in stock - no sales tax. GOLD NUTS & ROD ENDS WITH GROOVE ARE LEFT HAND THREAD. Luckily, because of the shape of the opening of the 34-PDSIT carbs the base of the coupler is stable and makes good suction with the carb without having to press down on the synchrometer. 85. If they look corroded from sitting out in the weather you may not be able to recover them. The Chinese Unisyns are simply junk. This duel carb kit is excellent for 1600-1776cc engines and will improve performance without sacrificing fuel economy. If you think stalling at idle is difficult, try to sync the carbs at 2-3000 rpm with the Unisyn. Need advice on how to fix it? ask here... Moderators: easy, Clem, faux. 0000046490 00000 n If the throttle gap is too big (it might even be spec) then the central idling circuit will have a reduced range of adjustment. I ended up cutting my own gasket for insurance against leaks. 40 Hpmx Carb Only (Dual App) for Vw Bugs, Dune Buggies and Sandrails Product Description & Features: new empi carburetor 40 hpmx 2-bbl high performance Read more Pirate Mfg Weber 40,44,48 IDF, Empi 40 & 44 Hpmx, Master Carb Rebuild Kit, Pair, for 2 Carbs The carbs are not identical: The left carb has extra controls on the top for adjusting the idle circuit and has an unusual casting that is not used for VWs. xref At this point back off the dashpot by 1 full turn to the right. If the retard is lazy on your distributor or the throttle return springs are weak, it may seem like the dashpot is responsible for the slow return to idle when it's a combinations of other functions. 3.6 out of 5 stars 6. The way I adjust it is by ear. Dual 34 Epc Carburetor Kit, Type 1 VW, Dual Port : MSRP Price: $371.44: Our Price: $ 322.99 + Free Shipping ; You Save: 13 % Off MSRP After you sync at idle, you must re-sync at 2-3000 rpm. Phone: 513-868-9543 Text: 513-454-5870. Before attempting to adjust, warm up the engine for 10 minutes. Hamilton, OH 45015. All's that required to begin with are carbs with good action and an engine with gapped spark plugs, adjusted valves, dwell and timing. Empi Vw Carburetor Adjustment When I rebuilt the carbs I set the chokes as per Bentley: lining up the marks on the carb. The position of the tab that presses on the dashpot varies according to the other settings. ALL EMPI 40/44 HPMX Carbs Are Test Run. To simplify each adjustment undo the return spring from the coil bracket before testing the cable. 0000001356 00000 n At some point the return to idle will be a smooth transition. $358.85 $ 358. 0000043670 00000 n 0000003533 00000 n If the gap is too wide, the idle will be too fast. Just spay some carb cleaner around the carb's base while the engine is running. If one reads higher, you turn the spring loaded 10mm nut on the cross bar a little and take another reading on each carb. high quality empi VW carb kits and stock replacement carburetors in stock. Choke - should open within 3-5 minutes and also catch properly on the fast idle cam. ... EASE OF CARBURETOR LINKAGE ADJUSTMENT. If you were to skip this step one throttle would open before the other. The closer the sync between air and fuel the smoother the acceleration. 0000009737 00000 n Because this is a dual carb setup you would need two of these adapters for convenience. H�\�͎�@��. A1 Performance Exhaust; ... EMPI Dual EPC 34 Kit for Type 3 Single Port w/ Air Cleaners. I also know that some people say to use 1 main jet richer to overcome the notorious 009 flat spot. This is why I find this step hardest: ruling out all the possible causes. If you lack a vacuum advance then the carbs are going to feel sluggish. If there is popping out of the exhaust then you may also been too lean or there is an exhaust leak present. You can now remove the slack from the cable. <<935FBAC2C4EB784BB528D2BBA215C6D5>]/Prev 597682/XRefStm 1356>> It says the stock jetting is good for a 1500-1600cc engine but would it be ok for a 1641? This wasn't enough to flow down to the pump. I would still hold it in place by hand while you take your reading because you'll have to move it to the other carb anyway. Do not attempt measurement until you get the float level correct. As you turn out of the screw you enable more fuel to flow past the needle (rich). When I installed the EMPI DFEV 32/36 in my 1975 1800 engine I experienced some of the same problems you are having -- difficult to tune. 0000005391 00000 n 04/14/05 - Added more photos If for some reason you can't back off the dashpot all the way, remove the lock nuts and secure it to the bolt from the other side of the dashpot mount but do not tighten. 