This one's for you, chocolate lovers: an airy chocolate mousse topped with crushed spice cookies and topped with whipped cream for a simple dessert. With chocolate pudding and a crunchy chocolate topping, these pretty parfaits are sure to satisfy any craving. So looking into my cabinet I saw that I had one last box of chocolate pudding and wammo! 4 cups whole milk. I dedicated my Chocolate Cherry Sweetheart Cookies to him last week.. Add the pudding mix. You can use fruit other than the berries and choose your flavour of yoghurt. They were too wet. Start by pouring the instant chocolate pudding mix into a medium-sized mixing bowl. A good pudding or parfait can be the perfect dessert after a long day. There are lots of ways you could use these delectable puddings. Grease 4-6 ramekins with oil. I took a bite. Fill a Ziploc bag with pudding and cut off a small section of one corner. 2 (2.75-ounce) packages cook and serve vanilla Perfect for Valentine’s Day or date night. Fold in 1 cup of whipped topping. This chocolate pudding is the perfect balance of richness and textures. I found a recipe for lime parfaits online. This simple parfait is also an anytime snack. Mix 1/2 cookie crumbs into Cool Whip. RumChata Chocolate Pudding Parfait Recipe These pudding parfaits are perfect for St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, or anytime Beat on low speed of a hand mixer for 2 minutes. When I served it for dessert, I had no plans to eat the whole thing. I was racking my brain for a Thanksgiving dessert and tried several different ways to create a variation of the lime parfait. A few other recipe ideas I love making for the occasion are Homemade Chocolate Cake, Mixed Berry Pie, Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta and Chocolate Crepes with Strawberries.You can also check out this full list of Valentine’s Day recipes. Preparation. The fruit, yoghurt and muesli make it a complete but quick breakfast guaranteed to kick start your day. This recipe for Triple Chocolate Raspberry Pudding Parfaits is written by Allison of Some the Wiser.. These Baileys Chocolate Mint Pudding Parfaits combine the classic flavors of chocolate, mint, and Baileys Irish Cream in one delicious no-bake Baileys dessert. Fill a bag with Cool Whip mixture and make a layer on top of the pudding. Vegan Chocolate-Peanut Butter Chia Pudding Parfait Rate this recipe Your rating Rate this a 1: Couldn't eat it Rate this a 2: Didn't like it Rate this a 3: It was OK Rate this a 4: Liked it Rate this a 5: Loved it This recipe has gotten me a lot of praise. You really can't go wrong with this cream liqueur. Cream cheese and chocolate. Chocolate and banana pair in this creamy combination from our Test Kitchen. ). Simply use what you have on hand to create something spectacular. No matter your skill level, you can shine with this easy dessert. Get one of our Creamy chocolate pudding parfait recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. It takes a little bit longer, but it’s always worth the effort. Chocolate Cherry Pudding Parfait Recipe. Repeat the steps once more and top with any extra graham crumbs, the coconut whipped cream and crushed candy canes. Divide remaining 1/2 cup whipped topping between glasses and top with 1/2 tsp more syrup each. Prepare pudding according to package directions. I’ve always got mini shortbread tart shells in my pantry (dessert blogger: guilty as charged), so one idea would be to simply put dollops of your favorite Kozy Shack® Indulgent Recipe™ Pudding in the shells, and top with a little whipped cream and sprinkles. I tried pomegranate and cranberry juice first, both 100%. In two parfait glasses, layer 2 tablespoons chocolate chips, a fourth of the warm pudding and 2 tablespoons … Pudding Preheat oven to 160°C. Deselect All. Easy chocolate cookie pudding parfaits recipe. This simple to make recipe is great for chefs of all ages. How to Make Chocolate Cherry Pudding Parfait. To assemble the parfaits, divide half of the chocolate graham crackers crumbs evenly into 6-8 glasses, jars or bowls. I had a box of Instant Cream Cheese Mix and no pan for the crust. This week, I’m dedicating these Triple Chocolate Raspberry Pudding Parfaits to the guy who turned my world upside down on this very website (Remember how he proposed to me right here on Good Life Eats! Recipe by: Josie59 And then another. Melt butter in small pot over low heat. I enjoy RumChata on the rocks, in coffee and as a special ingredient in baked goods. I came up with it (to my knowledge) one day at my home. Repeat layers, ending with syrup. Set aside. Top the crumbs evenly with half of the pudding. Add sugar and chocolate, stir until smooth (approximately 8 minutes). Chocolate pudding recipes. Double Chocolate Pudding Parfait Recipe: I was organizing my pantry recently and stumbled across a can of evaporated milk that had a recipe for chocolate cream pie on the back label. deliver fine selection of quality Easy chocolate cookie pudding parfaits recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. How to Make a Parfait. Good appetite! I was so in the mood for something sweet, creamy and chocolatey, I had to make this pie! The ultimate end to a fancy dinner can come as a pudding or parfait recipe! It's easy, yet impressive and you can even make it ahead before your guests arrive 35 mins . Chocolate Pudding and Strawberry Jello Parfaits are made up of wonderful homemade chocolate pudding on one side of the glass and and strawberry Jello with fresh strawberry slices on the other. Squeeze an even layer of pudding on the bottom of the cup. Easy Method. Yep, chocolate pudding just got a little more exciting for me. Learn how to cook great Easy chocolate cookie pudding parfaits . Make pudding per package directions and let set. I have included a recipe for my easy homemade chocolate pudding which is amazing. Whisk together cornstarch, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup cocoa, and a pinch of salt in a heavy medium saucepan, then gradually whisk in milk. Skinny Chocolate Parfaits. I made sure every bite included some of the minty whipped cream. Chocolate pudding recipes; This competition is now closed. Pudding + Parfait. We may be partial to brownies, cakes, cookies, or ice cream, but these sweet treats are sometimes healthier, easier, and just as delicious! This easy dessert recipe is perfect for chefs of all ages. If you’re short on time or would like something really quick, you can certainly substitute a box of instant chocolate pudding instead. Learn how to cook great Creamy chocolate pudding parfait . Mint Chocolate Pudding Parfaits. Add the milk and whisk it together for 2 minutes. Divide half of pudding mix between 4 parfait glasses, top with banana slices and 1 tsp chocolate syrup. My plan was to either save the rest for later or maybe someone else would want more. A Cream Cheese and Chocolate Pudding Parfeit was created. deliver fine selection of quality Creamy chocolate pudding parfait recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. I like this recipe because it has my two most favorite ingredients in the world. Besides chocolate pudding, RumChata can be used in a variety of ways, so don't let any of its yumminess go to waste. Creamy homemade chocolate pudding on one side and strawberry Jello with fresh strawberry slices on the other.