Anemon is a non-profit dedicated to producing documentaries, educational programmes and cross-media projects as a catalyst for discussion, inspiration and impact.  Special focus is given to projects promoting inter-cultural and historical understanding across the Balkans, human rights and sustainable living.  

The company was founded in 2003, in Athens, Greece, bringing together the expertise of Greek filmmakers, producers and media specialists.  

Recent documentaries include IDFA nominated 'Kismet', which explores the impact of Turkish Soap operas on women’s rights across the Middle East, which has been screened in over 15 channels across the world, including ARTE, Al Jazeera, SVT, YLE, RAI and RTS. Grierson nominated  'The World’s First Computer',  screening on ARTE, BBC 4, ΕRT, PBS and NHK, told the extraordinary story of how the ancient Greeks built a computer 2,000 years ago, while Focal Award winner “A Place Without People” uncovered how the local population of Tanzania was evicted to make way for the creation of the world’s most famous nature reserves.   

In parallel, cross-media projects  ‘Twice a Stranger', 'A Balkan Tale' and 'War & Peace in the Balkans' produced with leading museums and educational institutions in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus and the Balkans, have sought to influence public perceptions of the Ottoman Empire across the Balkans, by using recent historical research to help resolve political conflict.

Since 2009, Anemon also co-organises CineDoc, an innovative public media initiative, screening award winning documentaries that can impact on our lives. 

Anemon is a member company of the 'Documentary Campus', based in Munich and Berlin.