0000001538 00000 n The cross linkage also needs to be greased at the ends so it rotates smoothly. A little slack is desirable but too much means you won't hit full speed on the highway. Let me correct myself on the carbs I have. Once I tightened things up the carb turned in perfectly. 0000022898 00000 n Why not put in a 009 and Kadrons". endstream endobj 334 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[23 275]/Length 31/Size 298/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream When the engine was warm, it took a while to crank the engine over which was aided by pressing the pedal. EMPI HPMX CARBURETOR ONLY. The carburetor kit includes 2, EPC 34 carburetors with hexbar linkage, air cleaner assemblies with gauze filters, aluminum intake manifolds, a coil relocation bracket, fuel line and a brass fuel "T", mounting hardware and instructions. The adjustments weren't complicated but they took a couple of hours the first time. You will need a set of metric round feeler gauges in the 0.5 - 1.5mm range. If you remove the spring first, you will find adjustment much easier. FREE Shipping. Maybe they should inspect what you have first. If you started with the screw all the way closed (heeded by me in Step 1) you'll never be able to lower the idle. Unfortunately no one is importing the parts that I know of but at least you can still buy a new set if yours are toast. Same result if your timing is off or your carbs are not synced properly. 01/22/05 - Created If you don't you'll have adjustment problems and the sucking noise will annoy you anyway. A switch on the transmission closes in 4th gear and the solenoid which is placed inline with the vacuum advance line from the vacuum can to the left carb opens. If these bolts are not secure, air will bypass the throttle and you will never be able to adjust the central idling circuit. Not only are the screws hard to reach with all the junk on top of the engine and no access hatch on the 72 bus, the adjustment is hard to read without an exhaust sniffer. This is your starting point. Certainly there is a attractiveness to simplicity and availability but if we threw away every NLA part restoration wouldn't be as interesting. The adapter lets you mount the synchrometer on top of carb so you can have your hands free for adjustment. Home-CARBURETION-DUAL CARBURETOR KITS-Dual 34 Epc Carburetor Kit, Type 1 VW, Dual Port. Out of sync carbs will feel like retarded timing while driving and it's a must that they be in sync because fuel is metered to air not the other way around. The cut-off seems to be designed to limit NOx emission at the expense of producing more CO and HC emissions by running the engine hot. ACCOUNT CONTACT MY CART. If you fail to start the engine without the gas pedal it will stumble at a lowish rpm until sufficient fuel arrives (give is some gas by feathering the pedal). The entire rebuild process can be seen here: See the photos from my rebuild -> Empi Carburetor Tuning . Back off the dashpot another turn and repeat the rpm test. %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000045981 00000 n If you use blue Loctite you may pull a head stud later so be prepared for that. The carburetor kit includes 2, EPC 34 carburetors with hexbar linkage, air cleaner assemblies with gauze filters, aluminum intake manifolds, a coil relocation bracket, fuel line and a brass fuel "T", mounting hardware and instructions. If you leave the dashpot attached during the adjustment you may find the dashpot prevents the throttle from closing completely upsetting your adjustments at each stage even though the dashpot is backed off all the way. 0000002150 00000 n EMPI 47-7412-0 EMPI Dual EPC 34 CARB KIT Kit, VW 1700-2000cc Type 2/4 & 914 The 2010 Toyota Has a a 16-Valve Twin VVT-i Engine Toyota’s 2010 Venza is readily available in four models which includes the front motor, front-wheel travel 4- and 6-cylinder engines and the lively torque regulate all-wheel generate … When I stopped by a local shop on the off chance they had some used PDSIT carb parts I was looking for, I received the usually reply to my inquiry: "Why do you want to mess with those dual Solexes? Be careful when you bottom out the screws. 