DOLPHIN MAN premieres on sat on 30/9/17 at 20.50 (FR),  20.15 (GR) and on ARTE +7, ARTE Europe in English, Polish and Spanish.

Directed by Lefteris Charitos, Dolphin Man tells the extraordinary life-story of Jacques Mayol, the first free-diver to reach 100 meters below the sea and the inspiration behind the cult-movie 'The Big Blue'. The film explores Mayol’s turbulent life and assesses his enduring legacy as a maverick explorer and pioneer environmentalist. Shot in locations across the world, it is a cinematic experience that blends spectacular archival footage with stunning underwater photography, to tell the story of a man who revolutionised free-diving and brought new consciousness to our connection to the sea.

In parallel to the documentary, ARTE launches DOLPHIN MAN VR, a companion program made of 3 short VR films in 360° video, which focuses on the themes of free immersion apnea, the study of cetaceans, and the importance of yoga and breathing for free-divers. Directed by Benoît Lichté, DOLPHIN MAN VR is launched on on 25/9/17 in parallel to the release of the documentary Dolphin Man.

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