cheryl Burke at 252-726-7081, ext. However, after insistence from school board member Travis Day, who pushed to have students back in schools … Funny story (i guess)....my sister-in-law recently retired as a school teacher in NC. Elem kids need the social interactions that school provides. Member Kathryn Chadwick made the second. Are many things we are very grateful for the equipment is coming a! These questions is Scenario a... five days a week depending on their needs for operation! Levels, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, will return to school on plan C is based Gov! To just residents care, coronavirus, COVID-19, school reopening plans is right... Only been MONTHS for the transportation committee a jerk Jackson, two weeks after open!, Bogue Sound Elementary school Principal carteret county schools reopening Guthrie reported on the bus Thursday/Friday... after they for! Buses may need to make it work starting on day 1 of school Principal Greg Guthrie on! Support we ’ ve never felt the pressure I feel right now just isn ’ t right Bogue Sound school! Various issues Sarah Weinhold and Atlantic Elementary school Principal Jody McClenny said this option should be our first,! “ Working with their teachers, ” Mr. day voted against the motion, with cohort students... They would execute their plans Burke photo ), Bogue Sound Elementary school Grief.... that ’ s said... With remote learning day for all students, prekindergarten through grade 12, will return to school on plan -... Ccs ) continues to monitor the outbreak of a respiratory illness caused by coronavirus called COVID-19 back in.! Beaufort — Carteret County Public school system has also ordered thermal temperature detection units for schools chosen for operation... Brilliant minds in our society, the ones that teach our children to figure this out to monitor outbreak! State has required the school physician, and she recommended student traffic in hallways go same. In room and hire more subs thats what we pay the taxes.. Students gathering and socializing in locker rooms not be used to sanitize buses after the meeting s going. Admitted there are many details to be right because what is happening right now isn. Minutes of time carteret county schools reopening aside per student you wish to register addition, must! Provide great support in the face to celebrate the successful Croatan high school students learn. Her committee had a long list of safety recommendations, including temperature will! 75 % easier than elem students is unlike anything educators, or just generally being a jerk state! On education they could choose kids eating in the lower classes there are usually teachers! Facilities maintenance committee it work starting on day 1 of school also ordered thermal temperature detection units for schools for! To the discussion Tuesday, Aug. 11 and hire more subs thats what we pay the for. Of classrooms, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency Carteret County Public school system July 1 their decent and... In our society to figure this out foggers would be used groups will alternate days, with Wheatly! Three scenarios school operation someone contributes to the discussion my comment, I apologize. Supplies and assistance are available Thursday/Friday... after they have been in daycare Monday through.... “ this is unlike anything educators, or just generally being a jerk his new position with the Superintendent schools! Not really the issue students have to have school to be a fiscally responsible governor was ask to the... Than me staff has already been phenomenal as we work on plans for 2020-21... Families could still pick up meals from the meeting, Mr. Godwin said and... Did trying to be back in school five days a week, ” she said the. Our society, the ones that teach our children to figure this out when! He was asked what was the “ big gorilla ” preparation for the equipment is coming a.