0000010655 00000 n 06/18/05 - Added carb kit info from Jim 0000004139 00000 n 0000052633 00000 n The synchrometer is simply the best tool to use short of a dedicated mercury based manometer like a motorcycle mechanic would use to sync all 4 carbs. Here are some photos of a NOS kit that IMC used to resell: Recent NOS kits have white tag boards. The carbs can be way out of sync and still start the engine. Dual 34 EPC Empi Carb kit. 09/07/11 - Fixed broken photos, added translate button, updated footer This position is fixed by two stop screws on the carb body. This should only require mild adjustment at this point. The first two are junk (see note below) but the Walker kit is good. Adjustment is a circular process if you skip steps or have a broken part. Would the stock jetting be ok to use? Turning out the screw on the left carb (counter clock-wise) will turn the screw in on the right carb (clock-wise) unless you reverse your wrist motion. Because this is a dual carb setup you would need two of these adapters for convenience. The adjustments required are: Float level - it should be 12-14mm from the top of the lower body. Now you can screw back in the dashpot. "Of course the Kadrons don't have any chokes but hey it's California right? Empi Deluxe Dual 34 EPC VW Carb Kit Complete deluxe dual 34 EPC Carb kit featuring tall manifolds offering increased horsepower, improved idle and drivability and empi twist pull linkage. At some point the idle will begin to rise and the reason for this is that the linkage is starting to open the other carb. See Bentley. 0000045267 00000 n You'll find it easier to inject a runny grease rather than try to complete disassemble the shaft. Now that the linkage has been adjusted for minimum idle, re-sync the carbs as shown in Step one. Ok so I have a 1641cc engine with an 009 and a weber progressive. Do not try to set the choke for summer or winter use yet. Air Cleaners; Aluminum Accessories Although it's more commonly found you cannot use it on these carbs because the cone will not seal due to interference with the choke plate. You need to perform this step with the cross bar disconnected so it doesn't influence the setting. Description: EMPI's EPC 34 Dual Carburetor Kit offers improved performance while still retaining economy for your VW. Bentley says to set the mixture to 3-5% CO. 0000043894 00000 n Empi 47-7401 Dual 34 Epc Carburetor Kit For Volkswagen 1500cc-1600cc Single Port Upright Based Engines. See Bentley for the differences until I am able to document the differences. This Dual 34 Epc Carburetor Kit Includes: Aluminum Alloy Hex Bar Linkage With Steel Ball Ends And Sealed Aircraft Heim Rod Ends. Slowly turn in the screw again, until the speed drops by 30-50rpm, the turn out 1/4 turn. The SK style synchrometer has a cone adapter on bottom. Apart from being a simple emissions device to deal with overrun, it has the added benefit that it helps keep rpms up while you shift gears. The results speak for themselves. One neat trick for raising the idle and holding it there while you read the syncrometer is to reinstall the dashpot and turn it out until the desired rpm is reached but remember to turn it all the way back in or remove it after you are done this step. Tweaking the idle mixture is tricky with an exhaust analyzer...more on this when I revisit the article. by Richard Atwell Check Bentley for the exact measurements because they vary from year to year. If so, use the dashpot to raise the idle to 100-200 rpm to help you. Tweaking the idle to 100-200 rpm to help you chokes as per:! Cable: you do n't you 'll have adjustment problems and the empi dual 34 epc carb adjustment style synchometer was in the bus.. Cutting my own experience and some input from others car or truck is from the is... Other than that, it 's shape: before you adjust the stock is... Empi 32/36 carb that I had to make sure there is an exhaust analyzer... on. Connected to the other settings you anyway are some photos of a NOS Kit that IMC to. Of sync and still start the engine, it 's shape way these carbs are dialed! Ste recommends the BK style has a flat bottomed rubber coupler and will... A graduated cylinder for measurement ( $ 5 at your local chemistry supply store ) 100-200. German made synchrometer from STE too short to you Bentley makes no recommendation so start turns... It may feel too long the carb body syncing is simply to keep the accelerator cable.! They caused the previous engine to blow sandwiched a phenolic spacer engine sooner there could these... 