Dolphin Man is selected at the HOT DOCS Forum 2016.

The film is among the 19 projects headed to this year’s Hot Docs Forum, North America’s premier international doc market and pitching event.

Directed by Lefteris Charitos, Dolphin Man tells the extraordinary life-story of Jacques Mayol, the first free-diver to reach 100 meters below the sea and the inspiration behind the cult-movie 'The Big Blue'. The film explores Mayol’s turbulent life and assesses his enduring legacy as a maverick explorer and pioneer environmentalist. Shot in locations across the world, it is a cinematic experience that blends spectacular archival footage with stunning underwater photography, to tell the story of a man who revolutionised free-diving and brought new consciousness to our connection to the sea.

Co-produced by Ed Barreveld in Canada (Storyline) and Estelle Robin in France (Les Films du Balibari), Dolphin Man was selected from over 200 submissions representing 16 different countries and will be presented on May 3 and 4 in Toronto to over 100 international decision makers who have confirmed their participation at the Hot Docs Forum.

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