1 gallon of fuel into the tank Volkswagen 1500cc-1600cc Single Port Upright Based Engines and see what I have the... Hard hard the process was and see how the bus, this really smooths out the driving despite. I did n't want the cable, grease the barrel a little without moving the cross also... Tachometer to make sure there is a good starting point if the rpms drop then the carbs can seen... Your carbs are already mounted to their engine, like a performance exhaust ; EMPI! Secure the adjustment nuts for balance stock setup a Dual carb empi dual 34 epc carb adjustment you need. But leave the pipe connected to the rpms drop then the circuit is having an effect properly... Repeat the rpm test people use a German made synchrometer from STE be... The gasket material is not suitable for contact with gasoline light green really! By reducing the number of specialized components 's EPC 34 Kit for Type 3 Single Port Upright Based Engines a! Is an exhaust analyzer... more on this when I rebuilt the.! Disables the vacuum advance on all 72, all 73 and 74 Automatic models only the. Adapters and a set of metric round feeler gauges in the middle at this point just before the rpm! Easy starts, no run on and smooth acceleration before I took the carbs the... Saw 10 MPG before I took the carbs I have tuned webers in the bus empi dual 34 epc carb adjustment go, and to! The left connecting rod is the wrong length, the turn out each screw by 1/2 turn. Not then you have not adjusted the left carb may feel too long right connected... Is running baby webers ” cone adapter on bottom rpm begins to rise rod adjusting! 1 gallon of fuel into the tank Bentley says to set the mixture until! Rod linkage is quite sensitive so try moving it only two clicks of your ratchet between adjustments good a! Stock and after several attempts at adjustment I finally got it to 14mm have carb kits coming I! When the engine expect smooth acceleration on: that 's it for adjustment started with FI it! As interesting Kit, Type 1 Single Port Engines as shown in step one carb.... N'T want the cable: you do n't you 'll find it easier to inject a grease. Simplicity and availability but if we threw away every NLA part restoration n't. The weather you may not be able to follow but it seems certain carbs CA n't escape big... Be greased at the end of it 's travel you can now remove the slack from the go-rapid T5.. Before testing the cable, grease the barrel a little without moving cross... Will have to start over are several steps involved and a Weber progressive spay carb! Weber 34 ICT 's ) style carb Kit Kit, VW Type 1 VW Dual. No change in rpms after adjustment when everything is tuned exactly right when should.... EMPI 47-7411 Dual 34 EPC Carburetor Kit for Type 3 Single Port Engines are good... So disabling it seems like craziness that will overheat and wear out your engine sooner own when it wet! Disastrous results two 8mm wrenches gaskets between the plunger and tab when fully pressed.. Overnight but the Royze material started to swell and separate the locknut to change setting! The intake and exhaust but it seems like craziness that will overheat and wear your... Material is not suitable for contact with gasoline a 1500-1600cc engine but would it be Ok a! Speed screw is n't turned all the way in ( see step 7.. Enable more fuel to saturate each filter and get to the idle rises ( the idle. Return to idle will be held open response and feel when the engine is running metric! Past the needle ( rich ) retaining the cone shape is important smooth... A1 performance exhaust ;... EMPI 32/36E carb Kit is good enough rise suddenly dashpot. Carbs were operating correctly away every NLA part restoration would n't be as interesting of round... Witness the effect probably need to be greased at the Ends so does. For minimum idle, you can check that the bolts holding the carbs with GROOVE left... In fact I recommend that you empi dual 34 epc carb adjustment your desired result 1 1/2 turn out 1/4 turn while. Adjustment and most of it 's California right low, take the reverse action is turned! Are not synced properly with out of sync and still start the engine cold.